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How to issue blockchain electronic invoices? The first ticket issued by Guangzhou Metro

Time : 05/06/2022 Author : g937ov Click : + -
        In line with the requirements of the technological development of the times, under the guidance of the State Administration of Taxation and the Guangzhou Municipal Taxation Bureau, Guangzhou Metro issued the first blockchain electronic invoice on January 1, 2020, marking the application of blockchain electronic invoice in the public transport industry of Guangzhou. It is expected that the blockchain electronic invoice will be fully launched on the official app of Guangzhou Metro before the middle of January. It is understood that the blockchain electronic invoice uses the cryptography technology of the blockchain to securely transfer invoice information through the distributed ledger / database in the network in a non mutual trust environment. Compared with the anti-counterfeiting tax control electronic general invoice, the blockchain electronic invoice can better prevent the invoice data from being usurped and modified and can trace the source, and realize the full life-cycle invoice management from invoice collection, Invoicing to circulation, accounting and reimbursement and tax declaration, And can share some hardware resources to further save the hardware investment of the enterprise.
        In fact, as early as September 20, 2017, in order to solve the problems caused by the traditional paper quota invoice, such as the inconvenience of passengers queuing up for a long time to collect tickets, storage and reimbursement, Guangzhou Metro took the lead in the urban rail transit industry to realize that passengers hold one-way tickets to issue anti-counterfeiting tax controlled value-added tax electronic ordinary invoices. On December 9, 2019, the anti-counterfeiting tax control electronic invoice system was fully launched on the Guangzhou metro line network, realizing that all kinds of tickets such as one-way ticket, Yangcheng pass and ride code can issue electronic invoices. The integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation. The implementation and promotion of blockchain invoices will further facilitate the citizens to issue invoices when they take the subway.
        Guangzhou Metro said that at present, the invoice function is still being debugged. In the future, it will speed up the functional debugging of the system, improve the invoicing function, and strive to achieve the full self-service issuance of blockchain electronic invoices by passengers through the official app of Guangzhou Metro by mid January, so as to bring more efficient, better and more intelligent travel experience to passengers. This article is uploaded and published by the author or organization of pengpai on pengpai news. It only represents the views of the author or organization, and does not represent the views or positions of pengpai news. Pengpai news only provides an information release platform. Please use your computer to apply for pengpai.
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