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China Meteorological Administration organ learning report will focus on the standardization and application of blockchain

Time : 10/04/2022 Author : ocfkwe Click : + -
        On March 5, Li Ming, director of the blockchain Research Office of China Institute of electronic technology standardization, Ministry of industry and information technology, was invited to give a report entitled "blockchain standardization and application practice" at the 417th session of the China Meteorological Administration. Jiao Meiyan and Yu Xinwen, deputy directors of the China Meteorological Administration, attended the report meeting. Li Ming introduced the standardization and application practice of blockchain based on the integration and development of the new generation of information technologies such as the Internet of things, cloud computing and big data, focusing on the understanding of the concept of blockchain, the standardization and industrialization application of blockchain and specific cases, and thinking about the future of blockchain. Li Ming said that as a technical solution for solving trust transfer problems based on a variety of existing technologies, blockchain's core key technologies mainly include network communication, data storage, encryption algorithms, consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, etc.
        At the level of blockchain application selection, Li Ming shared his vertical applications in refrigeration, logistics, encryption protection, platform applications such as data transaction sharing, and ecological applications such as point sharing and credit reporting services. Li Ming introduced that the advantages of blockchain are mainly manifested in improving resource utilization, improving corporate image, promoting ecological integration and data sharing, and improving customer service ability. Nevertheless, the blockchain still faces many difficulties, such as regulatory integration, new security, technical system and standardization. Organized by the office of China Meteorological Administration; organized by the meteorological publicity and popular science center; CO organized by China Meteorological News; public meteorological service center and National Meteorological Information Center.
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