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[integrity building a ten thousand mile trip] investing 100 yuan can earn 1 million yuan. Xi'an lawless elements wantonly amass money in the name of "blockchain"

Time : 17/05/2022 Author : hn263b Click : + -
        CCTV Xi'an on November 18 (reporters Chang Yafei and Tang Guorong) according to the report of the voice of China news of CCTV, ICC, bzc, BTA & hellip& hellip; Do you know these abbreviations? You can earn 1 million by investing 100 yuan. Have you ever seen this kind of profit return? Big entrepreneurs and even central leaders have participated in the project. Do you believe this endorsement? The above-mentioned things, which are like heaven's night talk, have been packaged as "hens laying golden eggs" because of the high concept of "blockchain", which have been used by lawless elements in real life and have been repeatedly successful. Recently, the reporter learned from Xi'an, Shaanxi that there is a cryptocurrency called "ICC network red chain" circulating in the local area, which is known as the "king of the intelligent economy network red era", attracting people from all over the country to participate in investment and causing heavy losses.
        "One day in the coin circle, ten years in the world", "you can never buy today's price tomorrow, and you can never buy yesterday's price today". Similar chat scripts filled the mobile phone screen of sister Zhou in Xi'an. After working in Shanghai for several years, she returned to Xi'an to open a small restaurant. A frequent diner always recommended a blockchain project called "ICC network red chain" to her, claiming to make a lot of money, twice and three times & hellip& hellip; Sister Zhou was moved. She told the reporter: "at the beginning, the person told me that this project was very profitable and it was a & lsquo; online Red chain & rsquo;. When I asked how much money was made, she said in my face & lsquo; you see, I made a profit today. I invested 10000 yuan, and today I can earn more than 200 yuan. I said & lsquo; that's more than opening a store;.
        She has been eating at my place for another week in a row, and every day she makes money in front of me. I think it's very good. ". Sister Zhou told the reporter that she had invested 20000 yuan at the beginning, and indeed she could generate a lot of book income every day. She began to introduce the project to her relatives and friends. Sister Zhou said: "Just like a hen laying eggs, you have 10000 yuan, and the next morning you will have 1080 yuan. Our largest shareholder is Cao Daixia. We call her sister Cao. She told us at that time that she won't lose anything, and that she would pay us all the money she lost. She told us that & lsquo; after you came in, now one yuan is more than 6 yuan, which is the price of cabbage. When one yuan rises to 10 yuan or 20 yuan & hellip; & hellip; When the price of bitcoin rises to more than 60000, you will lie down and do nothing. At that time, you will not know what money is & rsquo;.
        ”。 After listening to these words, sister Zhou was even more excited. From the beginning of the "lock powder" stage, she invested 100 million yuan and then bought tens of thousands of yuan. It was for the purpose of starting with the "cabbage price" and selling at the high point. However, when she bought it, things went wrong. The introducer began to let her develop the offline and let the offline also buy coins. She said that only when the scale was enough could the so-called trading platform be built and the coins could be sold. Sister Zhou said: "& lsquo; lock powder & rsquo; means that you build a mining area by yourself. A mining area must develop 20 people, and each of the 20 people must buy at least 1000 yuan.". Sister Cao, who patted her chest, finally cheated her and left. Sister Zhou, who had invested 360000 yuan intermittently, lost all her money. At that time, the coins bought with real gold and silver became a pile of figures on the books.
        There are not a few victims like sister Zhou in Xi'an. Mr. Zhou, a freelancer, has also invested 360000 yuan one after another. He has almost experienced all stages of "ICC network red chain" fraud variation. Mr. Zhou: it was called ICC at first. Later, it became bzc when it was engaged in exchanges. Later, it became BTA when it was engaged in blockchain applications. The terms were changed several times. Mr. Zhou: at that time, it passed the smart contract, that is, after you invested, you will be given some virtual coins every day, and you will be given some coins. These coins can be traded in the internal market at that time and can be realized, so the profit is still very fast. The reporter's investigation found that the internal disk mentioned by the victim was a software developed by the fraud organization itself, which could not even pass the review of the application store. The user could only scan the code and download it for interpersonal communication.
        The so-called internal transaction is to deliver the currency to the project party through a link, and the project party then transfers the money to the seller through wechat red envelope. Everything seems not so formal, but because they began to taste the sweetness, most people chose to "blind run". The reporter interviewed many victims and found that the so-called "ICC network red chain" was just a "pyramid selling coin" dressed in the "blockchain" coat. At first, it spread and developed members through offline acquaintances, and continued to give small returns to stabilize the relationship. Then, the initial old members continued to develop offline to form a scale. At the same time, it constantly brainwashed the members in the wechat group, sending some counter attack information from nothing to home, and like to mention luxury cars, Continue to paint a beautiful but impossible vision until you finally run away and complete the harvest.
        So, what is the difference between "blockchain" and pyramid schemes dressed in "blockchain" and how should ordinary people identify them?. Zhao Xi, Professor of the school of management of Xi'an Jiaotong University and Secretary General of the China artificial intelligence technology and Management Application Research Association, told the reporter that the "ICC network red chain" project is not quite the same as the previous way of issuing air coins by ICO in the coin circle. It is only dressed in the cloak of a blockchain, but actually it is a traditional pyramid scheme. "They still tend to talk about some concepts of blockchain, such as smart contract, blockchain and coin issuance, but they mainly hold large-scale publicity meetings in various cities, and then let people invest money in the name of offline. If you remove those terms and then look at the whole form, it is the traditional Ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme.
        ”。 Zhao Xi said that at present, blockchain projects are developing very rapidly in China, and Alibaba, Tencent, JD and some large companies are all using them. However, the main application direction is alliance chain and private chain, and the operating efficiency of enterprises is improved through the characteristics of blockchain distributed ledger, consensus mechanism, encryption cryptography and smart contracts. "The alliance chain is the entire supply chain system between upstream and downstream enterprises in an industry. Due to the opaque data, the efficiency of the previous operation will be slightly lower. Now, through the blockchain, which is a consensus and reliable data storage, the inefficiency can be changed and the cost can be reduced. Tmall, for example, will do this. It is a private chain within itself, so these are very good blockchain projects.
        ”。 How to identify the "blockchain" projects on the market to avoid being cheated. Zhao Xi said that at present, China advocates a "coin free blockchain" and generally does not issue coins. If you hear that some large companies do blockchain projects in the form of issuing coins, you need to be vigilant, which is very likely to be a trap. Zhao Xi said: "at the domestic level, including from the government level, we advocate the coin free blockchain, that is, the separation of the coin chain. We should develop technology and develop technology, but not the public chain. The above mentioned alliance chain and private chain, and there is also a chain called the public chain. The public chain is the TOC end of the current business. The public chain is TOC, and it is oriented to all people.
        Private chain and alliance chain are tob's, facing enterprises and government organizations. Now the domestic development of blockchain and currency chain separation means that we do not make public chains and do not issue coins to the masses; Play & rsquo;, More importantly, it is the technology development of blockchain for alliance chain and enterprises. ". The reporter learned that at present, the victims have collectively reported the case to the Weiyang sub Bureau of Xi'an city. The Weiyang sub Bureau said that it had accepted the case and the case was under further investigation. The voice of China will keep an eye on the progress of the matter. ICC、BZC、BTA…& hellip; Do you know these abbreviations? You can earn 1 million by investing 100 yuan. Have you ever seen this kind of profit return? Big entrepreneurs and even central leaders have participated in the project. Do you believe this endorsement? The above-mentioned things, which are like heaven's night talk, have been packaged as "hens laying golden eggs" because of the high concept of "blockchain", which have been used by lawless elements in real life and have been repeatedly successful.
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