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The development of science and technology will liberate human hands. Intelligent transportation will be safer and more efficient

Time : 09/10/2021 Author : vl5kxt Click : + -
        The future is around us. Since childhood, now is what we said at that time. If you look at the traffic situation in our country now, you can recall that the past was an earth shaking change. With the development of intelligence, traffic police are rare. If you are willing to violate the rules, you can pay. Anyway, there are cameras everywhere. This makes people's quality gradually improved. Since China vigorously developed infrastructure, it has gradually completed the intelligent transportation system. China has built the world's largest high-speed railway network, a global air and sea transportation system, and an increasingly dense urban rail transit network. These actions reveal the rudiments of future transportation, which is characterized by relying on intelligent operation and maintenance platform rather than individual vehicles.
        This intelligent operation and maintenance platform refers to parallel traffic, that is, the traffic system defined by software. From the perspective of China's driverless buses, it has shown what the future traffic rudiments will look like. In most cases, it is much smoother to travel according to the navigation planning route than to rely on the personal experience of the driver. The improvement of transportation operation efficiency brought by the intelligent operation and maintenance platform has also become an important reason for more and more urban residents to choose rail transit and other public transport. In the future, the automobile will no longer be a driven tool, but should be a part of the whole social automobile system and a mobile terminal under the control system of the huge traffic mobile data cloud. People can buy and use cars on demand.
        High hopes are placed on Intelligent connected vehicles. With the accelerated penetration of the new generation of information technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5g, big data, Internet of things, cloud computing, and blockchain in the automobile industry, the automobile is becoming a data center on the wheel. The "software defined automobile" has gradually become a consensus, and new functions such as auxiliary driving, Internet communication, and human-computer interaction are constantly realized. In the future, there will be fewer and fewer people driving, so intelligent transportation can improve safety. Beidou + 5g + artificial intelligence is safe and time-saving. You can brush short videos. Who still drives. Return to Sohu to see more.
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