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Ask how much worry the blockchain has, even though it is difficult to find high paid composite talents

Time : 07/08/2022 Author : q4copw Click : + -
        "The average is 50K / month, and the demand is 10 people. The working place is in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou." This is the recruitment information that the reporter recently saw in a wechat group. "3 o'clock sleepless blockchain" wechat group became popular during the Spring Festival. The concepts of blockchain, digital currency, bitcoin and so on frequently appeared in people's eyes. Many entrepreneurs and investors joined the blockchain camp one after another. Various blockchain companies, blockchain training institutions and blockchain media emerged in endlessly. With the increasingly popular blockchain, there is a demand for relevant talents. According to the "2018 peak season talent trend report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") released by boss direct employment, the recruitment demand of blockchain related talents has increased by 8.7 times in the first two months of 2018 compared with the same period of 2017.
        In addition to the strong demand, the average salary of talents in the blockchain industry is also high. According to the boss direct employment data, before November 2017, that is, from January 1, 2017 to October 30, 2017, the average recruitment salary of blockchain related posts was 23.2k/month; From November 2017 to February 28, 2018, the average recruitment salary of blockchain related posts reached 25.8k/month. One of the most popular words in the recent period is undoubtedly "blockchain". Since 2018, various capitals have rushed into the blockchain industry, and various blockchains and enterprises upstream and downstream of the blockchain have sprung up like bamboo shoots.
        However, the following primary problem is that the existing talent supply cannot meet the demand of enterprises for blockchain talents. The above report shows that in the first two months of 2018, the recruitment demand for blockchain related talents has increased by 8.7 times compared with the same period in 2017; The release areas of blockchain related posts are highly concentrated, with more than 80% of the posts going to Hangzhou and Shenzhen in the north; From January to February 2018, the number of companies releasing blockchain related jobs increased by 4.6 times year-on-year, and the supply of talents increased by 235% year-on-year. Although the growth rate was higher than that of other internet jobs, the stock was still far lower than the actual demand. A staff member of a digital asset trading platform told the daily economic news that since the establishment of the blockchain research team in 2016, there has been a demand for blockchain related talents.
        When the reporter mentioned the topic of blockchain recruitment, Shi Qingwei, founder of sharing finance, said that they are also recruiting people. Blockchain is a new field, but the demand and expansion of blockchain talents from all parties in the market are relatively fast, so there is a shortage of talents. It is worth noting that among the numerous recruitment enterprises, in addition to some industry giants, many enterprises were established around 2016. The report points out that 51% of the enterprises are start-ups of round a and below; According to the scale, companies with less than 100 employees account for 62%. Bao Aile, CMO of lagoon, said that from the time of job creation on lagoon platform, it can be seen that as early as 2014 and 2015, some companies have paid attention to the relevant trends of blockchain, but the concentrated explosion of demand for blockchain was in November 2017.
        Xu zewei, chairman of 91 science and technology group, said that the blockchain has become popular in China almost instantaneously. All kinds of companies are scrambling for blockchain talents and stepping up the layout of blockchain related industries, which has caused the situation that blockchain talents can not meet the demand for a time. However, it must also be noted that blockchain talents are uneven and there is no clear industrial technical standard to measure. "Hey, do you have a person who does the underlying technology of blockchain? Now we need people. Ten people can work in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The average monthly salary is 50000 yuan." After the beginning of the new year, recruitment advertisements of this kind often appear in the circle of friends. Some people even proposed to recruit blockchain talents with an annual salary of 5 million yuan, which is really shocking.
        According to the statistics of, as of March 6, the average salary of all online blockchain related posts was 34k / month. According to the data in 2017, the salaries of development, product, design, marketing and operation posts were 19.3k/month, 18.1k/month, 11.7k/month, 11.3k/month and 9.7k/month respectively. The reporter of the daily economic news saw that a blockchain training company established at the end of last year mentioned in the recruitment requirements of many blockchain related posts that people who are familiar with blockchain and have blockchain work experience are preferred. The recruiter told the reporter, "blockchain is a new technology, and there are relatively few talents in this field.
        Since the end of last year, we have started to recruit talents in this field. The salary will be slightly higher than that of other industries, mainly because it is difficult to find talents, but it will not be much higher. ". "In the same position, the salary of blockchain will be higher than that of other industries. For example, if you are also a master's student, the salary of blockchain will be about 1.5 times that of other industries. Liu Dahong, founder of blockchain company leader technology, told the daily economic news Reporter, this should be reasonable. On the one hand, the technical threshold of blockchain is relatively high, the work is difficult and the intensity is high; On the other hand, blockchain talents are indeed scarce. This is different from the development difficulty of ordinary apps or enterprise service websites. They are two different technical systems.
        He further said that after the blockchain became popular in the second half of 2017, all industries were scrambling for blockchain talents. Compared with before, the salary level of relevant posts has changed, but in fact, the salary of blockchain has been higher than that of other industries. According to the statistics of boss direct employment data, before November 2017, the average recruitment salary of blockchain related posts was 23200 yuan; After November 2017, the average recruitment salary of blockchain related posts reached 25800 yuan. High salary corresponds to high demand. The reporter of the daily economic news noted that the jobs related to the blockchain require more work experience and skills for job seekers.
        For example, in addition to mastering common development languages (c + +, Java, go), technical talents also need to have sufficient knowledge of cryptography, consensus algorithm, super ledger, smart contract, etc.
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