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Huoniu video is alleged to be a blockchain nominal high return platform opened by Dr. Tsinghua University, and is suspected to be involved in capital problems

Time : 10/07/2022 Author : 17fzn3 Click : + -
        A fire bull video user disclosed to blue whale finance that after the platform used high return as bait to induce its recharge, it recently changed the rules greatly, reducing its income by a thousand times, directly causing its economic losses. At the same time, there were also comments that it was a high return platform and was suspected of pyramid selling. At the same time, Jing Feng, CEO of huoniu video, said in response that the dividend reduction was because the company could not sustain for 10 days. The company was trying to adjust the revolving funds and expected to increase the cash back ratio tomorrow. According to the industrial and commercial data, this mobile phone number is the contact information of Jingfeng. Blue whale finance dialed the personal mobile phone left by the post, and it is still in the off state. On September 25, the wechat official account "huoniu video FB" published an article saying that "the platform ended the first phase of user subsidies on September 23, and will adjust the fire drill point feedback mechanism" to respond to user queries.
        According to the original white paper of huoniu video, the platform is intended to be built into Tiktok and Youtube with blockchain technology. Jing Feng, the CEO, is a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence of Tsinghua University. The platform has a total of 10 billion points named FB. Users can rely on the FB they hold to participate in dividends. The platform also includes Wang Wei, the founder of Regarding the authenticity of Jing Feng's doctorate status in Tsinghua University, the links on Google's academic website introduce his employment in Baidu, Tudou and Microsoft Asia. The education experience of Jing Feng, a user with the same name and similar information on the cross comparison Zhihu platform, is the computer department of Tsinghua University. At present, the official website has removed the information of other executives, consultants and strategic cooperation institutions.
        Wang Wei also responded on Weibo that he only provided video suggestions and hoped that huoniu would remove his name to avoid misleading. At present, the microblog has been deleted, but there are still traces of being forwarded. The user introduced the rebate rules of huoniu video. Huoniu video said that all software users can be shareholders and enjoy 80% of the income dividends of the platform. Users can get fire diamonds, i.e. FB, by inviting friends, sharing videos, rewarding videos, and rewarding anchors. For fire tickets purchased in RMB, 10 yuan can be exchanged for 100 fire tickets, and 1 yuan can be distributed for every 100 fire diamonds obtained through platform interaction. The user disclosed that after recharging 6000 yuan, he received 300 yuan in cash every day, but after the rebate rules were changed, his income today fell to 0.5 yuan.
        The account subject of "huoniu video FB" on wechat official account is Juxiang intelligent network technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. According to the enterprise investigation data, the company was established in August 2017, and the legal person is Jingfeng, which is controlled by it. Among its six affiliated companies, Beijing kequ Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has been involved in dozens of legal disputes due to copyright issues. In addition, Jingfeng is the founder of frog fun video. Public information shows that frog fun video was invested by Zhenge fund. Recently, huoniu video has removed its connection with virtual currency. On September 23, the official said that huoniu FB was only platform points, not based on Ethereum tokens, and had no intention to go to the exchange.
        In addition, the blockchain project is mainly characterized by data non tamperability. The behavior of huoniu video modifying the white paper also makes users question its reliability. On September 25, huoniu video claimed to be an entertainment and consumption platform. It was never an investment and financial management platform, nor did it talk about the rate of return, let alone the return cycle. At present, a large number of users have formed a rights protection group.
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