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The Public Security Bureau of Chaling County actively organizes and watches the training video conference on blockchain and virtual currency

Time : 14/09/2021 Author : k4gt65 Click : + -
        On the evening of October 26, Zhuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau invited experts from intelligent Yunnan Jing Information Technology Co., Ltd. to teach the city's public security police a training video conference on blockchain and virtual currency. Chaling County Public Security Bureau responded positively and quickly organized more than 80 people, including all the leaders of the home Bureau and the business backbone of various police departments. During the course, the teaching experts comprehensively, deeply and in detail elaborated and explained the background and characteristics of blockchain, how to conduct transactions in virtual currency, the thinking of daily case handling and the problems that need to be paid attention to in the actual research and judgment. Everyone listened carefully and made detailed learning records. After the training, Comrade Luo Youlue, deputy head of the county people's government and director of the Public Security Bureau, made an important speech.
        He pointed out that the training video conference was very forward-looking, practical and instructive, and provided an effective carrier for effectively improving the theoretical literacy of the police and the research and judgment level of the crimes involving the blockchain and virtual currency, as well as effectively solving the common skills panic and insufficient ability of the grass-roots police. He stressed: first, we should strengthen our confidence and go all out to grasp development. It is necessary to resolutely implement the important guiding spirit of Comrade Tang Wenfa's visit to tea on October 19, strengthen confidence, seize the development opportunities, closely focus on the work requirements of "building models, showing bright spots, and casting brands", go all out to do a good job in juvenile protection, stability maintenance by letters and visits, bright projects, team building and other work and ensure effective results.
        Second, we should change our thinking and go all out to promote promotion. It is necessary to take this video training meeting as an opportunity to further educate and guide the whole police to actively change their thinking, update their ideas and expand their thinking, always adhere to the concept of strengthening the police through science and technology, constantly expand and strengthen the information-based police and explore the application of cutting-edge science, and strive to make breakthroughs and achieve results in improving new business skills and new performance. Third, we should strengthen our study and go all out to improve our quality. It is necessary to create a strong atmosphere of being diligent, eager to learn and good at learning in the whole police force, constantly strengthen the study of advanced theoretical knowledge in daily work and life, and comprehensively arm the mind with knowledge and guide practice. It is necessary to promote a healthy and happy life style, less social intercourse, spend more time on real-time information, theoretical knowledge, business work and other studies, constantly strengthen physical training, and comprehensively improve the professional ability and comprehensive quality of the police.
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