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Share "dividends" to activate and develop "cells"

Time : 20/11/2021 Author : kicjdb Click : + -
        "No matter is clear, it is effective; no theory is definite, it is proved". At present, the scale of shared products and continuous profits, and the shared rechargeable treasure industry is booming, implying that the shared economy has been verified by the market and is once again glowing with new vitality. China has always been the anchor of stability and the source of growth of the world economy. By taking concrete actions to convey the message of deepening the sharing economy, comprehensively stimulating resources, markets and improving management, focusing on the whole country as a whole, adhering to overall planning and taking into consideration, seizing opportunities, taking advantage of the situation, and coordinating and linking, we can coordinate various fields, regions and policies, and bring together comprehensive advantages for promoting development. We will expand the sharing economy at multiple levels and optimize the allocation of resources.
        Self shared charging treasure, online car hailing, shared medical care, shared accommodation and other shared products have realized sustainable and large-scale profits, which not only completely overturned the shared charging project, overturned the cognition of many people, but also ushered in a new spring for the domestic sharing economy. The sharing economy can integrate all kinds of scattered idle resources, accurately meet diversified demands, separate the ownership of asset use rights, give play to the greater value of decentralized idle resources, and is also an optimized resource allocation mode connecting supply and demand, reduce transaction costs, alleviate overcapacity, and promote market supply and demand balance. Agriculture, education, medical care, elderly care and other fields may become new "outlets" of the sharing economy.
        Such as "sharing +" Internet medical care and health "," elderly care and child care "," and + education ", constantly release the vitality of the market and the creativity of the society. "Multi dimension" enriches the sharing economy and catalyzes the transformation of business forms. If we do not keep up with the times, it will be difficult for the sharing economy to survive. The sharing economy has experienced a rapid rise to blossom everywhere. We also have to face up to the hard ice in the progress: there are reports of the closure of related enterprises and mergers and acquisitions in the fields of shared bicycles, cars, and rechargeable batteries; The public is worried that the new sharing products are easy to leak personal privacy, and many people have questioned the development prospects of the sharing economy. Therefore, the separate traditional formats are no longer suitable. If we want to continue to develop, we must transform new formats and new models.
        The widespread popularization of emerging technologies and intelligent hardware has stimulated the development of the sharing economy. The rise of various platforms and business models has driven the maturity of the sharing economy, and new technologies have been continuously used to increase the transformation of business forms. For example, under the new technologies such as 5g, artificial intelligence, blockchain and Internet of things, the "sharing" field has been continuously expanded: office and storage space leasing, pet care services, clothing leasing, medical finance and other retroactive asset transfer transactions have been made public. It is not hard to find that the sharing economy can make use of more dimensional new technologies, explore more demands, create more opportunities and "outlets", and catalyze the transformation of business forms. "Multi subjects" standardize the sharing economy and promote management upgrading. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee first proposed to include the "sharing economy" in the national strategy. The significance of public economy is self-evident.
        It has brought a lot of new opportunities for industrial transformation and upgrading, consumption structure upgrading, technological and scientific innovation, and participation in international competition. While the scale of the sharing economy is expanding and the level is deepening, in the face of the pain points of destroying private occupation, refusing to pay fees and wantonly violating regulations, it calls for matching system innovation. Improve the integrity mechanism and the corresponding incentive mechanism, establish the development direction and behavior boundary for the participants and users of the sharing economy such as the government, enterprises and users in the form of legislation, and consider the industrial characteristics of the sharing economy platform in the supervision, innovate the supervision mode and control the risks; The platform also strengthened the construction of the credit system, established the mechanism of error correction and dispute resolution, improved the multi-agent norms of the platform consumers, and "escorted" the development of the industry.
        If the sharing economy can force management upgrading, it can better present its charm. "It is difficult to know, but difficult to act." The combination of knowledge and action is important. The development of the sharing economy involves not only the transformation of development concepts and the improvement of knowledge and ability, but also the adjustment of interest relations and the innovation of systems and mechanisms. We should put the new development concept through the optimization of resource allocation, implement it to catalyse the transformation of business forms, promote the upgrading of management level, strive to improve the ability and level of implementing the sharing economy, constantly open up new horizons of development, and make the "dividend" of the sharing economy a development force benefiting the whole people. Return to Sohu to see more.
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