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Blockchain, blockchain,The 2022 Korean blockchain week was successfully concluded, and the Uys shield became the focus of attention

Time : 12/04/2022 Author : ei20ca Click : + -
        On August 7, 2022, the Korean blockchain week (kbm2022) opened in Seoul. According to statistics, this activity attracted nearly 10000 people. According to jeonseon IK, the CEO of this activity, this year's activity is one of the largest activities in Asia and even the world. Korea blockchain week is a leading encryption and blockchain activity, providing good communication opportunities for Web3 enthusiasts around the world. The Korean blockchain week has entered its fifth year. It is hosted by factblock, a blockchain community builder, and co organized by hashed, a blockchain venture capital company. The blockchain hedge fund ROK capital participated as a partner.
        In addition, klaytn, Solana and wemade are the title sponsors of the event. Uys also took the stage at this Korean blockchain week, outlining their development vision in the field of quantitative trading, becoming the focus of discussion and gaining the attention of many global organizations. "We are building a world-class digital currency professional trading financial service system. Uys automated trading robot will overcome human weakness, not be changed at will by changes in investor sentiment, obtain more safe and convenient high returns, and meet the trend of diversified needs," said Dmitry Volkov, global technical director of Uys.
        Now, with the huge population scale of investment crypto trading, it can be seen that the maturity and acceptance of the market have entered a new level. With the change and development of the trading target, the quantitative trading technology is constantly changing. To achieve stable and sustainable returns, it is necessary to ensure the leading edge of the quantitative trading technology. Uyscuti, or Uys for short, is an intelligent robot service platform created by the decentralized autonomous community for trading based on the swap decentralized exchange. Since 2016, it has a strong team of artificial intelligence and deep learning experts, focusing on the development of investment solutions and investment consulting tools.
        Uys is using artificial intelligence technology, decentralized trading system and user-friendly services to share value creation. As the world's leading professional level digital asset quantification tool, Uys's unique self built uysswap exchange builds a trading platform for any project and team. The three engine driven digital asset trading system introduces the same name liquidity agreement established on multiple public chains, and can directly exchange tokens to tokens without intermediate public chain steps. The "database read-write separation mechanism", "cache / memory database mechanism" and "composite event processing (CEP)" three systems mastered by Uys can easily control risks.
        "High security", "fast transaction", "high transparency", "low transaction cost" and "multi system support" provide all necessary services for users to maximize their profits on cryptocurrency. At the same time, Uys adopts decentralized autonomous organization Dao, and manages single or large number of user transactions based on POE (existence mechanism) consensus mechanism, providing everyone with the same opportunity to participate in governance, and truly achieving complete full governance of Uys. Through in-depth communication with celebrities and teams in various fields during the Korean blockchain week, the Uys team will also negotiate and study the follow-up global cooperation business in the future.
        Uys plans to use its deep industry expertise, global operation partner network, and leading technology R & D capabilities to maximize its future potential and redefine a new era of quantitative trading! Return to Sohu to see more.
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