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The times make heroes. The future of DAPP has come

Time : 02/02/2022 Author : fnxutq Click : + -
        If blockchain 1.0 is bitcoin and 2.0 is Ethereum, then 3.0 is DAPP, or blockchain + app. DAPP is a distributed application or decentralized application. DAPP is applied to the blockchain, just as app is applied to IOS and Android. App is believed to be familiar to everyone. App has brought people into the era of mobile Internet. The rise of mobile app economy has changed people's living habits, from ordering takeout, watching movies, taking a taxi, cycling, online shopping, social networking, office, information, video & hellip& hellip; The convenience brought by mobile app has transformed our business, life and work to varying degrees.
        However, while enjoying the centralization of the Internet, its disadvantages are becoming more and more obvious, such as the invasion of users' privacy and the inability to guarantee the fairness and fairness among users; The emergence of these problems has promoted the transformation of APP applications, and decentralized dapps have become popular. At present, DAPP based on blockchain technology is still in the early stage of exploration, and there is no DAPP with large-scale practical application value. The emergence of a new thing is always thorny on the way forward; DAPP development is no exception. At present, there are only the following points that need to be overcome:. 1. At present, to develop decentralized applications based on blockchain, there are still obstacles such as low performance, high threshold for C-end users and high cost;.
        2. In addition to the hard injuries of these public chain technologies, the blockchain technology also faces the problem of lack of talents. There are too few people who understand the underlying development technologies of the blockchain, and the scarcity will hinder the implementation of applications;. 4. Most of the current dapps are provided in the form of PC side web pages or smart contract interface calls. The penetration rate of the mobile side is low due to the incomplete ecology at present;. 5. A decentralized fully automatic intelligent economy requires a secure operating system, and a large number of decentralized applications (dapps) can be safely implemented. There is a huge gap between blockchain technology and rich user experience. Blockchain technology lacks an entrance to the lives of the general public.
        Judging from the current situation, it will take at least a few years to build a fully decentralized app. However, it is undeniable that blockchain technology has brought us huge imagination. A real DAPP application should have the following characteristics. 1. The application must be completely open-source and autonomous, and no entity controls more than 51% of the tokens of the application. The application must be able to be upgraded according to the user's feedback and technical requirements, and the application can only be upgraded after the majority of users reach a consensus;. At this stage, DAPP can not bear too much popularity and too much foam. However, the development of DAPP is inevitable, mature and unstoppable, and the industry needs technical talents to devote themselves to research. At this stage, it may not be the time for product hype. We should pay more attention to those teams that fundamentally solve problems.
        As a high-quality currency with a history of more than 5 years, the community has gathered a group of top technical personnel in the industry. The technical team of the white coin community has already made the layout of DAPP in the early stage, and has successfully launched DAPP applications such as white coin red envelope, xwcmall, xwcdice, and coin game community. At the same time, in the future plan, the community will also take DAPP application as the project's assistant direction. White coin is expected to develop 100 + dapps within two years, including one click coin, social DAPP, cloud storage DAPP, game DAPP and other types. At present, DAPP has not been realized to the best trend, but it also provides a great opportunity for white currency DAPP developers to further develop and make technological progress.
        The future is the era of blockchain technology. The times create heroes. The future of white currency DAPP has come. We will be full of expectation and look forward to the explosion of white currency DAPP!.
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