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30 years · growing together with Jinan high tech Zone, Shanda Diwei: a new mode of blockchain technology innovation and government service

Time : 24/07/2022 Author : ea4zb3 Click : + -
        In Jinan high tech Zone, there is a high-tech enterprise. Relying on the blockchain technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, they pioneered the mode of "intelligent automatic assembly line for government affairs service" in China, which greatly improved the efficiency of government affairs examination and approval. In 2018, Jinan high tech Zone launched the intelligent government system of "one-time operation of enterprises" and issued the first domestic blockchain digital business license, setting a national record of 35 minutes in the fastest time to apply for a business license. Such high approval efficiency is mainly due to the blockchain technology developed by Shanda Diwei Software Co., Ltd. So far, more than 16000 companies and enterprises in Jinan high tech Zone have felt the high efficiency of examination and approval brought by this intelligent government system.
        "The enterprise only needs to go to the comprehensive window, submit materials at one time, and select the items you want to handle, including handling business license, handling seal engraving, handling social security registration, tax registration, submitting materials at one time, and filling in a form." Zhang Yubo, deputy general manager of the smart government center of Shanda Diwei Software Co., Ltd., said. Introducing the concept of industrial assembly line into the field of government affairs, decomposing the "one thing" in the eyes of enterprises and the masses into "multiple things" of multiple departments, solidifying all matters on the government affairs assembly line, using the Internet instead of the counter as the "conveyor belt", and building a multi department collaborative management and control platform. This is the intelligent automatic assembly line government affairs approval system created by SDW using the blockchain technology.
        "After the business license was generated, we digitized it and uploaded it to the blockchain. Through the secure and reliable channel of the blockchain, this trusted transfer of the business license among personnel, tax and even banking departments can be realized and shared." Zhang Yubo said. Shanda Diwei was founded in 1992. At the beginning of its establishment, it mainly provided software support for the fields of electric power and social security. In 2015, Shanda Diwei began to explore the blockchain technology. At that time, as a new technology, blockchain was monopolized by foreign big data companies. Shanda Diwei decided to start with the core technologies at the bottom. After continuous public relations, in 2017, it developed a blockchain technology architecture and platform with fully independent intellectual property rights, which reached the international advanced level in terms of core technologies such as customizable semantic model, dynamic consensus mechanism and large file storage.
        "In this process, we have realized that we can get rid of the dependence on foreign databases, realized the realization of this technology which is completely independent and controllable, and got rid of the dependence on foreign products, laying a foundation for our domestic development in this field and completely independent and controllable products." Said Zhao Yongguang, executive vice president of Shanda Diwei Software Co., Ltd. Today, SDW has formed a complete technical support system from basic technology, support platform, application platform to application scenarios in the blockchain field. In 2020, Shanda Diwei was successfully listed on the science and Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first software and information technology service enterprise in Shandong to be listed on the science and innovation board. This article is uploaded and published by the author or organization of pengpai on pengpai news. It only represents the views of the author or organization, and does not represent the views or positions of pengpai news. Pengpai news only provides an information release platform.
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