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Blockchain technology was first applied in the field of people's livelihood on a large scale, and Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong took the lead in tasting it

Time : 13/12/2021 Author : eg7sx0 Click : + -
        On June, the Chancheng District Government of Foshan, Guangdong officially released the "smart city" plan, announcing the introduction of blockchain technology to build a "smart + credit" urban service platform. In addition, Foshan Chancheng District government also released the first batch of people's livelihood applications based on blockchain technology on that day, which is the first time that blockchain technology has been applied to people's livelihood services on a large scale. Liu Donghao, Secretary of the Chancheng District Party committee of Foshan City, told the daily economic news that in July last year, Chancheng District signed a cooperation agreement with Beijing 21vianet Broadband Data Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 21vianet) to explore the practice of blockchain in social application scenarios. On June 22, the Chancheng District Government of Foshan held a press conference in conjunction with 21vianet to release the IMI (intelligent multifunctional identity) identity authentication platform and the "smart city" plan, becoming the first county or district in China to apply large-scale block chain government affairs.
        Qu Ming, vice president of 21vianet, mentioned in an interview with the reporter that Chancheng District of Foshan is the first administrative region in China to realize large-scale promotion and application of blockchain technology in the field of people's livelihood. So, what is a blockchain? It is understood that blockchain is an innovative application mode of distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and other computer technologies in the Internet era. Blockchain technology is distributed, traceable, non tamperable, asymmetric encryption, self maintenance and other characteristics. The earliest blockchain technology was mainly applied to bitcoin. Liu Donghao said at the press conference that in 2014, Chancheng District started the reform of streamlining administration and delegating power in the field of administrative examination and approval, and the emergence of blockchain is a qualitative leap in promoting the construction of credit system.
        The social order with low cost, high efficiency and low friction needs to be realized by blockchain technology, which is also an important reason why the government is fully exploring the application of blockchain. The reporter of the daily economic news learned at the scene that up to now, the IMI platform has been connected to a series of livelihood applications such as Pangu health platform, information platform for the elderly and the disabled, and smart access control Yuntong. Among them, "Pangu health platform" is an Internet health interaction platform linking hospital, medicine and medical insurance. Through docking with the IMI platform, the hospital can provide a variety of medical and health services such as registration, health files and intelligent call through real and effective identity authentication. The information platform for the elderly and the disabled provides information security, credit and data tamperability for the elderly and the disabled.
        In fact, since last year, blockchain technology has attracted the attention of local governments. In December 2016, the Guiyang Municipal Government Office released the white paper "Guiyang blockchain development and application" to explore the development and application of blockchain technology in government affairs, people's livelihood and commerce. At present, the blockchain technology, which is the basis of bitcoin, has attracted wide attention all over the world. The application of blockchain has been extended to many fields such as financial technology, Internet of things, social governance and intelligent manufacturing. The year 2017 is also an explosive year for the application of blockchain technology. The reporter learned that in addition to the financial system, the current blockchain technology is also applied in the field of food safety traceability, Chinese herbal medicine planting traceability, ecological environment monitoring and other fields.
        A few days ago, Zhongan technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongan insurance, also announced in a high-profile manner that the blockchain will be fully applied to chicken breeding. Based on the characteristics of the blockchain, such as its non tamperability, it realizes the anti-counterfeiting traceability of each chicken from the chicken seedling to the adult chicken, and from the chicken farm to the table. In an interview with reporters, Qu Ming mentioned that most blockchain projects talk more and do less. "I saw a lot of blockchain (application) cases last year. I call them POC (proof of concept), which is far from the real landing.". "The landing of blockchain is not simply the uploading of data, or just the use of blockchain ideas and data structures to solve new problems or improve old problems.
        If a few nodes are built, it is said that they have landed. I think this is a joke in the industry. " Qu Ming said. Qu Ming believes that the landing of an application should first be large-scale, so it is necessary to start from the underlying infrastructure to ensure its long-term and stable operation. "Where are the central servers, where are the data nodes, who is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the nodes, how are the networks connected, how are the security measures, and what should be done in case of power failure. These are all infrastructure problems. Only on this basis can large-scale applications be supported.". "The security of information is not only a matter of deploying several distributed nodes, but also a matter of setting up several nodes, and the application is called landing after it runs through. Only when the basic equipment can be operated, managed and controlled can it be called landing.
        ”In his opinion, most of the current blockchain projects are "more said than done". If you need to reprint, please contact the daily economic news. Without the authorization of the daily economic news, it is strictly prohibited to reprint or mirror images. Those who violate the law will be punished. Special note: if we use your pictures, please contact us for payment. If you do not want your works to appear on this site, you can contact us to request that your works be removed.
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