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Is the blockchain concept plate just a meteor shower

Time : 02/04/2022 Author : dbpre1 Click : + -
        The blockchain was fermented over the weekend, and the market consensus was expected to be too strong. In the front row, Xinhu Zhongbao, Zhejiang University net new, easy to see shares, and Donggang shares were all sealed by large orders, and there was no opportunity to participate. Yesterday, Shandong merchants development could not continue to run in consecutive editions. Today, more funds were sold out to form a consistent drop, and the opening price directly reached the limit. The impact on the relay sentiment of the market was still obvious. In fact, the end of the blockchain trading today is the time of the most panic. Tomorrow, there should be some stock reverse packages. Today, the transaction volume is more than 100 billion yuan, and the market does not have enough money to pick up, resulting in the final plunge. If the market continues to fall tomorrow morning, it will be a buying point. Yesterday is so strong, today is so weak, the market evolution is too strong.
        Although the blockchain was killed so miserably at the end of the day, it is still the mainstream direction behind. First of all, we should avoid the "rat warehouse" or the reply of the Secretary of the board of directors of the listed company that the enterprise does not involve the individual shares of blockchain and digital currency, which includes 11 shares, including Asian Union development, Hengbao shares, Hanwang Technology, Xuanji information, Shenzhou information, 2345, Huijin shares, Bosi software, China Great Wall, Haoyun technology and Hanwei technology. There is no need to catch up later.
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