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"Chuanjingge" blockchain: a collaborative model based on data economy (Part 1)

Time : 16/07/2021 Author : c4021x Click : + -
        Thanks to the popularity of blockchain in 2018, even when the market focus is still on the financial field, more people are beginning to notice the potential of applying blockchain technology to public services, industrial applications and other fields. The companies I serve focus on applying blockchain to the industry, including identity management, environmental information management, energy management and product history. Therefore, there are often opportunities to discuss with industry leaders how to implement the blockchain. It is very difficult for a start-up company to independently develop the market. Fortunately, the characteristics of high attention of the blockchain have prepared a big stepping stone for me. However, the introduction is only the beginning. The key challenge is to establish a blockchain cooperation relationship, and discuss repeatedly with the partners to clarify what can and cannot be done at present, and what belongs to reality or rumors.
        Often, after listening to the introduction, some manufacturers can clearly grasp the development of blockchain. The main challenge in my current work is to work with the cooperative manufacturers to extract valuable business elite from the raw ore with high "technical gold content" but mixed with sand and gravel. It is suggested that when we look at the blockchain at this stage, even if we hear that its technical characteristics will subvert the world, we should still treat it conservatively as a check with "convertible nature", rather than as digital gold that can be cashed immediately. To be grounded in public services and industrial applications, blockchain needs time to test and adapt; And the blockchain must be integrated with existing technology applications and social reality for a long time before it can play its role.
        Don't worry, let the bullet fly for a while. I believe that by 2019, we will see more blockchain applications and practical cases. Unlike in the financial field, blockchain has been introduced into the industry on a large scale, and the number of practical applications is quite limited. There are still many operators willing to understand the blockchain at this stage, hoping that it can trigger chemical changes for the company. Generally, in the initial meeting, the technical team is still used as the docking window to view the blockchain from the perspective of introducing new technologies. However, even though most of the technical teams have known the blockchain in advance, according to my observation, it will take some time for the industry to further accept the blockchain. In my opinion, the main challenge lies in still regarding "capital" as the core of the contemporary economy and ignoring the importance of "data".
        Blockchain changes the relationship between enterprises and data. The introduction of blockchain by enterprises should no longer be a process in which traditional it regards the introduction of new technologies as "overlapping". Due to lack of sufficient knowledge, enterprises often face "one embarrassment" and "two difficulties" when evaluating whether to import blockchain. I will describe the actual situation faced by enterprises in the next article.
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