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Li Jiujun, founder of kunzhou in the ascendant, talks about the development and future of digital assets

Time : 30/01/2022 Author : hcem6a Click : + -
        On August 9, Cai Qi, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party committee, when investigating the application innovation center of "yuanuniverse" in Zhangjiawan Design Town, Tongzhou District, stressed that "yuanuniverse" is a "new blue ocean", and leading enterprises should play a leading role, strengthen core technology research, put more application scenarios into play, and promote the development of relevant industries. As a new concept that will explode in 2021, after more than a year of market precipitation, many enterprises have begun to carry out relevant business layout with digital assets as the core according to their own business advantages, and the development prospect of the digital asset track has once become an important discussion point. In early July this year, at the first "NFT and digital assets seminar" organized by the "yuanuniverse" special committee of China electronics chamber of Commerce, Li Jiujun, founder of kunzhou app, shared the theme of "digital cultural innovation empowers the real economy, immersive interactive closed-loop realizes the prototype experience of the original universe" around digital cultural innovation.
        Li Jiujun pointed out the "future new normal" of the combination of digital cultural innovation and real economy with digital cultural innovation as the anchor point. How to define digital cultural creativity? What is the significance of digital cultural and creative development? After the meeting, representatives of enterprises participating in the meeting asked Li Jiujun questions one after another. Li Jiujun: at present, the digital asset industry still lacks a clear development direction, and there are problems such as the reality that secondary transactions cannot be conducted and the homogeneity of issued products. These problems make most digital asset investors retreat and tend to calm down, and have a certain impact on the development of digital assets. However, this impact is not completely negative. It can force the whole industry to develop in a more standardized and high-quality direction. All platforms and publishers should actively consider and explore the real value of digital assets, such as combining with content marketing, activating the application value of digital collection sales through the admission of major brands, and driving the sales of physical products.
        However, the goal of the brand is to promote the sales of products, and the issuance of digital collections is mostly a wave of excitement. We can not help but ask whether the digital collection with the brand as the core initiator can go through several waves, and whether the entire industrial economy of digital assets can obtain sustainable vitality. Li Jiujun: according to the survey of consumers in the digital collection market, the vast majority of digital collection buyers are new generation Z consumers. The generation Z population accounts for 28.1% of the total number of Chinese Internet users, and the total population has reached 350 million. In the whole Internet environment, these 350 million people are the most active and have the most market potential in the future. Their growth environment has been filled with mobile Internet since birth, immersed in social media, and formed the habit of quickly identifying and screening interest information in the mass of information. Technology is the basic consumption, and self-identity is the main reason for choosing consumption.
        In the past five years or so, I have cooperated with partners such as Tencent games, ByteDance games, bilibilibili and kuaishan comics to provide strategic solutions for their IP youth content marketing. In this process, we happen to be facing this group of generation Z consumers. They love to socialize, share, value experience and have personality. Their consumption is basically based on their interests. They have a great tolerance for culture and are very eager to be recognized. They are proper interest oriented stars. The process of digital cultural innovation industrialization must also be close to the needs of generation Z consumers. Li Jiujun: just like the popular tide play investment in recent years, digital assets take culture as the core and entertainment as the carrier. The breakthrough point of establishing interest in digital assets is to establish value recognition.
        At present, digital assets are mainly distributed in the form of "digital collections". Because of its audio-visual presentation forms such as graphics and video, it naturally has content content content, and naturally also has cultural and entertainment properties. It is based on the circle culture and spiritual power by pushing back with interest, so as to enhance the value identification of consumers and make them interested in the cultural core expressed by digital assets themselves. The core value of consumption lies in experience and use. If the meaning of owning an asset only lies in "collection", I am afraid such demand is too small. Take kunzhou app as an example. It bridges the brain world and the physical world with the physical experience of the cultural and entertainment content. While digitizing the cultural and creative products, it links to obtain the corresponding advanced physical products to create a digital new cultural creation combining virtual and real, and inject a more lasting and more consumer value impetus into the digital asset market.
        Li Jiujun: digital new cultural creation is a digital asset expression of interests and rights. For example, on kunzhou app, consumers can enjoy the experience rights of cultural content of interest, and also enjoy the experience rights of physical consumer goods. In combination with the Traceability Technology of blockchain, it provides a more exclusive feeling for the interest experience. At present, Ping An Bank digital dream card and Carlsberg digital wine in the market are classic cases of interest driven digital asset issuance. Li Jiujun: the core of the development of digital new cultural innovation should be culture. Among them, the content-based cultural IP with story experience as the core should play the role of interest efficiency, such as film and television drama IP, cartoon IP, cultural tourism IP, game IP, etc.
        In general, content is king. In today's highly fragmented time, the short-term benefits or immediate benefits of content can be short-lived, but they can never produce lasting adhesion with users. In contrast, high-quality content has more long-term value. Their story characteristics have a long-term and sustained spiritual consumption foundation, and often can trigger the audience's desire for experience and resonate. In the future of digital cultural and creative development, whoever masters high-quality content will hold the trump card. For the physical industry, immersive experience can further promote the development of digital cultural creativity on the basis of high-quality content, from physical products related to digital cultural creativity to performance experience ticketing, from offline catering and tourism experience to various sustainable service-oriented products.
        Li Jiujun: from the perspective of the overall situation of the industry, the development of digital cultural and creative industries will help to broaden the development path of the existing cultural industries such as cultural tourism and cultural entertainment, drive the online and offline industries, break the development barriers of traditional cultural industries, and to a certain extent, feed and empower the real industries, and then the real industries feed back to the digital new cultural and creative industries, so as to achieve the development of the whole region. The development of digital cultural creativity is the "preparation for the rainy day" before the arrival of the "meta universe" era, and also the stepping stone to open the era. Before the technology is really mature, first lay out the closed loop of consumers' interest and experience, and then, with the gradual maturity of the technology, smoothly and barrier free, truly move towards the distant and not too distant future.
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