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Li Honghan: is it a big gamble or a future star? Is blockchain the trump card for turning over?

Time : 02/08/2021 Author : jfgbm3 Click : + -
        Luo Yonghao, the founder of hammer mobile phone, sold 1 million mobile phones a year. The company has never made a profit in the past three years. The virtual currency he bought with 2 million yuan has increased to 30 million yuan. He sighed on Weibo. Technology companies that have failed to start businesses for many years have found that blockchain can make money and have given up their jobs, allin blockchain. However, when entrepreneurship meets the blockchain, it becomes a question of which one wins and which one loses. A real entrepreneur will never spare his efforts and sweat, and will constantly strive for social progress and efficiency improvement. Blockchain is hot, and everyone rushes to it. This is common in any industry, and countless entrepreneurs flock to it.
        However, as Luo Yonghao said, although many people have benefited from the blockchain industry, many people in the digital currency field will wait for the harvest of leeks, and even investment institutions are not immune. The craziness of the blockchain field can be seen from this. Perhaps there are only two things that can make the cold, ruthless and indifferent world warm and startle: one is money, the other is love. Things that can make money have fascinated people for thousands of years. As a result, entrepreneurs have gone to the sea to create wealth, and many people have followed one after another, including the development of real estate, coal mining, gold mining in the south in the early 1990s, and the Internet boom and the army of factories in the early 20th century. Today, the wind has turned to the blockchain field.
        All entrepreneurs, profit seekers and trendsetters have devoted their abundant energy to the ten thousand fold increase of the magic line that they think can create wealth, as well as the countless millionaires and billionaires created by batj, which is now engaged in the technology and Internet, all make people feel that the blockchain is the magic lamp of Aladdin for the benefit, and you can ride on the magic carpet of wealth and freedom as long as you touch it. The stock income of the old investors who have experienced ups and downs in the stock market for many years is at most one limit board per day. However, for the blockchain, there is no regulation, limit and limit, and even it can rise 1000 times per day. For example, a virtual currency claims to use the combination of artificial intelligence technology and blockchain technology, which soared 100 times on the day it was listed on a foreign exchange.
        It is these miracles of creating wealth that make listed companies that should have done things in a down-to-earth manner also start to rub against blockchain hotspots. The A-share blockchain boom originated from the hot concept of blockchain in the US. In December 2017, Longfin, a blockchain concept company listed on Nasdaq, rose from US $5 to US $72 within one week after its listing, with an increase of 400% on December 18 alone. At the beginning of 2016, there were only 13 blockchain concept stocks in A-share market, but by April 2018, there were 60. After 15 listed companies concentrated on issuing "blockchain" related announcements around January 2018, the stock price was pulled out of the dry land. These companies that rely on blockchain and have high stock prices quickly fell by half.
        After the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges paid attention to the abnormal blockchain boom, they issued inquiry letters to many blockchain companies, which had to declare that they had no relationship with blockchain technology. The share price fell again. Since ancient times, finance has been a game of the jungle. In the process of capital hunting for profits, unarmed investors eager to make profits are the fish meat that all such companies think can be cooked. You should know that sadness is always unavoidable. Why do you have to go all the way. The passion and love of all blockchain believers for bitcoin and other virtual currencies comes from its soaring currency price and strong wealth creation effect. Bitcoin came into being in "mining", so many people who had serious jobs were forced into the mining tide that sounded unreliable.
        Why is it unreliable?. Since the cost of bitcoin mining is not only the cost of purchasing mining machines, a mining machine is more than 20000 yuan, and the power supply load of ordinary residents is 4000w-5000w, so it is necessary to supply power at full load when renting the site alone. However, the number of coins is not as perfect as ideal, and the cost of 3-4% will be deducted by the mining pool. The difficulty of mining is also increasing in the process of increasing the number of coins. The passage of time, the running mining machines, the daily rent, and the skyrocketing electricity charges are all the mental effort that mining needs to pay, not to mention that the excavated virtual currency has to bear the ups and downs of the heartbeat, and at the same time, there will be constant attacks by hackers.
        People often say: life is full of regret without touching bitcoin, and life is full of regret when touching bitcoin. Therefore, in regret and regret, every blockchain practitioner has spent every day and year in the so-called coin circle and chain circle, struggling, hesitating and suffering. Only those mining with real applications can bring positive energy to society. Only slowly formed applications like ulord and Ethereum can make people more confident to participate in this blockchain revolution. The rise of any industry will inevitably lead to the corresponding media demand. The rapid multi iteration ecology of the Internet has given birth to a large number of relevant media industries. From the Internet Financial propaganda industry brought by the rise of P2P to the huge media war camp during the Internet foam period, the rapid prosperity and development of the blockchain media industry is also related to the sudden rise of the myth of wealth creation.
        Not really, but the temptation of a monthly salary of 50000 yuan and an annual salary of one million yuan is enough to make them dizzy with profits. Such a trend will inevitably make people in the traditional media industry who work hard and earn 5000 yuan a month. By extension, in China today, who will be as calm as a mountain to take the temptation of high interest and high interest calmly?. We cannot ignore the power of human beings in any wave of scientific and technological progress, because human beings are the ultimate source of creating value and happiness. However, for anyone in the current of the times, impetuous thoughts and desire for profit will inevitably erode the original pure industry and revolution. All this has been obvious since the steam age.
        Before Watt invented the steam engine, the tide of British textile industry was also chased by capital. However, in the end, the steam locomotive, a by-product, emerged. Why did this happen?. Because ultimately the progress of science and technology will inevitably end in creating value for the entity, the textile tide of overflowing spinning machines and rushing into mass action has become the cancer of the foam in Britain at that time, wasting a lot of manpower and financial resources, and finally its steam engine has promoted the change of the times and the revolution of manpower. Valuable things have always been: peaches and plums do not speak for themselves, but they have their own way. It is always magpie that flies all over the sky, but the swan is always flying forward. Entrepreneurship is respectable, but you must take the right path in choosing the industry field. Even if it is difficult to pay, you are also a hero; Even if you have a lot of money, you can hardly escape the legal sanction and conscience condemnation.
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