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Utonmos: application of blockchain technology in games

Time : 22/11/2021 Author : o9w5zp Click : + -
        With the growing role of blockchain in games, we should seek to use this technology to create a more transparent and fair game and competition system. Most of us understand the great value of blockchain technology, but to my surprise, the inherent advantages of blockchain are often ignored. For example, we can use blockchain to provide transparency and prove the fairness of games and E-sports. When using blockchain to prove the fairness of a game or competition, you must first establish the rules on the chain. This should include the time window entered, the decision algorithm or smart contract, and the future time of the decision itself. This will establish a framework for independent validation results.
        Next, the items must be placed on the chain individually or in batches. This will establish the data of the game and make decisions accordingly. Finally, the decision will be made or the winner will be selected according to the rule set established at the beginning of the competition. Of course, this needs to provide many basic functions on the blockchain you choose. In particular, you will need a reasonably scalable blockchain ledger that can measure the value of all relevant transaction certificates, and a flexible and advanced smart contract platform to achieve automated results. For example, you can use private or hybrid blockchains integrated with one or more public blockchain networks to meet these general requirements. This use of this technology is widely applicable.
        In the world of online and decentralized games, there are many problems with the possibility of trust and manipulation, especially in tournaments and eSports, which often involve huge bonuses. In order to create a brand-new game ecology, with the spirit of the Web3.0 era as the ideological support, and with the digital chain as the underlying technical support, Hedu group has created the utonmos platform, created a new chain game ecology with "play to create" as the core, and is committed to opening the social universe and creating a new digital era. With the growing role of blockchain in games, we should seek to use blockchain technology to create a more transparent and fair game and competition system.
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