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Blockchain application value highlights, calling for policy escort

Time : 19/07/2022 Author : nliyw6 Click : + -
        In 2018, the blockchain technology originally hidden behind bitcoin gradually came to the front of the market. The initial emergence of blockchain is undoubtedly inseparable from the rapid rise of bitcoin and other digital currencies. In the view of experts, blockchain technology can be widely and even subversive applied in many fields such as finance, and its strategic value is prominent. At the same time, it is also necessary to rectify the development of blockchain technology in a timely manner and give more guidance and support in policy. The popularity of blockchain is not a "fad". As early as a few years ago, Schwab, the founder of Davos forum, recommended that blockchain technology is one of the representative achievements of the fourth industrial revolution. "This is a disruptive technology, and geeks and the banking industry are excited about it.
        ”For this reason, Schwab also made a special section in his book the fourth industrial revolution. In essence, blockchain technology is a decentralized distributed database. Through multiple computing nodes in the network, they participate in data calculation and recording, and verify the validity of their information. It is characterized by decentralization, consensus mechanism, high transparency, and no reliance on trust. It is with these advantages that the blockchain technology has been paid more and more attention at home and abroad. Now, countries have accelerated the layout of blockchain technology. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security subsidized six companies engaged in the development of government blockchain applications, allowing enterprises to study the government's data analysis, connection equipment and blockchain; The French Ministry of finance has announced a decree that will allow some unlisted securities to be traded using blockchain technology, which is the first in Europe; Alexander, President of Belarus; Lukashenko signed the "super liberalism" bill and expressed support for blockchain and cryptocurrency.
        Not long ago, Starbucks chairman Howard & middot; Schultz also said that Starbucks is likely to use blockchain technology as part of the new payment app. "Blockchain technology may put Starbucks applications in a leading position. I believe we are moving towards a new era.". While the world's major economies and important international organizations are accelerating the deployment of blockchain technology, Chinese financial institutions, Internet companies, it enterprises and manufacturing enterprises are also actively planning. Data show that the number of domestic blockchain related listed companies has increased to about 30. Cainiao and tmall global recently announced that blockchain technology has been used to track, upload and verify the full logistics link information of cross-border imported goods for consumers to query and verify.
        Tang Ren, technical director of Cainiao international, said that blockchain has a broad application prospect in the field of overseas Taobao. "We firmly believe that this is a basic technology of the Internet, not a tool for currency speculation." JD also announced on its official website that it has released a new accelerator for developing artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. CICC experts believe that as an important infrastructure for the development of financial technology, the application of blockchain is worth looking forward to. In the future, it can be used for digital currency and transformation of payment, settlement, transaction and other application scenarios of financial institutions, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency while reducing risks; CITIC Securities said that it is currently in the accumulation stage of the learning curve of blockchain technology and looks forward to the landing of explosive application scenarios.
        In fact, many people first learned about the blockchain through bitcoin, so people are used to mixing bitcoin with blockchain. People in the industry have different views on this. "Bitcoin is the first successful application of the blockchain, but bitcoin is not equal to the blockchain." Chen Haifeng, deputy director of the big data Research Institute of Zhuhai Institute of Beijing University of technology, once pointed out that:. The industry generally expects that in addition to nurturing bitcoin and other digital currencies, blockchain will be able to appear more "killer" applications in the application field, thus truly opening a bright era of blockchain. However, due to the temptation of huge profits, some superficial blockchain applications also tend to deviate, which deviates from the essence of blockchain landing applications.
        First of all, the name of the main business should be changed before it is changed. "Blockchain" has become a gimmick pursued by listed companies. In recent months, more and more listed companies have made use of the blockchain concept to speculate, and the market has also lost no time to give a price limit return, and some companies have simply changed their names. Experts pointed out that with the rapid rise of bitcoin, more and more enterprises began to "rub hot spots". At present, this craziness is not limited to simply adding the words "bitcoin" or "blockchain" to the company's name. As long as the company has a little relationship with the blockchain, it is likely that the company will raise a large amount of money and rapidly increase its value. This unhealthy trend needs to be curbed. Secondly, the energy of "gold absorption" in some applications is highlighted, forming a negative demonstration effect.
        Last year, cryptokitties, a foreign social game based on the blockchain to "raise cats", quickly became popular. In just over a month, the accumulated transaction volume reached nearly 10 million US dollars. The most expensive "cat" was sold for more than 100000 US dollars due to its rare variety. To the surprise of its developers, the original intention of developing this game is only to let users know more about blockchain technology, but it was biased by operators in the promotion and became a tool for profit. More and more "blockchain based" virtual pets have been created. The publicity points are mainly focused on uniqueness, scarcity and collectibility. The core of the discussion is also focused on the investment value of pets. As for what blockchain is, not many people care.
        Thirdly, the "good idea is wrong", and the blockchain technology is used to fork the digital currency for profit. ICO (initial token issuance) is a way to raise funds based on blockchain projects. After many countries, including China, realized the financial risks of ICO, they began to encircle and suppress ICO one after another. Many ICO initiators turned their attention to IFO (first bifurcated issuance) and used blockchain technology to bifurcate bitcoin, litecoin and other digital currencies for profit. As the value of blockchain technology is increasingly discovered, what needs to be solved most urgently now is to have enough confidence in blockchain technology and protect its growth, distinguish it from the speculation of digital currency, and not to "deify" the blockchain so that it can be solidly applied to the world, solve practical problems from specific business scenarios, and accelerate industrial transformation.
        Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, believes that although blockchain technology will reduce business costs, it is not applicable to all business cases. At present, blockchain transactions take much longer than stock and foreign exchange transactions. Richard middot, global chief investment strategist of Blackstone; Trier said that to achieve a bright future, blockchain technology still needs to overcome major obstacles. Tang Xiuli, chief research officer of Guojia capital, and Tong Yongbo, co-founder of Zhongwang financial service, both believe that blockchain technology is an application technology with broad prospects at present. Blockchain intervention in the financial field will show great innovative advantages in financial products, financial service channels and service methods.
        Experts generally believe that blockchain technology will be the key underlying infrastructure of Internet Finance and even the entire financial industry. Taking the securities market as an example, securities trading can only be completed through the coordination of four major institutions, namely, the central clearing institution, banks, securities companies and exchanges. This mode is low in efficiency and high in cost, and it is easy to create a strong intermediary. The blockchain system can independently complete the "one-stop" service. To this end, we can promote the financial industry to take the lead in testing the blockchain technology, blossom and bear fruit on the application that can be seen and touched as soon as possible, fully display the technical advantages, and form an application demonstration. From the hot market of bitcoin investment, the development of blockchain technology actually has some spontaneity, and enterprises are always the main participants of this technology.
        In the early stage of the industry, we can promote the research and application of enterprise level blockchain through certain policy support and encouragement, and form a sustained and long-term mechanism. For blockchain applications that are not significant in business benefits but beneficial to society, the government can explore them first by purchasing public services. For example, the government can first apply the blockchain technology to public areas such as charity donation to reduce industry risks and as an attempt to solve the problems of transparency and trust. Foreign artificial intelligence giants have made continuous actions and made many breakthroughs in basic technology and application fields. They can be summarized as follows: strong basic research capacity, intensive cross-border innovation, and continuous talent dividend.
        Due to the strong specialization of home decoration consumption and disorderly competition in the home decoration market, consumers frequently fall into the trap of home decoration. How many "secrets" can not be said in the home decoration market?.
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