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Blockchain Technology Network: we are still optimistic about bitcoin and cautiously optimistic about regulation

Time : 08/05/2022 Author : wdfo4l Click : + -
        Blockchain technology network is a blockchain we media website. In an interview with C on July 1, blockchain technology network refuted the downward pressure of the current bitcoin market. Last week, the price of bitcoin fell below $6000 for the third time in 2018. "Blockchain technology network thinks that what is more interesting is that we should remember that where we come from this market, we have increased by more than 100% year after year.". Bitcoin prices continue to "slow down", indicating that the market has generated a new round of pessimism about its future, mainly from the mainstream media and financial channels. However, for the blockchain technology network, the regulatory attention will provide a more formal landscape for cryptocurrencies globally, which will ultimately help to enhance the value.
        Blockchain technology network regards it as a double-edged sword. The uncertainty surrounding regulation has put pressure on the market and caused it to fall further, because people do not know where it will end eventually, explained blockchain technology network. "At the same time, the same topic will be the factor that ultimately drives its rise." Once we really establish the regulatory mechanism, professional and traditional participants will enter the market & hellip& hellip; It will be supported by the regulatory authorities. The blockchain technology network has personally experienced this demand. Last year, the blockchain technology network disclosed that the blockchain technology network received requests for bitcoin information from financial institutions in Hong Kong, not the blockchain.
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