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Opening of US stocks: the three major stock indexes collectively opened low, the S & P 500 index fell by 06%, and blockchain concept stocks fell

Time : 20/08/2021 Author : fn453j Click : + -
        On August 19, local time, the three major indexes of the US stock market opened low. The Dow index fell 0.47%, the NASDAQ index fell 1.03%, and the S & P 500 index fell 0.6%. Blockchain concept stocks fell, with marathon digital down 8%, coinbase down 8%, and MicroStrategy down 7%. Cryptocurrencies were generally weak, and bitcoin and Ethereum both fell sharply; WSB concept stocks fell collectively, 3b home fell by about 38%, and rcventures, the shareholder, reduced its shareholding ratio to 0%; Litchi fell by about 20%, and litchi financial report showed that the average monthly live users dropped by 18%.
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