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Xiuse live and hixiu live won Zhongguancun and 2021 "high growth enterprise, top 100" respectively

Time : 08/06/2022 Author : d72h1g Click : + -
        (Global TMT, August 16, 2022) recently, the foresight Unicorn Summit Forum and 2021 annual high growth enterprise awards ceremony were held in Beijing Kandan Unicorn innovation base. At the meeting, the top 100 list of high growth enterprises in 2021 was released, and the Xiuse live broadcast and hixiu live broadcast under Sixiang infinite were included in the list. As a representative enterprise of scientific and technological innovation in Zhongguancun, Sixiang infinite has won the top 100 high growth enterprises in Zhongguancun for many times through its live broadcast platforms such as Xiuse live broadcast, Lehi live broadcast and hixiu live broadcast. The financial performance of Sixiang infinity in fiscal year 2021 was stable and maintained the growth momentum. The total revenue was RMB 1669.4 million (about US $262 million), with a year-on-year increase of 36.6%.
        Sixiang Infinity has also successively reached cooperation with Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, snipp, GFE and other institutions or organizations to actively layout the whole ecological and meta universe field of mobile live broadcasting. In September 2021, Sixiang infinity announced to explore the construction of the meta universe on the basis of the real live broadcasting scene. At present, the company has applied blockchain, AI, AR, VR, big data and other cutting-edge technologies to multiple complete virtual reality worlds in its live broadcast platform. Return to Sohu to see more.
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