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In the future, 80% of people will enter the meta universe

Time : 25/02/2022 Author : qcsogj Click : + -
        The concept of metauniverse is still being perfected. Although its final form is still being conceived and the future is still unknown, the success and opportunities of brands and e-commerce platforms are clearly visible. As early as November 2016, Taobao's VR shopping buy + plan has been officially launched. VR shopping has officially moved from the laboratory to the consumer. At the same time, it has also set off a boom in the VR circle. Bug + plan is to use computer graphics system and auxiliary sensors to generate an interactive three-dimensional shopping environment. Users can directly interact with people and objects in the virtual world, and even virtualize the scene in real life to become an interactive commodity.
        Today's metauniverse is not a unified virtualization environment, but there are many different applications. Each metauniverse application can be said to be a combination and innovative integration, including blockchain augmented reality, AR, cloud Internet of things, 5g, artificial intelligence, space technology and other emerging technologies. E-commerce is a trading model derived from the development of Internet technology. With the rise of metauniverse and Web3.0 probability, the e-commerce industry that depends on the Internet is also expected to enter the development stage of metauniverse. From the perspective of business value, metauniverse means a larger user scale, a longer online use time and a higher investment. It is based on the existing model to create a new business model New customers and new markets.
        Large scale e-commerce platforms need to be realized through new technological innovation to provide customers with highly personalized digital experience. Today, I will share with you a business model of metauniverse e-commerce, which is based on the concept of "metauniverse", and realizes the commercial application of metauniverse by using Tencent cloud blockchain technology, combining social networking and e-commerce retail, Help enterprise brands to build the trading, circulation and traceability of "non-homogeneous goods." the meta universe has opened the "new Cambrian era" of e-commerce and consumption. In the future, 80% of people will enter the meta universe. " At the 2021 China (Chengdu) platform economy conference and the 11th mobile e-commerce annual conference held in December last year, Xing Jie, the author of the best-selling book "metauniverse pass" and the chairman of Zhicheng industry and finance investment, said when talking about the future development trend of metauniverse.
        At a time when the concept of "everything can be a meta universe" is prevalent, what kind of imagination will the "meta universe" open for the development of the e-commerce industry? Xing Jie believes that "many of today's technological processes are prepared for the & lsquo; metauniverse & rsquo; and we will usher in a more drastic change. We are talking about platform economy now, and there will be no larger platform than the & lsquo; metauniverse & rsquo; in the near future. The current e-commerce will be upgraded to & lsquo; digital commerce + metauniverse Commerce & rsquo Return to Sohu to see more.
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