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Blockchain coding,Blockchain is applied to artwork authentication and anti-counterfeiting technology is quite subversive

Time : 04/06/2022 Author : 83297e Click : + -
        Us online art auction padde8 and Swiss technology company the native have jointly launched a blockchain based art authentication service. Padde8 will provide a digital certificate named p8pass for every thousands of artworks sold through the network, and encode this information on the bitcoin blockchain. P8pass is a digital certificate. Its data is continuously encoded on the blockchain and linked with digital catalog, museum catalog information and professional literature. Each artwork purchased on paddle8 contains a digital certificate, through which you can directly access the historical collector and author information of the artwork.
        This service was developed in cooperation with verisart, an American technology company, which is one of the few companies invested by the native. It is reported that the service allows buyers to view digital certificates in real time without relying on a single certificate from previous collectors. Once these data are recorded on the bitcoin blockchain, "they cannot be tampered with without the knowledge of all users". Tyler Winklevoss, paddle8's long-term strategic adviser, said at a news conference. "We have always applied blockchain technology to the art market. In this famous opaque field, what we have done is just the tip of the iceberg in democratization and subversion of the status quo.
        ”。 Paddle8 and the native have cooperated in the past. In January this year, this Swiss technology company invested in paddle8 after the bankruptcy of its parent company. Next, they began to jointly promote a project to buy art with cryptocurrency.
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