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Explanation of blockchain game project business plan

Time : 29/06/2022 Author : s0wcre Click : + -
        Zhongjin Qixin International Consulting Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years of project business plan writing experience (Note: the business segment carried out at the same time as the project feasibility report), and has a number of high-quality writing teams to provide practical material support for customers from all walks of life. The purpose of writing a business plan is a business plan, also known as a business plan. The purpose is very simple. It is a weapon in the hands of entrepreneurs and is provided to investors. Investors and all those who are interested in entrepreneurs' projects should show them the potential and value of entrepreneurship and persuade them to invest and support the projects. Therefore, a good business plan should make people very clear about the following issues after reading: (1) business opportunities of the company.
        2. The process of creating a company and seizing this opportunity. 3. Required resources. 4. Risk and expected return. 5. Suggestions for your actions 6. Industry trend analysis.). The seven basic contents of the business plan: 1. Project introduction; 2. Product / service; 3. Market development; 4. Competitors; 5. Team members; 6. Revenue; 7. Purpose of the financial plan business plan: 1. Communication tools; 2. Management tools; 3. Commitment tools. Relevant reports Industry Research Report, market investigation report, industry analysis report, project feasibility report, fund application feasibility report, market research forecast report, special investigation report, market investment prospect report, market situation monitoring report, competition pattern analysis forecast report, upstream and downstream industry chain research report, investment and financing feasibility report.
        List of materials required for compiling the business plan (provided according to the specific project requirements) 1. Enterprise profile, historical changes of the enterprise, shareholders' information, and management team resume; Brief introduction of project organization; 2. Project introduction; 3. Enterprise marketing strategy; 4. Project business model; 5. Annual financial statements and financial analysis reports of the enterprise in recent three years; Annual audit report; Relevant financial evaluation data of the enterprise; 6. Project investment amount and financing plan; 7. Fund use planning, expected income and return on investment; 8. Future strategic planning of the enterprise. As the business plan (project feasibility report) is a customized report, the following report contents are for reference only, and the completed contents may change according to customer needs and industry classification.
        The basic framework of the business plan: Chapter 1 summary chapter 2 Market Analysis Chapter 3 company introduction chapter 4 product introduction chapter 5 research and development boutique documents. Chapter 6 product manufacturing Chapter 7 marketing Chapter 8 financing description Chapter 9 Financial Analysis and forecast Chapter 10 risk analysis. Itemized description of the business plan: Chapter I summary I, project background II, project introduction III, project competitive advantage IV, financing and financial description. Chapter VIII financing description I. fund demand and use planning (I) total investment of the project (II) fixed assets investment (land cost, civil engineering, equipment, reserve fund, other costs of project construction, interest during construction) (III) working capital II. Fund raising method III. investor rights IV. fund withdrawal method.
        Chapter IX Financial Analysis and forecast I. basic financial data hypothesis II. Sales revenue forecast and cost estimation III. profitability analysis 1. Profit and loss and profit distribution statement 2. Excellent documents of cash flow statement. Excellent documents 3. Calculation of relevant financial indicators (investment profit rate, investment profit and tax rate, financial internal rate of return, financial net present value, investment payback period) 4. Sensitivity analysis 5. Profit and loss balance analysis 6. Financial evaluation conclusion. The purpose of business plan writing is business plan, also known as business plan. The purpose is very simple. It is a weapon in the hands of entrepreneurs. It is provided to investors and all people who are interested in the projects of entrepreneurs, to show them the potential and value of entrepreneurship, and to persuade them to invest and support the projects.
        Therefore, a good business plan should make people very clear about the following issues after reading: 1. Business opportunities of the company; 2. The process of creating a company and seizing this opportunity; 3. Required resources; 4. Risk and expected return;. Excellent documents v. team members VI. revenue VII. Financial plan and business plan purpose 1. Communication tools 2. Management tools 3. Commitment tools.
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