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Blockchain game type analysis and blockchain development

Time : 14/12/2021 Author : jyszgr Click : + -
        Blockchain technology and ecology are booming, and people begin to explore more application scenarios of digital currency in addition to payment. The game industry is characterized by strong user stickiness and many interactions, and the tendency of natural token of integral props has become a relatively easy industry in the blockchain. So far, the blockchain game projects focus on these three directions: specific blockchain games, basic public chains serving games, and blockchain game service providers. Blockchain games refer to specific game applications represented by cryptocat. Such games usually rely on eth EOS and other major public chains, the props in the game are represented as digital assets, such as erc721; Some operations in the game are recorded on the chain. According to the characteristics of the public chain, some need to consume some tokens of the public chain as gas.
        As the characteristics of public chains are not particularly mature at present, blockchain games are usually relatively simple in production and design. At present, they mainly include the following sections:. This kind of game is represented by cryptokitties. By mapping rare and unique digital assets into characters in the game, players can feed, reproduce, trade and other operations on these characters, and obtain a sense of pleasure and success in the process of raising. In addition, as a unique collection, cryptocat uses erc721 technology to ensure the unique characteristics of each cat, making it not only entertaining and consumptive, but also investment and collection.
        Strategy games refer to games with the theme of winning in various forms. In this strategy type blockchain game, the modes include level breaking, adventure, sports competition, cards, etc. at present, the best developed and most representative game is a card type blockchain game called godsunchainedtcg, which is roughly similar to the card type game we play. Its feature is that the cards in the game are represented by a unique erc721 token, so that the player really has the ownership of each card, And the cards themselves are scarce. At present, the game only records the ownership of cards in the Ethereum blockchain, rather than participating in all the operations of the game. Therefore, the design of the game can be as refined and experienced as the traditional game.
        At present, the daily number of people living in the game is about 200, and the 24-hour transaction volume reaches 52.74 eth, and the number of transactions reaches 500. This kind of game imitates the traditional leisure games. The game design is relatively simple and the operation is not complicated. It includes games related to life such as happy farm, and simple games such as guessing boxing and guessing numbers. Although the game is relatively interesting, it is also an indispensable part of the game ecology. At present, the most active DAPP in this kind of games is "catching chickens". There are 53 daily active users and the daily trading volume is 0.5 eth, which is relatively low compared with other sectors.
        The above is only a relatively common DAPP application that has been born since the development of blockchain games. With the improvement of the public chain performance and the further expansion of the ecology, game applications based on blockchain technology will also spread across more game sectors.
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