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Introduction to blockchain development

Time : 14/05/2022 Author : xwik63 Click : + -
        Partially or completely enclosed and centralized. In this article, I will discuss with you what you need to learn before you can start building and using. The increasing popularity and promising intrinsic characteristics of technology have established trust among people, so it has been widely adopted in many industries around the world. However, the growing demand and. Application hyperledger fabric currently supports SDK of Java, nodejs, go and python languages for users to choose different languages. Business layer application. Step 1: configure fabricsdk hyperledger fabric to officially provide the gosdk file package we need.
        Currently, the version commitment number used by BCS service is 035e4f9. We need to generate the corresponding configuration file and access for fabricsdk. It is a combination of newly generated data encryption, distributed system, intelligent contract, consensus algorithm and other technical applications. Its essence is an integrated technology, not a unique technical invention. In essence,. The technology is a distributed system database management that uses login password technicality, multi-faceted participation, collaborative maintenance, continuous progress and can not be forged. It is also called distributed system shared resource account book. When the data information is uploaded, the data information is packaged into small pieces, and then packaged into a block. This block is called "block", which connects each block in order. This is also a mesh structure Internet. Because the entire network architecture is composed of small pieces and network structures, it is called mesh structure.
        In the form of a common account, you can. Decentralized application of technology operation. If you don't understand it, you can think of Ethereum as tmall mall. You can build various stores (dapps) on it. Before there was no Ethereum, write. The application is like this: copy a copy of bitcoin code, and then change the underlying code, such as encryption algorithm, consensus mechanism, network protocol, etc. (this is the case with many counterfeit coins, and a new currency will be created after modification). The Ethereum platform is on the ground floor. It is changing the transaction mode of enterprises. This secure, distributed, and open technology is reducing costs, accelerating processes, and establishing new levels of trust in secure interactions.
        Application. Special reminder: register + activate, and now experience IBM cloud for free! It can also be operated with the instructor! (apply for trial: when applying, please fill in the correct email, check the email, and click the confirm account button to activate). A contract is a legal document through which two or more parties agree to execute a transaction. It is mandatory and enforceable. The smart contract is the code written according to the user's needs, and is deployed and run on the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). The smart contract defines the transaction rules between accounts in the code, which is conducive to the transfer of digital assets through atomic transactions, and can also be used to store important data.
        Smart contracts are small programs composed of functions, similar to object-oriented class classes, which can call each other, just as class classes instantiate and call each other. Let's explain the smart contract. technological process. 1、 Environment 1. The operation (deployment) environment contract can run on public network (Ethereum network), test network or private network. Ethereum: Yes. It is a popular new concept at present, which contains two concepts of technology and finance. From a technical point of view, this is a distributed database that sacrifices consistency efficiency and ensures final consistency. Of course, this is one-sided. From the perspective of economics, this kind of peer-to-peer network with strong fault-tolerant ability just meets a low-cost trusted environment required by the sharing economy.
        Let's share this time. Therefore, this paper summarizes the four popular ones, namely Ethereum, bitcoin, EOS and tendermint. Ordinary netizens: enterprise level large and medium-sized platforms based on e-commerce business have four stages from design to implementation (complete version in four stages). Download address: extraction code: INBA.
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