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The Internet judicial service platform under Yibao was recorded by the blockchain information service of the national network information office

Time : 15/08/2022 Author : luih8y Click : + -
        As a "decentralized" emerging technology, the popularity and attention of blockchain technology have gradually increased. It can help enterprises to break the information island, make data more errands, make data storage and interaction more secure, empower the development of new digital infrastructure, and promote the rapid development of the digital economy. At present, the four blockchain core products under Yibao have all passed the filing and approval of the national network information office, and the qualification and technical standardization of Yibao's blockchain have been affirmed and recognized. The security chain is an alliance blockchain that is initiated and opened to the outside world by Yibao through blockchain technology, combined with independent invention patents, and jointly with notarial offices, judicial identification offices, arbitration commissions, courts, copyright protection centers and other authorities.
        Realize the real-time storage, verification and preservation of electronic data in the blockchain, online traceability and verification at any time and anywhere, to ensure that the whole process can be traced, the whole data can be verified, and the whole link can be trusted to provide evidence. It is worth mentioning that in 2019, the security chain passed the first batch of domestic blockchain information service records of the national network information office, and was also selected as the industrial Internet pilot demonstration project of the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2018. It is the only blockchain selected project in China. Junzi sign pioneered the "blockchain + justice + electronic signing" mode. Aiming at the signing problems of traditional paper contracts such as easy loss, fake contracts and turnip seals, Junzi sign provides the government, enterprises and individuals with one-stop blockchain electronic signing services from contract initiation and signing to contract management, from certificate preservation to Judicial Services, effectively ensuring the credibility of the contract signing subject, effective signing behavior, non tamperable results and real-time certificate storage Judicial simultaneous notarization makes the signing of enterprise contracts convenient, efficient, safe and reliable.
        Micro copyright pioneered the "blockchain + justice + intellectual property protection" mode to realize blockchain certification, online copyright registration and online notarization of intellectual property. Provide one-stop services for photography, design, animation, games, law firms, newspapers and other industries, such as copyright confirmation, infringement monitoring, infringement analysis, network forensics, and agency rights protection, so that every work is worth protecting. Zhongzhengbao pioneered the "blockchain + Internet justice" mode, which can build a one-stop Internet notarization system for notary offices, an Internet arbitration system for commercial arbitration institutions and a one-stop legal rights protection service system for financial institutions, thus realizing a mature judicial service system on the whole line.
        Demonstration leading, the future on the chain! E-security will continue to be based on practice, continuous exploration and innovation, play an industry demonstration and leading role in the fields of blockchain certificate preservation, blockchain electronic signing, blockchain intellectual property protection, and blockchain judicial services, continue to promote the R & D and innovative application of "blockchain +" technology, and help more enterprises to achieve comprehensive digital transformation and upgrading. Return to Sohu to see more.
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