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Blockchain + commercial project landing

Time : 28/06/2022 Author : v8bxot Click : + -
        Zhongqing online news (China Youth Daily & middot; Zhongqing online miles announced the launch of the smart business contract blockchain cybermiles (CM). 5miles is a mobile e-commerce platform founded by Chinese entrepreneurs. The R & D team is in Beijing and the sales team is in Dallas. As the underlying technology of bitcoin, blockchain has been favored by many technology enterprises in recent years due to its decentralized, open, self-knowledge and other characteristics. Half a year ago, the 5xlab laboratory under 5miles started the research of the blockchain project cm. It is reported that CM has established 12 large categories and 371 small categories of business contract customization templates to improve support for various business scenarios.
        Lu Liang, founder and CEO of 5miles, said that CM can help sellers reduce operating costs. "The role of blockchain in this process is similar to the site building tools at the beginning of the 21st century. Small b-end merchants can use these stupid tools to operate their own websites, making it more convenient.". It is reported that 5miles was founded in 2014, and its mobile phone application 5miles is based on geographical location to push used goods within 5 miles of the user. Lu Liang, the founder, previously served as the first general manager of mobile Taobao and the general manager of Huashu Taobao (joint venture). In 2011, he joined Lanting Jishi as CTO. In 2013, Lanting Jishi was listed. After that, Lu Liang resigned and went to the United States to start a business.
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