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Metacosmic, "42 consensus"

Time : 28/10/2021 Author : 8pk50v Click : + -
        The formation of a great meta universe, perhaps a story, a wallet, a plug-in, a set of NFT images, and a contract may become its explosive singularity. This digital identity is confirmed and empowered by your various behaviors and choices in the meta universe according to your own values, meta cosmology, individual positioning and other factors. It is not only a avatar, but a real digital ID that affects the future. 5g + AI + XR cloud computing, blockchain, highly immersive social networking, engine technology, brain computer interface, digital human, edge computing, mathematical algorithm, 3D operating system and other new technologies will appear. But the metauniverse can be parallel and non-linear on the time scale.
        The digital identity and multiple personalities can be used to experience the parallel universe, and different things can be completed on the same time scale to realize the "non-linear" that may appear in the novel. Chip technology, communication technology, blockchain technology, interaction technology, virtual engine technology, AI technology, network and software and hardware programming are the achievements of various digital technologies. 23 "life body". It is not a simple digital analog signal, and ultimately can form a world of its own, beyond any product. 26。 In content creation, enjoy the fun of jointly creating a meta universe. Whoever has creativity and high-quality content can establish a new platform in the meta universe.
        27。 Complex structure, such a system can not be packaged and upgraded together like a game. The changes and upgrades of the whole system are very complex. It also belongs to the same universe, so its upgrading and transformation is the evolution of the whole ecosystem. The digital armor of "2140 yuan universe" sold the Gaia blue ring at the axiinfinity castle to get a piece of Martian continent on decentraland & hellip& hellip; All great digital IP in the meta universe world. They were programmed from the beginning. They have no real carbon based or silicon-based bodies and are not bound by any restrictions. In principle, they can roam in the metauniverse. They are the indigenous people of the metauniverse.
        With mathematics as the boundary and not physics as the boundary, how far will they develop in the future? It is impossible to assess for the time being, but once an evolutionary state is formed, it will completely subvert the metauniverse. 34。 Human entertainment is also unstoppable. Metauniverse will integrate all technologies in the existing world to rapidly improve productivity. At the same time, the stimulation is rich, the experience is extreme, and you can stay awake in the metauniverse. The degree of immersion is deeper than that of real social games. As time goes on, the distribution of people who are partial to reason and those who are partial to sensibility will change from the 28 th law to the 19 th law. After the atomic man completely disappeared, the digital people with physical and virtual identities also have the same question: why does the virtual reality duality exist? 39。
        Atom "may be the biggest ideological debate in the future meta universe. Based on this contradiction, the metauniverse may be divided into two different types of people.
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