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What is the technology of blockchain and what is the meaning of blockchain

Time : 15/04/2022 Author : nleivj Click : + -
        The full name of ICO is initialcoinoffering, which is called initial currency issuance, which means that smaller companies can raise funds publicly by issuing their own virtual currency at the beginning of establishment. It is a new concept in the field of digital currency. We need to start with the history of the whole digital currency, and finally focus on what the ICO is and what risks it has. In addition to digital currency, this technology can also be used in many other fields. For example, DocuSign, a company that provides online digital signature, was founded in 2003. By 2015, when it raised $230 million, it was valued at $3 billion. This year, it is rumored that it will be listed soon.
        Their digital signature technology can make many documents signed online. How to ensure that the digital signature is true and how to ensure its security? The distributed ledger system based on blockchain technology can solve this problem well. Now, many people in the United States use DocuSign when signing digital documents, and its users are extremely large. I'm sure many people will think, now that a common currency system has been developed, can we use this common currency system in the stocks of enterprises?. Because the stock of an enterprise can actually be regarded as a virtual currency, using the Ethereum system can help each enterprise establish its own virtual currency system.
        Moreover, match this virtual currency with stocks. This will enable those newly established enterprises that cannot publicly sell their shares to raise funds by issuing their own virtual currency, which is called ICO. It can be said that ICO helps those enterprises that can not sell shares, bypassing IPO and regulation, and providing a more flexible financing means for companies at a more early stage of development. Therefore, ICO is actually a virtual currency, because it is said to be linked to the company's stock. However, after all, the risk of the company in its initial stage is huge. Therefore, the currency issued by ICO is as risky as other virtual currencies.
        I think the concept of ICO will be rapidly heated up in China and will be pursued. Because China is now very much in pursuit of many new concepts. In particular, there are many people outside the industry who like to use new concepts to hype their own products through ingenious naming. Think about the original concepts of o2o and P2P. In fact, they have been borrowed by many pyramid schemes. Moreover, once the concept of ICO heats up in China and is pursued, it will soon go wrong. However, because it involves financial institutions, it will certainly be governed. My advice is that unless you think that you are lucky enough to run before the coming ICO foam burst.
        Of course, this is not likely, because the characteristic of foam bursting is that it does not know when it will burst. Unless you are an expert, unless the other party is completely credible, otherwise, you must be careful to enter.
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