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Chancheng released the white paper "blockchain + industry", outlining multiple application directions

Time : 24/04/2022 Author : e7uzwq Click : + -
        What sparks will be generated when blockchain technology meets traditional manufacturing industry? Yesterday, Chancheng district took the lead in releasing the white paper on "blockchain + industry" (hereinafter referred to as the white paper) among the county and district governments in China. Chancheng, which is in the forefront of blockchain application in China, will use blockchain technology to promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in the region and achieve high-quality development. The white paper was jointly released by Chancheng District Economic and technological Bureau and Guangdong Hashi Technology Co., Ltd. During the compilation process, the research team conducted nearly 100 person times of research on representative industries such as Chancheng ceramics, textiles, stainless steel and electronic information, as well as 30 enterprises and units such as Haitian flavor industry, Foshan agricultural commercial bank, Tian'an new materials and zhongtaolian, and summarized the pain points of enterprises.
        Based on the development trend and operation mechanism of blockchain technology, and according to the industrial characteristics of Chancheng District, the white paper proposes and outlines the application directions of blockchain + copyright management, blockchain + industrial credit, blockchain + supply chain finance, blockchain + industrial sorting, and blockchain + intelligent manufacturing. According to the white paper, in many places, including Chancheng, there are imperfect trust mechanisms between enterprises and within enterprises, resulting in a large number of inefficient collaboration among departments. It is hoped that through blockchain technology, traditional industries can be guided to use blockchain technology to reduce trust costs, build a more open supply chain coordination ecology, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry.
        Liu Donghao, Secretary of the Chancheng District Party committee, said that the introduction of blockchain technology in the industrial development of Chancheng not only brought incremental economy to Chancheng, but also led the traditional industry to obtain symmetrical information, improve efficiency, reduce costs, build a more open supply chain collaborative ecosystem, stimulate the vitality of the stock economy and promote high-quality development by promoting the application of blockchain technology in traditional industries. During the preparation of the white paper, Foshan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., Foshan City Pai Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Tian'an Integrated Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. successively signed contracts with Guangdong Hashi Technology Co., Ltd. to try to integrate the blockchain technology with its main business and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.
        Yesterday, Chancheng district took the lead in releasing the white paper "blockchain + industry" among the county and district governments in China, aiming at the development trend of blockchain and based on the advantageous industries of Chancheng, outlining the application direction scenarios of blockchain + copyright management, blockchain + industrial credit, blockchain + supply chain finance, and blockchain + industrial sorting. The basic logic of the white paper is to focus on the big picture, start with the small ones, and effectively solve the pain points of enterprises and industries. Shi Ning, chairman of Guangdong Hashi Technology Co., Ltd., one of the compilers of the white paper, said that he hoped to promote the integration of blockchain technology and the current system of enterprises, and make Chancheng an excellent experimental field for exploring and exploring the implementation of blockchain technology.
        This also gives Chancheng more possibilities to improve efficiency, reduce costs, breed new models, new economy and new business forms. As Liu Donghao, Secretary of the Chancheng District Party committee, said, the core point of Chancheng's promotion of blockchain + industry is to create a supply chain collaborative ecology and market environment with the highest efficiency, the lowest cost and the least friction by using information technology, and promote the stock change and incremental rise. Focusing on the integration of blockchain and other new generation information technologies and the real economy, Chancheng District will continue to promote a series of applications of "blockchain + industry" on the basis of the application direction of the white paper, introduce measures and policies to promote blockchain technology innovation and industrial development, accelerate the cultivation of blockchain Industrial clusters, promote the switch between new and old kinetic energy, and activate the "big energy" of high-quality development.
        Pai technology is one of the leading enterprises in the design industry in Chancheng District. Not long ago, the company independently developed a centralized copyright display and trading platform & mdash& mdash; Material Valley app. However, in the actual operation, the promotion of material Valley app is in a dilemma: Pai technology not only hopes to promote its app and design copyright to the industry, but also worries about the leakage of a large number of original copyrights after promotion. This is not an isolated case. Wu Qichao, chairman of Tian'an new materials, said that in the current business environment, piracy is very serious, and it is difficult to confirm the copyright of intangible assets. For example, there are few acceptance outlets, the processing cycle is long, and the economic cost is high. Because a good copyright ecology has not been formed, the transaction and circulation of copyright has become very difficult.
        At present, adhering to the main line of "design promotes intelligent manufacturing", Chancheng design industry has entered an accelerated period and successfully introduced a number of design talents, scientific research teams and mass entrepreneurship and innovation enterprises. In the future, how can we break the pain points such as copyright protection in the design industry?. Based on this, the white paper proposes that design copyright belongs to creative assets and is a natural scene for blockchain to realize asset voucher. Through blockchain technology, it is possible to voucher design copyright and other intellectual property rights, and design copyright can be digitally certificated and managed on the chain. On this basis, copyright management, transaction circulation, rights confirmation and protection can be realized. On the one hand, after the design copyright certificate is linked, a unique and tamper proof copyright mark can be formed in the whole chain, and a design copyright traceability system can be established.
        Take an online music platform as an example. Through the platform based on the blockchain and related encryption technologies, music works can be identified and tracked, and all copyright data can be associated with the identity of the author, providing a basic guarantee for the confirmation and protection of the rights of music works. On the other hand, we will make use of the blockchain to create a traceable, point-to-point trading platform, improve the transparency of transactions, and help the industry regulate and protect rights. After the designer's works are confirmed, subsequent transactions will be recorded in real time to realize the full life cycle management of digital copyright. In the future, each circulation platform can be traced according to the records and give corresponding rewards to the participants of the whole chain. The research team of the white paper found that although financial institutions are encouraged to serve small, medium and micro enterprises from the national and local levels, there is a core pain point to be solved, which is highlighted by the fact that the current financial infrastructure is still not perfect, leading to the imperfect construction of the credit system.
        The dilemma that supply and demand are flourishing, but the transaction cannot be concluded frequently appears: financial service enterprises lack a good grasp to identify the credit of small, medium and micro enterprises, resulting in insufficient motivation and ability to carry out inclusive financial business; At the same time, a large number of excellent small, medium and micro enterprises with real financing needs cannot obtain loans through convenient channels. Shi Ning believes that some deficiencies of the current financial information infrastructure need to be solved. For example, there is a risk that information is easy to be tampered with. It is not easy to have both information sharing and privacy protection. It is difficult to achieve synchronous update and transmission of data among various institutions in the sharing of data, and it is difficult to solve the problem of data consistency and real-time. According to the white paper, the government can integrate industry and commerce, taxation, public services, finance, social security, public security, law enforcement and other information within a certain region and scope, and build a more credible, traceable and universal industrial credit management platform through blockchain technology, which is of great value and significance to the economy, society and Inclusive Finance.
        On this basis, financial institutions and enterprises gradually link information to further reduce the cost of information interaction. Supply chain finance is a financing mode in which banks connect core enterprises with upstream and downstream enterprises and provide flexible financial products and services. It has a huge stock market. According to the data of prospective industry research institute, the scale of China's supply chain financial market was 13 trillion yuan in 2017, and this figure is expected to increase to 15 trillion yuan in 2020. Shi Ning said that from Chancheng to the whole country, many deficiencies have been found in the operation mode of supply chain finance. For example, it is highly dependent on the credit of core enterprises, which is very common in the current supply chain financial services. It is more like an extension of the credit of a core enterprise, and it can be extended to first-class suppliers at most.
        Shi Ning believes that blockchain technology has the potential to more efficiently transfer various financial vouchers between enterprises in the supply chain, including accounts receivable and payable, as well as data and contract vouchers in various transactions. This more efficient circulation can also provide better credit services for financial institutions. The white paper proposes that the blockchain itself cannot create credit, but its decentralized and non tamperable characteristics can record and transmit credit. Building an inclusive supply chain financial management platform using blockchain has three advantages:. The account voucher splitting based on the blockchain is traceable, non tamperable, and authentic; Solve the problem of credit transfer among multi-level enterprises in the supply chain, split and transfer the debt vouchers of core enterprises, and let the third, fourth and even fifth level suppliers get the payment vouchers of core enterprises; Solve the problem of unreliable data, link the data information, avoid unilateral tampering, and let the core enterprises win the trust of the bank.
        In the past two years, the e-commerce industry in Chancheng District has risen strongly. From 2011 to 2017, the e-commerce transaction volume in Chancheng District jumped from 23.3 billion yuan to 174.4 billion yuan, an increase of 7.5 times in six years. With the large increase of reconciliation and settlement, a more convenient industrial clearing system is needed to support it. According to the white paper, supply chain enterprises and Internet platform enterprises have become an important force in the transformation of old and new economic drivers. There are many upstream and downstream suppliers, partners and customers, and the reconciliation and settlement system is complex. The simple payment channel service can no longer meet the needs of users. Intelligent reconciliation and account sharing based on the multi-level account system has become a necessity.
        According to the white paper, through the blockchain, two or more parties to the transaction can share a set of reliable and mutually recognized account books, and all transaction clearing and settlement records can be checked on the chain, which is safe, transparent, non tamperable and traceable, greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of reconciliation. By carrying smart contracts, automatic transaction clearing and settlement can also be realized, so as to realize real-time transaction clearing, greatly reduce the cost and error rate of reconciliation personnel, and greatly improve the clearing efficiency; And the completion of clearing settlement through technology can simplify the settlement and clearing process after the transaction, reduce and eliminate transaction errors, and simplify the functions of the middle and back offices. From the signing of the cooperation agreement in May to the release of the white paper on "blockchain + industry", blockchain in Chancheng is completing the leap from the application of government affairs to the real economy.
        Liu Donghao, Secretary of the Chancheng District Party committee, said that in the information economy era, efficiency improvement is the core to promote the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and development mode, and the key to the application of "blockchain + industry" is also here. As an ordinary county-level region, why does Chancheng not forget the cutting-edge technology of blockchain and become the Pathfinder of blockchain + industry again? This is not only a new breakthrough in the informatization accumulation of Chancheng in the past years, but also a new exploration of promoting "incremental rise" and "stock change" based on the pain point of the transformation of its traditional advantages. In the past few years, Chancheng has highly praised and devoted itself to information technology represented by big data and blockchain.
        The fair and efficient business environment brought about by the one-door reform of Chancheng and the application demonstration of big data tools such as blockchain by the government have gradually formed an incentive atmosphere for the development of market players in the digital economy to continuously enlarge their attraction. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why more and more digital economy pioneer enterprises and entrepreneurial teams are willing to take Chancheng as an application scenario pilot and then promote it to Foshan and even the whole country. As Shi Ning, chairman of Guangdong Hashi Technology Co., Ltd., one of the compilers of the white paper, said, Chancheng always takes the lead in the application of big data, providing an excellent test field for blockchain and other advanced technologies. If we say that the digital reform of Chancheng government affairs based on the needs of citizens provides sunshine and soil for the landing and flowering of the digital economy; So, promoting the combination of blockchain and industry is the second upgrade of "digital Zen city", and a solid step from digital government to digital economy, aiming at the current pain point and future trend of economic development.
        Chancheng, with an area of more than 150 square kilometers, has a small area and limited land space; There are many stocks and it is difficult to transform. How to maintain and activate the real economy, activate the stock of traditional pillar industries such as ceramics and textiles, and nurture the digital economic increment is not only related to the family background of Chancheng, but also related to the future of innovation in Chancheng. As Liu Donghao said, under the wave of information technology, the logic of the market has undergone a subversive change, from the previous "demand based on production" to "demand based on production", which must rely on advanced production tools & mdash& mdash; Informatization means and big data accurately capture fragmented demands, obtain symmetrical information through blockchain technology, realize personalized customization and flexible production, and promote the competitiveness of enterprises and industries.
        To promote blockchain + industry, the core point is to use blockchain technology to reduce credit costs, improve supply efficiency, and promote the construction of a more open supply chain collaborative ecosystem. Relying on the blockchain technology, Chancheng has made an addition and subtraction method for economic development: what is reduced is the credit cost of the real economy and the market problems of the digital economy, and what is added is the opportunity, frequency and space for the open cooperation of the market subjects. Today, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is rebuilding the global innovation landscape and reshaping the global economic structure. How to promote the deep integration of the new generation of information technology represented by artificial intelligence, quantum information, mobile communication, Internet of things and blockchain with advanced manufacturing and real economy is a common problem facing Foshan, the whole province and the whole country.
        "Blockchain technology has strong financial attributes." Li Chuan, chairman of Foshan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., introduced that last week, the bank had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangdong Hashi Technology Co., Ltd. to explore the application of blockchain technology in bank settlement, trade, financing, etc., so as to better assist the transformation and upgrading of Foshan's traditional manufacturing industry. At present, traditional manufacturing enterprises are facing transformation and upgrading. They urgently need support from financial institutions and government departments to help enterprises achieve transformation and upgrading through business model and management model innovation. Previously, due to inadequate financial infrastructure and incomplete credit system, it was difficult for small, medium and micro enterprises to obtain financing, and it was also difficult for banks to provide loans to this group.
        "Finance should return to the real economy, and the service manufacturing industry should be transformed and upgraded." Li Chuan said that although the blockchain can not create credit, it can better achieve credit records and transmission. In the future, Foshan rural commercial bank will try to use the blockchain technology, integrate data resources of all parties, build an industrial credit platform, and solve the problem of supply and demand mismatch. "Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights to avoid dampening the enthusiasm of enterprises for innovation." Wu Qichao, chairman of Guangdong Tian'an new materials Co., Ltd., said that his company's Guangdong Tian'an Integrated Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangdong Hashi Technology Co., Ltd. to explore the use of blockchain technology to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights.
        It is reported that Guangdong Tian'an integrated decoration technology Co., Ltd., which has made great achievements in the fields of architectural decoration engineering design and home design, has a large number of equipment design and home design needs. However, due to certain difficulties in copyright protection, it is difficult for enterprises to confirm and protect their intellectual property rights, which has a certain impact on their independent innovation. Wu Qichao introduced that the non tamperability of blockchain data and traceability of transactions are conducive to strengthening copyright protection. Meanwhile, the transaction system constructed based on blockchain technology can make the process of industrial design more convenient. At present, Tian'an company has applied the blockchain technology to daily business scenarios, industrial design copyright information registration and other aspects, providing a sharing platform for the company's designers to transfer value and exchange knowledge, and also solving the problems of difficult intellectual property rights confirmation and insufficient liquidity.
        The white paper on "blockchain + industry" in Chancheng District points out that this year is called the first year of the implementation of blockchain technology. As a new generation of information technology, blockchain technology has great potential and value in the future. Although it still takes time to develop and widely apply, it should be actively arranged in advance. The research team found that at present, most of the traditional enterprises in Chancheng District still lack a clear understanding of the blockchain technology. The white paper suggests that at the present stage, we can solve some "small problems" for enterprises through "transaction chain" and other means. We can reduce costs, improve efficiency and create an honest environment from small to large, from point to point, and gradually. The white paper also pointed out that although in promoting blockchain applications, Chancheng has taken the lead in the country
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