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79 "Qingdao experiences" are the first in China! The third anniversary of Qingdao's free trade presented a brilliant "answer"

Time : 09/03/2022 Author : yb2m6w Click : + -
        Bearing the important task of institutional and mechanism innovation and the construction of pilot Free Trade Zone, the Qingdao area of China (Shandong) pilot free trade zone has ushered in the third anniversary of its official approval and operation, with the functions of deeply promoting high-level institutional opening up and integrating reform and innovation systems!. 106 pilot tasks assigned by the state were fully implemented, resulting in 226 innovative achievements, 79 of which were the first in the country, and 29 of which were replicated and popularized in the province, accounting for 35%. The system innovation successfully entered the first echelon of 67 regions in the country;. The actual utilization of foreign capital and foreign trade import and export have doubled in two years, with an average annual growth rate of 39% and 58.6% respectively. 149 domestic and foreign investment projects of the world's top 500 have been launched, and the role of "bridgehead" of opening up has become more prominent;.
        Adhering to institutional innovation and continuously releasing free trade dividends, a total of 25000 new enterprises were added, 1.4 times the total before the establishment; There were 12300 new tax payers, 1.1 times the total amount before the establishment; The enterprise activity was 86%, 11 percentage points higher than the 75% very active benchmark;. On August 19, on the occasion of the third anniversary of the approval and operation of Qingdao area of China (Shandong) pilot Free Trade Zone, the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province and Qingdao municipal government held a high-level conference on the construction and development of Qingdao Free Trade Zone, summarizing the past and looking forward to the future. At the meeting, the Research Institute of international trade and economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce released the comprehensive evaluation report on the third anniversary of Qingdao Free Trade Zone, and commended 30 innovation pioneers who made outstanding contributions in the construction and development of the free trade zone and paid tribute to innovation models.
        At the meeting, the Research Institute of international trade and economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce released the comprehensive evaluation report on the third anniversary of Qingdao free trade zone. Cui Weijie, vice president of the Research Institute, "Over the past three years, the Qingdao Free Trade Zone has taken the lead in exploring the system system that is consistent with the general rules of international investment and trade by implementing its tasks to drive institutional innovation and promote industrial development. It has formed 226 reform and innovation achievements, 2 of which have been replicated and popularized nationwide, 7 of which have been filed by national ministries and commissions, and 29 of which have been replicated and popularized throughout the province. This has effectively played the role of leading the way, demonstrating and leading the whole country. The Qingdao Free Trade Zone has been successful Step into the first echelon of the pilot free trade zone. ".
        The evaluation report shows that the system innovation achievements of Qingdao free trade zone are outstanding. Among the 226 institutional innovation achievements, 79 institutional innovation achievements are the first in the country, and 5 institutional innovations are the first single business in the country, accounting for 35%, higher than the national average. Institutional innovation is the core task of the construction of the pilot free trade zone. The most important criterion to test the success of the pilot free trade zone is whether it can form replicable institutional innovation achievements and reform pilot experience. Over the past three years, Qingdao Free Trade Zone has taken the initiative to explore the elevation standards and international economic and trade rules, and has formed a number of institutional innovation achievements with outstanding initiative, strong system integration and obvious differentiation exploration. While enabling industrial development, Qingdao Free Trade Zone has effectively answered the important tasks entrusted to the zone by the state.
        Innovation is the first driving force of development, and talent is the key element of development. The three-year development of Qingdao Free Trade Zone has benefited from the leadership and continuous breakthroughs of "innovation models" in various fields. The conference selected and solemnly commended 30 innovation pioneers from the three categories of institutional innovation, scientific and technological innovation and management innovation. Lian Ruixin, assistant to the general manager of China storage Jingke Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., and his team explored to create a digital national commodity supply chain collaborative service platform "goods for treasure", promoted the implementation of the first electronic warehouse receipt pledge business of commodity blockchain in China, and launched the first digital warehouse platform in the industry. The platform was selected as a pilot unit in the characteristic field of "blockchain + trade finance" by 17 ministries and commissions including the central network information office and the Central Propaganda Department.
        Lian Ruixin, a pioneer in management innovation, believes that the development of enterprises is inseparable from the strong innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere in Qingdao free trade zone. Zhao Weili, deputy manager of safety and environmental protection science and Technology Department of Qiangang branch of Qingdao Port International Co., Ltd., was selected as the pioneer of scientific and technological innovation. The "Weili innovation team" set up by Zhao Weili is committed to the research and application of information technology for dry bulk cargo terminals. Through the research and development and application of hundreds of innovative projects, it has promoted the transformation of traditional dry bulk cargo terminals into intelligent green ports integrating "nine unmanned" such as unmanned machinery, unmanned storage yard and unmanned boarding. The transformation has completed the first dry bulk cargo smart green terminal of the whole process, the whole storage yard and the whole machine type in China. The average operation efficiency has been increased by 20%, the average energy consumption rate has been reduced by 10%, the personnel allocation has been reduced by 15%, and the safety risk point has been reduced by 70%. It has opened up a "mountain port path" for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional dry bulk cargo terminal to a smart green terminal.
        Li Chao, section chief of Qingdao Customs free trade zone and special regional development department, organized the customs innovation team to launch dozens of innovative reform measures. Among them, the new mode of bonded supervision of processing trade of enterprise groups, through creating a new "Trinity" of contract, enterprise and group, will supervise many enterprises under the same group as a whole, breaking the barrier that bonded materials cannot be transferred among enterprises within the group in the past, It has comprehensively reduced the institutional transaction costs of enterprises. It has been popularized and applied in 48 Enterprises of 13 enterprise groups, and has reduced the capital occupation of enterprises by nearly 30 million yuan. This innovative practice was rated as the best practice case of Shandong pilot Free Trade Zone in September 2020, and was replicated and promoted by the General Administration of Customs in the country in June 2022.
        Over the past three years, Qingdao Free Trade Zone has become the "air outlet" for opening up and innovation in the Yellow River Basin, and has been favored by a large number of domestic and foreign investment projects. One enterprise after another is the most vivid brand and business card of this hot land. Since its approval, driven by innovation, 25000 new enterprises have been added in the area, 1.4 times the total amount before its establishment; There were 12300 new tax payers, 1.1 times the total amount before the establishment; A total of 149 domestic and foreign investment projects of the world's top 500, such as Itochu and Eurex, have been introduced. Shingo Ishikawa, general manager of Panasonic electronic parts in Qingdao, said that "today's Qingdao Free Trade Zone has undergone tremendous changes". As the "oldest" enterprise in Qingdao Free Trade Zone, Qingdao Panasonic electronic parts Co., Ltd. has experienced three upgrades from Qingdao Free Trade Zone to Qingdao free trade zone and then to Qingdao free trade zone. He said:, "The development of the free trade zone can be called rapid, and foreigners can live here so conveniently. We are surprised and grateful.
        ”。 Zhang Weijie, general manager of Haier Zhijia intelligent manufacturing, said, "relying on the good 5g new infrastructure environment and the advantages of open cooperation platform in Qingdao Free Trade Zone, Haier has successfully built the first 5g + industrial Internet demonstration park.". Further promoting high-level opening-up is another important task entrusted by the state to the pilot free trade zone. As the "double positioning" pilot Free Trade Zone, which is the main node of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor and the strategic fulcrum of maritime cooperation, Qingdao Free Trade Zone will take advantage of the new opportunities created by the effective implementation of RCEP for the deepening development of regional cooperation, open its arms in deeper and wider fields, and continue to be a "test field" for deepening reform and expanding opening-up, It will inject strong impetus into the opening and integration of the world economy and provide a strong engine for the sustained prosperity of China's economy.
        In the report of the 12th Party Congress of Shandong Province this year, it was proposed to "implement version 2.0 of Shandong pilot free trade zone". Qingdao free trade zone is the largest and most pilot zone in Shandong pilot free trade zone. It will shoulder heavy responsibilities in the journey of "taking the lead and opening a new bureau" in Shandong Province. In the report of the 13th Party Congress of Qingdao, it was also clearly pointed out that the Qingdao area of Shandong pilot free trade zone should be promoted to carry out innovative and differentiated exploration, launch 30 high gold content institutional innovation achievements every year, strengthen the trading function of bulk commodities, and promote the integrated and innovative development of shipping, trade, finance and advanced manufacturing. From province to city, Qingdao Free Trade Zone has repeatedly "praised" and "asked questions", which not only affirms its past achievements, but also points out the direction for its future development.
        According to the comprehensive evaluation report on the third anniversary of Qingdao Free Trade Zone, the "Qingdao Free Trade Zone version 2.0" will radiate from Northeast Asia to the world and become an international shipping center serving the world; From international circulation to domestic and international double circulation, becoming an important hub linking domestic and international double circulation; Upgrade from factor driven to innovation driven, and build an innovation service center that leads the high-quality development of hub economy; Develop from traditional industries to emerging industries with characteristics, and form an industrial ecosystem that supports the transformation of new and old driving forces. In an interview, Sui bin, deputy director of the administrative committee of Qingdao Free Trade Zone, said that the future development of Qingdao Free Trade Zone will continue to focus on innovation, focusing on system innovation, shipping trade and intelligent manufacturing, and continue to explore breakthroughs in customs clearance facilitation, industrial development ecological environment and implementation of innovation driven strategy, so as to provide more "Qingdao experience" for Shandong and even the national pilot free trade zone.
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