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During the world cup, the sales of lottery football set a record, and the small bookmakers made nearly one million dollars in one night

Time : 06/09/2021 Author : exgoh9 Click : + -
        The 2018 Russian World Cup will soon enter the final stage. In this passionate summer, the frequent and unexpected results of the matches make football lottery the hottest keyword of this world cup. According to the data of, the official platform designated by the sports lottery management center of the General Administration of sport, within four weeks of the world cup (statistical time: June 11 – July 8), the sales volume of China's competitive lottery football has accumulated 36.428 billion yuan. Four years ago, the sales volume of soccer in Brazil during the world cup was only 12.921 billion yuan. Whether it is the discussion on "match fixing conspiracy theory" caused by Gao Xiaosong or the so-called "the roof can't stand", it reflects the enthusiasm of the Chinese audience to participate in the football lottery this summer.
        However, in addition to the regular lottery sales scope, there are also some black and gray lottery and gambling industry chains: the Internet lottery prohibited by the government departments is revived; A social platform for external gambling and cross-border gambling; Offline channels use the Internet platform to sell lottery tickets in the form of "agent purchase"; Lottery recommendation and blockchain betting have also rubbed the heat of the World Cup & hellip& hellip;。 Among them, illegal gambling is the most harmful. According to a survey conducted by the China public welfare lottery Research Institute of Peking University before the world cup in Brazil, illegal gambling websites withdraw more than 1 trillion yuan from the mainland of China every year, seriously threatening the national economic interests and financial security.
        Since the start of this year's World Cup, more than 300 criminal cases of gambling on football have been solved and more than 100 gambling gangs have been smashed, involving more than 1 billion yuan. As an indispensable part of the world cup, if we don't discuss football color during the world cup, we may feel that we are out of touch with the times. From guessing simple single game wins and draws, letting the ball win and draw (meaning that a team subtracts a certain value when calculating the score. If one ball is allowed, the team needs to subtract one when calculating the score, that is, two goals are counted as one goal, three goals are counted as two goals, and so on), to cross the betting (guessing the win and draw of two or more games, and all the guessed results are correct), guessing the champion and runner up, and so on, It can always ignite people's enthusiasm during the world cup.
        Even if they don't know each other, when it comes to competitions and lottery tickets, they may become close friends in minutes. In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the frenzied scene of people buying lottery tickets is still vivid. It was the first time that Internet lottery participated in this sports event. In the total sales volume of 12.921 billion yuan, the sales volume from Internet sales channels was once as high as 70%. In 2015, the Internet lottery was completely stopped. Even as the official platform designated by the sports lottery management center of the State Sports Administration, no longer sold lottery tickets, but instead focused on the surrounding information of sports lottery. In view of this, many people have expressed pessimism about the sales volume of lottery football during the world cup in Russia.
        After all, it is more like an "impossible task" for many non football fans to go to a sports lottery sales point to buy lottery tickets than to sit at home and use your fingers to bet. Moreover, not all people have sports lottery outlets near their homes. Insiders believe that the suspension of the Internet lottery will cause the football lottery during the world cup to lose most of the "Pan football lottery players" (those who do not pay attention to the football lottery at ordinary times and show interest in the football lottery because the whole people are involved in the World Cup Carnival). According to the data of, in the first week of the world cup, the sales volume of competitive football reached 7.331 billion yuan, and the total sales volume reached 7.44 billion yuan, which was 4.16 billion yuan more than the weekly sales record of 3.28 billion yuan during the world cup in Brazil, with an increase of more than 126%.
        In the second week of the world cup, the sales volume of football lottery reached a record 11.839 billion yuan, close to the total sales volume of football lottery during the last World Cup. As the statistical interval of is based on the week, as of July 8, the statistical time of this article, the sales volume of Jingcai football around the world cup has reached 36.428 billion yuan. Huge sales volume means huge profits. A week before the opening of the world cup in Russia, many apps in the name of sports lottery sales quietly appeared in the mobile app store, and some of them quickly occupied the top of the mobile app download list. On these apps, users can not only see the real-time odds of football lottery tickets, but also place orders through recharge.
        Most of these platforms claim to be independent third parties, which only provide "sales, purchase, collection or matching" services, and do not belong to "Internet lottery sales". The reason why it has repeatedly stressed that it is only a third party for consignment sales is related to the ban on Internet lottery sales issued by the regulatory authorities. After the "madness" of sports lottery in the summer of 2014, in January 2015, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of civil affairs and the State Administration of sports jointly issued a document requiring all localities to carry out self-examination and self correction against the phenomenon of unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets in the lottery market. Three months later, eight ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of public security, jointly issued an announcement on Internet lottery, requiring "resolutely stop the unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets".
        The ban has not yet been lifted. These internet platforms under the banner of "consignment sale" have attracted the attention of regulatory authorities. At present, most of the platforms have stopped selling the world cup bidding products. However, the withdrawal services of some of these platforms also stopped. Many users said that both the previously charged principal and the profits bet since this period of time have been lost. Even so, it still hasn't stopped some "senior lottery fans" from continuing to look for the next betting platform. On social platforms such as Weibo, there will be a large number of messages and screenshots asking how to buy the world cup lottery tickets or share their bets on the Internet in the comments pushed by the world cup score prediction and game analysis.
        A lottery player who often buys sports lottery through the Internet told China Economic Weekly that he prefers to buy football lottery online mainly for "convenience" to avoid the trouble of queuing and running. "Especially in this world cup, although the time difference has been reduced, most of the matches are still late at night. Senior fans are used to studying the starting lineup of the two teams one hour before the start of the game and then betting.". In the investigation, the reporter of China Economic Weekly found that after the sales of websites and mobile apps were suspended, social platforms such as QQ and wechat gradually became the main sites for online world cup gambling. It's troublesome to go to the betting station, and the mobile app is unreliable. In this case, some people seized the upsurge of football lottery during the world cup, and opened "peripheral" plates on their own.
        Recently, the reporter of China Economic Weekly came to the backstage operation site of an online wechat "gambling" group under the introduction of "insiders". In a temporarily rented two bedroom room, seven or eight people responded to wechat messages while recording betting information on the nearby notebook. On a TV in the room, the group match between Japan and Senegal is being broadcast live. According to Wang Kai (not his real name), one of the shareholders on the scene, one hour before the start of the game, there were thousands of users who placed bets on the game and the betting amount exceeded 3 million yuan. "At about 2:00 p.m. every day, we will send the odds of the day to the group. These odds are set by referring to the positions opened by several large foreign gambling companies, such as William Hill.
        It's easy to bet. Just say it in the group and transfer it. " Wang Kai said that the scale of their outer circle was not large, but several friends wanted to take advantage of the heat of the world cup to "make some extra money". Thanks to the introduction and diffusion of friends, this disc has now had three or four large groups of nearly 500 people, and people participate in betting and guessing every day. Different from the general football lottery, this "peripheral game" can guess more items, such as which team is the kickoff party, whether there will be a red card or a penalty kick, and so on. In addition, unlike football guessing, which has a deadline, the "peripheral disk" can always roll and bet according to the situation of the game, such as whether there will be a goal in the next 20 minutes.
        The diversity and convenience of the guessing projects have attracted many users. According to Wang Kai, during the group stage of this world cup, the "cold" continued, and the "business" of the peripheral plates was better than expected. The net income of Germany against Mexico alone exceeded one million yuan. For small bookmakers such as Wang Kai, illegal operations such as outside gambling are also facing the crisis of loss while taking legal risks. He told China Economic Weekly that in addition to the first few matches of the world cup, most of the next matches were won by traditional strong teams. In this case, small bookmakers will face the situation of losing money.
        "Take the match between France and Argentina as an example. This year, France is the favorite to win the championship. Many people bet heavily on France's victory, basically around 10000 yuan, and there are also more than 100000 yuan. After France wins, even if the odds are only about 1.2, we still have to pay 20% of all the French bets that night, which is a considerable amount.". In addition to receiving orders on wechat, Wang Kai and other peripheral groups also have agents offline, that is, agents who are specially responsible for publicity and looking for people to place bets. In order to expand the customer base, Wang Kai will pay the agent 5% - 10% for each order. Although most of the matches were won by strong teams, resulting in Wang Kai losing a lot of money, he was still full of confidence in this "business".
        "Large gambling companies have a special team to design the opening through data analysis. The set odds are sure to ensure profits. We will follow them and will not make big mistakes." Wang Kai said that gambling companies will also monitor the distribution of chips at any time. In order to avoid excessive concentration of chips leading to increased risk, gambling companies will adjust their positions in time to achieve balance. The odds have changed 10 minutes before the start of the last few unexpected matches. Compared with Wang Kai's illegal profits from outside gambling, veteran fan Huo Yu (not his real name) chose a different way of making profits. In addition to the world cup, he usually pays attention to such football leagues as La Liga and the English Premier League. He also occasionally "jumps over the wall" and places bets on foreign gambling websites to "try his hand".
        After the opening of the world cup, many friends came to ask him how to bet, and Huo Yu, who was bored, simply expanded it into an "online business" & mdash& mdash; Earn a certain proportion of labor fees by helping people place orders on the gambling website. Huo Yu told China Economic Weekly that there are many amateur lottery agents like him. You can often see the contact information left by people engaged in similar businesses on some football related posts and forums. According to his understanding, some agents can earn hundreds of thousands of yuan a season. Compared with small bookmakers like Wang Kai, the number of overseas lottery agents is more and the harm is greater.
        According to public reports, in the past gambling cases cracked by public security departments, the amount involved in cross-border online gambling is often huge. The monthly flow of regional general agents of an illegal gambling website can reach 1 billion yuan. Generally speaking, there are dozens or even more similar general agents of a website, resulting in a large amount of funds flowing overseas. According to a survey conducted by the China public welfare lottery Research Institute of Peking University before the Brazil World Cup, illegal gambling websites withdraw more than 1 trillion yuan from the Chinese mainland every year, which seriously threatens the national economic interests and financial security. In the group stage of the world cup, the South Korean team defeated the defending champion Germany 2-0 in a generally unfavorable situation, becoming one of the biggest surprises of the tournament. It also made the gamblers or gamblers who had placed heavy bets on the German team lose their money, and the bookmakers gained a lot of profits.
        (Vision China). Since the start of this year's World Cup, more than 300 criminal cases of gambling on football have been solved and more than 100 gambling gangs have been smashed, involving more than 1 billion yuan. In addition, public security organs in various places have cracked more than 2500 criminal cases of online gambling before the world cup, destroyed a large number of online gambling gangs and platforms, and seized and frozen more than 3 billion yuan of gambling related funds. Unlike completely illegal gambling, some offline channels use the gray area of the Internet platform to sell lottery tickets online. In the category of bidding for lottery tickets, the most popular is the online lottery sales conducted by employees of offline betting stations. Compared with offline betting, the time range they accept is wider, and the deadline can often reach 10 minutes before the start of the game.
        After collecting money through wechat and QQ, they will take photos of the lottery tickets and send them to customers. Compared with other guessing methods, this method of "online physical betting" is more popular, because it is easier to gain the trust of online lottery buyers with "legal physical stores". The reporter of China Economic Weekly saw the sign of "scan code and add friends, you can bet at home" in many betting stations in Beijing. However, when asked whether this is in line with the regulations, the staff of the betting station avoided talking about it. In addition to some illegal Internet lottery sales platforms that knew the ban was "reckless", many Internet platforms also played a marginal role in the policy, and started the business of football lottery guessing by "recommending lottery".
        Take Netease's "Netease red color" as an example. In the "football experts" section of the home page, there are special color recommendation areas including football stars Anelka and Drogba. In the introduction of their respective special zones, they also marked in detail their hit rate, the second place of lianhongchang and other "achievements". If you want to view the result analysis of one of the "experts" about the upcoming competition, you need to pay different amounts of "red beans" to view. The recharge ratio of "red beans" and RMB is 1:1. The football information app "know the ball emperor" also launched the "big data bag" during the world cup. This service, which is claimed to help users "succeed in killing farms", provides daily match result prediction, big and small ball analysis and score prediction of the day's match, with a single charge of up to 588 yuan.
        I understand the introduction of the ball emperor. The results of the game are analyzed by big data. If not, I will refund immediately. The user who has purchased the prediction brochures of shiqiudi told the reporter of China Economic Weekly that he had purchased six brochures on shiqiudi, with an accuracy of about 70%. Compared with the simple result of winning or losing, the analysis given by Zhiqiu Di also includes the number of balls allowed in the on-the-spot game, "which can be used as a direct reference for betting.". Insiders believe that this kind of method of playing the marginal ball is more to attract users and lay out in advance for the reopening of Internet lottery in the future. "Now everyone is doing it quietly, and it's a helpless move to play the sideline. Most companies are not willing to make a big splash, because it is difficult to tell whether some businesses are legal or illegal.
        ”。 The blockchain that sounds very avant-garde also contributed to the world cup. In January this year, allsports public chain platform jointly launched token SOC on Huobi and okex. According to the official introduction of SOC, SOC has many functions: allowing users to participate in sports events through allsports, and organizing and launching competitions by themselves; Allow developers and enterprises to create blockchain guessing applications through allsports platform; Provide intelligent distribution system to help guessing project management intermediaries and distribution channels. According to the trading data of the bitcoin trading platform okex, the price of SOC peaked at 0.0000355 bitcoin (about US $0.33 on May 7).
        By noon on July 12, the price had dropped to 0.00000714 bitcoin (about US $0.044 on July 12), a drop of about 80%, and many investors had lost their money. In addition, some people in the industry questioned that SOC said
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