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Blockchain tutorial,How to get, Web3, the world's angel investment? Here is the most comprehensive information of the existing grant

Time : 10/08/2021 Author : spa9im Click : + -
        Grant, whose Chinese translation is "subsidies and grants", is an original concept born in Web3. It is playing an important role in expanding the ecological environment in the red sea of the public chain. It also provides a new work form for the eager web2er and the slash web3er that pursues multiple work roles. Grant can be understood as the fund incentive plan launched by each project to continue the vitality of the project. Unlike the venture capital funds in the traditional Internet world, the ecological fund usually has no external capital. Grant's funds are usually from the agreement income or part of the agreement native tokens, which are reserved by the founding team and allocated to new talents.
        In the Web3 era, the major public chains and protocols are still in a state of separation. For the public chain, after the initial technology story is told, the subsequent development of the ecology becomes the decisive factor for the vitality of the public chain project. In fact, the launch of Grant's funding program has provided strong support for the creation of the next generation network ecosystem, which not only meets the needs of the blockchain network to spread its branches and leaves, but also ensures the ecological sustainability. Grant needs to be distinguished from the millions of venture funds. The former is a smaller and beautiful capital incentive plan, with more trivial tasks and a clearer scope, and lower participation threshold. It is not only for team organizations, but also for individuals; Not only for professional developers, but also for Web3 enthusiasts.
        Maybe you don't need to have a mature product worthy of entrepreneurship, or a professional team. You only need to have the ability to solve a specific application problem, such as only developing an SDK, or shooting a promotional video. If you do these things alone, you may not be able to generate income, but as long as it is beneficial to the community, you can also apply for grant to maintain your income. Tintinland interviewed two developers who have applied for grant in the online slash youth: blockchain, more than one way of working. He deeply realized that grant is more meaningful than we thought.
        For developers scattered around Web3 who fight alone, grant may be a part-time choice with more free time, and perhaps in the near future, the number of grant you can obtain on each agreement will become a better "certificate" than your education. After all, your work ability is publicly visible on the chain. Even, maybe you can find your career direction through grant. For those who want to start their own Web3 projects, Grant's experience also reduces the cost of the experiment. In the past, the premise of venture capital financing was to convince a group of seed round investors to believe your ability. Now, those who have reviewed your grant's work contributions are obviously more familiar with your ability than the venture capital funds you are completely unfamiliar with.
        According to decentralised, about 340000 developers entered this circle in 2021, but only about 18000 developers are active in Web3 system every month, which is the highest level ever recorded. If Web3 is to be popularized all over the world, it is obvious that we need to attract more developers. There are different reasons why developers do not join Web3. Makerdao's core Department of sustainable ecosystem expansion recently released a report, concluding that first, recognition of technology and value will eliminate many people; In addition, some negative news in the field of Web3, such as scams, hacking attacks and Ponzi, are reducing the reputation of the entire industry of Web3. Developers find that it is risky to completely transition to Web3, resulting in such people unable to completely transition to the industry.
        Grant, however, has become a new choice for such a transition. The time and place to complete the grant plan can be allocated by yourself, which provides a buffer stage for developers who are not willing to complete allinweb3. How to cultivate your own recognition of Web3 value and devote yourself to it may be the best way to reverse prejudice. Therefore, tintintinland has also sorted out a comprehensive grant plan for everyone to share with readers. In the process of sorting out, we also have the following tips for your reference:. (1) In the early stage of project development, Grant's amount and reward task will obviously be more selected than in the later stage. After grant operates for a period of time, some projects will choose to close, while others will take grant as a long-term plan. Some projects that close Grant's entrance are not within the scope of this paper.
        (2) The bonuses of some large companies or project teams are usually very popular, so entrepreneurs can also consider the bonus plans issued by some emerging blockchain networks. In the vast majority of Grant's applications, the successful experience of other Grant's applications will be more valuable. Once the product concept is verified on one chain, it will be easier to raise funds and expand to other chains. (3) There are subtle differences in the definition of grant for different projects. Some projects include venture capital funds and ecological incentive funds into grant, while some projects will make strict distinction. This paper only sorts out grant in a narrow sense, that is, a subsidy fund plan with a broader population and a smaller amount.
        (4) Most of the projects grant will draw a general scope for the applicants to propose freely. Some projects will produce an RFP, that is, a grant for specific development work. As the name implies, there are usually clearly defined deliverables, milestones, and reward limits. ESP (ecosystemsupportprogram) is the public fund distribution Department of Ethereum ecological foundation, which supports open source projects to strengthen the foundation of Ethereum. Among the projects sponsored by the ecological fund of Ethereum, some projects, after achieving certain success, also drew on the ecological fund model of Ethereum and launched incentive plans, indirectly feeding the ecology of Ethereum.
        For example:. The newly launched bounty activity is held regularly every two weeks to support analysts to use any analysis data and data sources to form articles / visual interactions / dashboards, so that the whole uniswap can benefit from the analysis and tools built by more users. To complete the bounty. A community led grant program: support projects mainly include protocol development, application and integration, developer tools, code audit, committees, subcommittees and Daos serving the AAVE ecosystem, communities (Marketing and education), activities and hackathons. The reward amount is $1K & mdash& mdash; US $75K. The audit process is determined based on the reward of US $5000.
        The audit criteria are to increase TVL, expand the blancer ecosystem and create internal value (create documents, tools, STK and other resources to reduce the obstacles that developers build on the balancer protocol). The main sponsorship contents include publicity through open channels, developer education, such as video content, and improving brand awareness through activity organization and participation / sponsorship of organized activities; Strengthen cooperation and Dao to Dao marketing activities (cooperation across Mktg, content, etc.); Develop educational content plans around balancer. Priority funding agreement technology update and parameter development, code audit, business development & amp; Integrate DAPP and publicity; The second is Hackathon, bug repair, minor protocol update, and finally some piecemeal improvements.
        Mstable development grants are divided into private and public proposals. We encourage proposals related to MTA integration into applications (MTA utility, mstablesdk), MUSD / mbtc integration (maasset utility), community tools (browsers, wallets, websites, forums, etc.) and marketing / community construction. The maximum reward is up to US $50000. The open source content of Ethereum has given birth to an interesting new financing mode: secondary financing, and the main representative platform is gitcoin. Gitcoingrants is a second-party donation platform. When a project receives more donations, the Ethereum foundation will sponsor more grants accordingly.
        This fund allows anyone to donate as little as 1dai (= US $1) and is used to help developers obtain cash flow to support open source projects that bring added value to the ecosystem. At the same time, in the grant voting stage, the calculation parameters of CLR will make the weight of 1dai donated by each of 10 people higher than that of one person donating 10dai or two people donating 5dai. The long-term community funding plan adopted by pooltogether in May 2021 includes protocol development, application and integration, developer tools, marketing and education, recommendation award plan, committees, subcommittees and Dao serving pooltogether ecosystem, and code audit.
        Grant is a funding program launched by Boca's Web3 foundation in 2018 to help the team of decentralized technology stack, focusing on software development and research. At present, Boca's foundation is the richest foundation, and its grant funded projects have exceeded the number of Ethereum foundations. Flow fund is a $725 million ecological fund launched in May 2022 by the Web3 platform, which provides support for the next generation of games, applications and digital assets. The ecological fund is divided into four parts, one of which is developer grants, mainly providing grants for open source maintenance, developer tools and services, and technical education.
        The grant proposal is reviewed and approved by the developer Grants Committee (DGC). The specific amount and terms depend on the project type, scope and milestones. Neargrant is mainly aimed at (1) open source component services; (2) Create tutorials, videos, seminars or documents (3) for local, national and global gatherings and training to provide grant. The chainlink community incentive program provides bonuses to development teams to encourage them to develop tools or integrate chainlink technologies for the chainlink ecosystem. There are five bonus pools:. The dfinity developer funding program focuses on supporting developer tools (such as IDE, debugger, Zhiji Library), infrastructure (such as Oracle machine, asset bridge), integration and API (such as chat, email, map), DAPP and open Internet services, development kit (CDK) and agents. The amount of reward varies from US $5k to US $25K.
        At present, the number of funded projects has also reached 180. Solanagrant is also a bonus provided by Solana to support ecological development. In a narrow sense, it refers to the development / research plan officially given by Solana. The topics include review resistance, Dao tools, developer tools, education, payment / solanapay, financial inclusion, climate change, academic research, etc. The maximum reward is $50000. The proposals supported by the filecoin foundation include two categories: a small grant reward of US $5000 for independent developers, small studios, non-profit organizations, activists and researchers to support early work related to the integration or improvement of filecoin, such as hosting services and related hardware; If it exceeds US $30000, you can apply for an open-ended developer grant.
        The funding includes core development proposals, application development proposals, developer tools, community gatherings, proposals on meta processes and incentives for decentralized storage, optimization of energy use on the filecoin network, and so on. Meanwhile, filecoin will update ref from time to time. The only open funding program of the nervos foundation is the infrastructure funding program. The grant program is funded by the nervos foundation and the ecosystem fund. The scope of work for the grant will be determined by the review committee, senior nervos developers and the grantproject team. There is no limit to the reward. Nexus mutual community foundation focuses on supporting the preparation of documents, newsletters, video production, NFT, contribution of open source code, design of user interface, construction of reinsurance layer and other related proposals, which will be reviewed by the core team and voted by the community.
        The amount of reward varies from 100nxm to 20000 nxm. The rosebloom grant program of oasis Foundation provides technology grants with a value of $5000 to $50000, focusing on supporting related projects of NFT, defi, metauniverse, data Dao and privacy DAPP. The progress is transparently tracked through GitHub, and the grant funds are paid in Rose tokens. However, TAC has entered the summer recess from July 25, 2022 to September 11, 2022. The submission of proposals will remain open during the suspension of the review of appropriation applications during the intersessional period. In addition, if there is a project that is not open source, has received other forms of funding (provided by the stacksfoundation or in other ways), has found a product suitable for the product market, but has not yet raised funds, the stacks foundation is also willing to consider making direct investment in the form of safe (future equity simple agreement).
        Oceandao provides community grants planned by ocean holders for the development of marine ecosystems. The funds can be used to build software using ocean, release data, promote and improve oceandao itself. From January 2021 to the 21st round. It is also decided by the community vote. The maximum amount of reward will be determined according to the number of times you have received grant. If it is the first time, the maximum amount is US $3000; if more than one has been completed, the maximum amount is US $75000; If you complete more than two times, the upper limit can be increased to US $15000. Funding categories include building / improving applications or integration with ocean, building / improving core development, open source, publicity, community communication, improvement of oceandao, etc.
        Minagrant mainly includes technical support and community donations. The reward task allocates funds according to the task type. The higher the difficulty coefficient, the higher the reward. The task includes three types: product front-end, agreement project, marketing and community project. For the front end of the product, the monthly budget is at least 40000 Minas; Browser wallet, with a monthly budget of at least 80000mina; Or help build and develop Mina's community by serving as an ambassador, creating content and other initiatives, with a monthly budget of at least 4000 Mina.
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