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The country's first blockchain notarization deposit platform was launched

Time : 25/04/2022 Author : vs07jc Click : + -
        "After entering the app, click the & lsquo; photo and certificate & rsquo; section to take photos of the evidence you want to save, and the photos will be automatically uploaded and saved in the certificate storage platform." Under the guidance of the notary of Shanghai Xuhui notary office, the reporter opened the app software of the "Huicun" blockchain certificate storage platform on the mobile phone and took a photo of the notebook at hand. Almost at the same time, the prompt of successful certificate storage appeared on the screen. On January 17, the "Huicun" blockchain certificate storage platform (hereinafter referred to as the "Huicun platform") of Shanghai Xuhui notary office was officially launched, which is also the first professional certificate storage software for blockchain technology developed by the notary office and the blockchain technology service company in China.
        It is understood that in judicial practice, it is difficult to ensure the authenticity and objectivity of electronic evidence because it is easy to be destroyed and tampered with. Therefore, how to properly preserve it under the condition of ensuring the authenticity and objectivity has always been a major problem for many years. The blockchain technology has gained wide attention and flourished due to its characteristics of being able to be tampered with and forgeable. Under this background, the sink storage platform came into being. Pan Hao, director of Shanghai Xuhui notary office, introduced that the deposit platform realized the convenient deposit function of "taking photos and saving at any time" with the help of blockchain technology. Users can take photos, video and record the evidence they want to save at any time. The obtained electronic evidence will be uploaded to the backstage in real time, and the certificate of deposit will be automatically generated. The backstage staff will issue a certificate of evidence preservation after reviewing the evidence.
        Authenticity is the life of evidence. How does the platform ensure the accuracy of the stored evidence? The reporter saw in the backstage that each document uploaded to the backstage was marked with the exact time when the evidence was photographed and the longitude and latitude of the specific location. More importantly, each document was equipped with a string of codes composed of English letters and Arabic numerals. "This string of codes is obtained after the system calculates the files, so each file only corresponds to a unique code. Moreover, no matter how subtle the file is modified, the content of the code will change, thus preventing the evidence from being tampered with." Backstage staff told reporters. Pan Hao said that the "Huicun" blockchain forensics and evidence storage platform is the exploration of evidence collection and storage forms by Xuhui notary office on the blockchain application tuyere. In the development process, it will adhere to the advantages of notarization in evidence and maintain the objectivity and authenticity of notarial documents.
        It is understood that this cooperation between Notarization and blockchain is also expected to extend to more notarization fields in the future. "The authenticity of electronic evidence saved by the deposit platform is guaranteed, and it can also play a better role in preventing disputes and reducing litigation costs in intellectual property infringement disputes." Liu Junhua, President of the intellectual property court of Shanghai Higher People's court, said, "the release of the platform also provides an opportunity for the court to further promote the application of new technologies in evidence collection, explore and study the authenticity of the evidence, and help the court to solve the problem of finding out the facts of intellectual property.".
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