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Blockchain concept stocks plummeted, and 15 stocks fell by more than 8%

Time : 29/06/2022 Author : 6w3oph Click : + -
        The blockchain concept "knocked" by Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange suddenly "cooled down". On January 17, affected by the news of the regulation of blockchain speculation by Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges, blockchain concept stocks fell sharply on January 17. As of the closing, 7 stocks such as Shenzhen technology, Yuanguang software and Annie shares fell by the limit, and 15 concept stocks such as Shenzhou Taiyue, yingshisheng and Aikang technology fell by more than 8%. On the evening of the 16th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange said that some listed companies recently released information related to the concept of blockchain through announcements and interactive easy, and the share prices of some companies increased significantly. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange has taken regulatory measures such as inquiry, concern and suspension verification for 17 companies, requiring relevant companies to verify and clarify the investment, business and profit model, specific progress, realized income and its impact on the company's performance related to the blockchain, and fully indicate the risks.
        The Shanghai Stock Exchange also issued an article that night to remind the risk of blockchain speculation. The Shanghai Stock Exchange generally judged that the "blockchain" technology was still in the development stage, and it was difficult to form a stable business. There were obvious signs of concept speculation. In this regard, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has taken such classified regulatory measures as suspension inquiry, suspension cooling, clarification and so on. In the announcement on the evening of the 16th, the blockchain concept leading easy to see shares were once again suspended and cooled. At the same time, youjiu game said that due to the market's concern about the blockchain concept involved in Shanghai youjiu game Co., Ltd., the company applied for the suspension of stock trading from January 17, 2018 to verify relevant matters. At the opening of the market on the 17th, Yuanguang software, Annie shares and Xinchen technology fell by the limit. As of the closing, Yuanguang software, Annie shares, Sifang Jingchuang, Xinchen technology, Hanwei technology, Feitian integrity and zhongqingbao fell by the limit; Shenzhou Taiyue, Donggang shares, yingshisheng, Yiqiao shares, gaoweida, radio and television express and other stocks fell by more than 8%.
        According to the reporter's statistics, 11 companies including sitch, youjiu game, Hengyin finance, easy to see, Kelan software, Sichuan Shuangma, xinyada, Feitian integrity, Sifang Jingchuang, Fengfeng Group and gaoweida issued blockchain clarification announcements. It is worth noting that most of the "blockchain plans" of listed companies with the above blockchain concept are long-term plans. At present, there is no application of blockchain to generate economic benefits. Feitian integrity has also clarified that the products launched by the company are only secure storage devices for blockchain virtual currency, which belong to terminal auxiliary products in the blockchain industry chain, and have not yet generated sales revenue. Before clarification, Huang Yu, the actual controller of the company, reduced 1.08 million shares at a price of 18.755 yuan on January 10, 2018, accounting for 0.258% of the total share capital of the company.
        Based on this calculation, Huang Yu cashed out a total of 20.554 million yuan in this reduction. On January 10, gaoweida also clarified that up to now, the company's business income in 2017 does not include the business income directly generated by the research and development achievements of blockchain technology. Jinzheng also announced on January 11 that the company has not formed relevant products in the blockchain field, and there is no direct business income generated by applying blockchain technology research and development achievements in the company's business income. Take youjiu game as an example. On January 8, youjiu game released a public message through its own youjiu network, "announcing the layout of blockchain game business in a high profile". Affected by this news, youjiu game recorded a trading limit on January 10 and 11 for two consecutive days.
        However, on January 11, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued an inquiry letter on matters related to the blockchain, pointing out that the company's shares held by its top three shareholders were all pledged in a high proportion, and asked whether there was any behavior of actively catering to market hot spots and speculating on the company's stock price. After being inquired by the regulatory authority, youjiu game admitted that the company's current main business has nothing to do with the blockchain. However, according to the disclosure of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, youjiu game and Shangying global have been classified as typical "hot spots", and the Shanghai Stock Exchange will take disciplinary measures against the company's suspected violations. Recently, blockchain concept stocks have risen tremendously. Without counting the falling limit on January 17, so far this year, the shares of easy to see have risen by 73.79%, Xinchen technology by 65.05%, Kelan software by 63.17%, Annie shares by 52.83%, and Yiqiao shares by 28.84%.
        According to the ranking data of the above-mentioned stocks, many well-known hot money in the market, such as "Foshan Department", "Shaoxing Road in Chengdu", "Jiangsu Road" and "happy coast", have participated in the recent speculation of blockchain concept stocks. According to the insiders, most of the hot money is to buy and speculate on the stock price at the later stage. In the rise of the stock price, most of the institutions are to sell and make more profits. The money making effect brought by the speculation of the blockchain concept has attracted many retail investors. On January 10 and January 11, when the blockchain concept plate was hot, the turnover of the two trading days was 17.915 billion yuan and 26.803 billion yuan respectively. The turnover of these two days is almost equal to that of the previous two weeks.
        Xu Ning (not his real name), a shareholder who participated in the speculation of easy to see shares, told the reporter, "30% of the positions were sold after eating two trading limit boards. Now I am glad to escape before the suspension.". There are lucky and unlucky people. Wang Lang (not his real name), a shareholder who participated in the speculation of Annie's shares, told the reporter, "when I saw the regulatory documents of the exchange on the evening of the 16th, my heart was instantly cooled. I was originally thinking of taking chances, but now I was directly buried by & lsquo; 200000. I don't know whether I can stop the loss tomorrow.". Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai open source, believes that blockchain is the product of the development of Internet technology to a certain height, and is also one of the most popular digital currency technology bases.
        As a new technology, blockchain does not have many pure concept stocks in the current A-share concept plate. Most stocks only touch the edge, and there are almost no "leading stocks". Investors should actively study and explore investment opportunities, but should not blindly superstitious and heavy positions. Some institutions are optimistic about the future of blockchain. Guotai Junan pointed out in the research report that the core of blockchain economy is not technology, but the reconstruction of business logic. At present, many domestic companies have begun to explore and lay out the blockchain, and 2018 will be the stage when the blockchain enters the practical application. On January 17, the virtual currency market suffered a heavy setback. Affected by the news that many governments will crack down on digital currencies, bitcoin once fell below $10000; The ripple currency fell by more than 38%, halving from the beginning of the year, and the ether currency fell below the $1000 level.
        Earlier, the Bank of Korea issued a statement saying that the Bank of Korea held the first meeting of the working group to discuss the impact of cryptocurrency on payment settlement and the entire financial system. South Korea continued to tighten the regulation of digital currency, which triggered violent fluctuations in the digital currency market. According to the data of coinmarketcap, among the top ten digital currencies in market value, bitcoin, with the smallest decline in 24 hours, fell by more than 22%, while both XRP and NEM, with the largest decline, fell by more than 38%. Some Shanzhai coins showed a half cut decline. One currency speculator believes that the market has returned to the risk period again, and it is expected that the prices of major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum will fluctuate significantly. For some counterfeit currencies that have been cut in half, he believes that they should stop loss and exit in time.
        The above-mentioned currency speculator told the reporter that he had reduced his currency position, but would not take the initiative to short bitcoin. In the exchange group of the currency circle, a number of currency speculators said that the sharp decline of major currencies has caused heavy losses in the currency circle.
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