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Technical support of blockchain,On the empowerment of blockchain in the carbon neutral path

Time : 19/07/2022 Author : nlk5bx Click : + -
        As a new type of data storage mechanism, blockchain has fully proved its value in the process of digital transformation. As we all know, carbon neutralization is a high-level form of digital application, so the combination and application of carbon assets and blockchain have been paid much attention in the industry. Blockchain is a distributed ledger system integrating distributed network, encryption technology, smart contract and other technologies. It is characterized by high reliability, non forgery, full trace, traceability, openness and transparency, and collective maintenance. Compared with the traditional centralized information technology, the blockchain is particularly suitable for supporting administrative supervision, business cooperation and other scenarios realized by multi-party collaboration due to multi-party joint witness accounting.
        From the perspective of many carbon management practices and applications of the bank Youjia, the technical features of the blockchain can serve the production process transformation, management mode innovation, supply chain and industrial chain multi link optimization under the double carbon scenario, and promote the trusted cooperation among the participants, especially in the following three aspects:. In January 2021, the Ministry of ecological environment issued the national carbon emission rights trading management measures (Trial), which defined the national provincial municipal three-level management system of the national carbon market and the responsibilities of the competent departments at all levels. Blockchain technology can enhance the transparency and timeliness of information, reduce the cost of information management and supervision, build a transaction regulatory environment with traceability in all links and the whole process, and improve the modernization level of government carbon emission regulation and social services in the management and regulatory applications of carbon emission right registration, trading, settlement, carbon emission report and verification.
        At present, China's carbon emissions are mainly concentrated in high energy consuming industries such as industry, power and energy. Blockchain is an important breakthrough in the digital transformation of traditional industries. The decentralized, verifiable and non tamperable characteristics of the blockchain can effectively increase the transparency of the supply chain, reduce the paperwork process in the supply chain, and greatly improve the efficiency of the supply chain. Blockchain technology can build a decentralized infrastructure of trust and multi-party cooperation, help to break the data island in the industry, build a new collaborative production system and capacity sharing platform through smart contracts and other technologies, improve the efficiency of multi-party cooperation, and promote the reduction of the overall social energy consumption and carbon emissions.
        The application of blockchain technology in the carbon trading market can realize real-time, transparent and non tamperable asset management of carbon assets and carbon emission rights of high carbon emission enterprises and energy-saving enterprises, enhance the activity of the carbon trading market, promote the marketization mechanism of unified carbon price, create a flexible and interactive carbon asset trading mode jointly built by carbon trading entities, trading institutions, governments and other parties, and achieve the goal of obtaining, trading and circulating carbon emission rights, The whole process data of transaction verification, cancellation and statistics are stored on the chain and used for trusted sharing, so that the carbon emission quota can be traded "for all to see", realizing the transparency of the circulation process and the traceability of the whole life cycle. The realization of carbon neutrality requires the joint efforts of all sectors of society. In this process, it is very necessary to build an information base with universal credibility, scalability and universal service, which can support the participation of the government, industry organizations, emission enterprises and even individuals in the process of carbon reduction. It is believed that the blockchain will certainly play a core, basic and key role in serving carbon emission reduction, carbon trading, carbon regulation and other scenarios.
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