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Where does your bag come from? Where have you been? Koala Haigou uses blockchain traceability to tell you

Time : 30/08/2021 Author : s72na5 Click : + -
        On March 16, koala Haigou upgraded the full link traceability system of goods. On the basis of the original anti-counterfeiting and anti malicious unpacking technology, it introduced the blockchain Traceability Technology to realize one click anti-counterfeiting of goods. The reporter learned that koala Haigou blockchain traceability uses ant blockchain technology, which has high performance, global deployment, strong privacy protection and other characteristics. It has been widely used in charitable donations, commodity traceability, cross-border remittance and other fields. Open the latest version of Koala sea purchase app, and consumers can see the traceability icon on the order page after completing the purchase. On the original anti-counterfeiting tag, the blockchain QR code and anti-counterfeiting fingerprint are added.
        Users only need to open Alipay to scan the QR code, and each link of commodity filing, customs clearance and logistics is clear at a glance. In recent years, with the growth of import consumption demand, authentic product protection has become the lifeline of platforms and brands. However, traditional cross-border goods have been faced with a series of problems, such as difficult to trace, mismatch between goods and logistics information, and difficult to investigate the responsibility of logistics chain. The application of blockchain technology in commodity traceability means that a one-to-one "ID card" is issued to the commodity, and the commodity filing, warehousing and logistics information will be uploaded to the blockchain data node. Once entered, the data cannot be changed. "The biggest significance of blockchain for traceability is to let consumers know where their goods come from, where they have been and where they have gone, and to use technology to make information more transparent.
        ”Said Zhao Jiechen, supply chain quality manager of Koala Haigou. In order to ensure that consumers can buy imported goods with confidence, koala Haigou has always adopted the models of "brand authorization, official direct purchase" and "full link traceability" to ensure genuine products. On March 11, koala Haigou also initiated the establishment of a quality alliance to promote the establishment of quality standards for imported goods and provide consumers, merchants and suppliers with professional authentic products and quality identification capabilities. It is reported that the blockchain traceability of Koala Haigou online has covered all self operated commodities, and subsequent platform merchants and overseas direct mail will also be linked. In the future, it is planned to cover 62 countries and regions, 2897 categories and 7432 brands.
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