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Exclusive | financial media tycoon shuipi comes back after 3 months to enter blockchain training?

Time : 24/06/2022 Author : 0coyjs Click : + -
        On September 19, the media blockchain industry think tank, initiated by China economic media association and China times, and jointly built by Tsinghua University Technology Innovation Research Center and fire chain technology, was officially unveiled in Beijing. Tianfu finance and economics noticed that shuipi, chief editor of Huaxia times, attended the unveiling ceremony. (from left: Huang Rong, Secretary General of media blockchain industry think tank; Li Jizhen, vice president of School of economics and management of Tsinghua University; Zhao Jian, President of China Economic Media Association; Shui PI, chief editor of China times; Yuan Yuming, CEO of fire chain technology; Zhong Hong, director of X-lab digital rights economics Laboratory of Tsinghua University). Tianfu finance and economics noted that this was the first time that shuipi appeared in public after more than three months.
        On June 9, Caijing reported that Cai Guohua, the former chairman of Hengfeng bank, abused his power and embezzled money during his tenure, involving a total amount of 10.3 billion yuan. Among them, 10 million yuan is the withdrawal fee paid to LV Pingbo (pen name "shuipi"). It is disclosed that from 2016 to 2017, Cai Guohua provided assistance to Yunnan strength Holding Group Co., Ltd. in providing loans to Hengfeng bank. From May 2016 to July 2016, Huaxia times twice published negative reports such as "Cai Guohua privately shared huge public funds". According to Cai Guohua's requirements, Peng Yuxing, chairman of Yunnan power, paid LV Pingbo, chief editor of Huaxia times, 10 million yuan of withdrawal fee, and then the newspaper issued an official letter of withdrawal.
        However, Luo Changping, who was later certified as a "financial media person" by his real name on Weibo and wrote "delivering the crime" and "the story of striking the iron", said on the evening of June 13 on Weibo: shuipi (chief editor of China Times) and the team members called me by SMS today, hoping to clarify a few points:. ① The reason for the withdrawal and deletion of the manuscript is that there are big people, not the 10 million yuan; ② Indeed, 10 million yuan was received with the investment funds. There was no industrial and commercial change because other P2P shareholders did not handle the formalities in time; ③ Shuipi explained that these were two parallel events. He did not know Cai Guohua, but only contacted Peng Yuxing. However, the case handling organ seems not to agree with this statement; ④ This 10 million yuan has been seized, and he and the newspaper have always cooperated with the work of the case handling organs.
        After that, it was rumored that shuipi had gone overseas, but its Weibo, headline number and stock review articles were still updated normally. It was not until September 19 that it publicly appeared in Beijing to participate in the unveiling ceremony of the media blockchain industry think tank. In his speech at this event, shuipi said that the essence of the Internet is to go intermediary, which has the greatest impact on the media and financial industries, because the essence of these two industries is intermediary. Nowadays, we media has become a social phenomenon. Basically, everyone is a media, which is irreversible. He believes that blockchain has a natural connection with media. The promotion, application and development of blockchain cannot be separated from the efforts of a group of media people. Even blockchain media has become a characteristic media and a special term.
        However, there is a process in the understanding of any new technology. There is a component of public trust and a process in which the understanding is gradually in place. Therefore, the exploration of knowledge is endless. Meanwhile, according to the report of China times, from September 19 to 20, the first phase of the 2020 media high-level blockchain knowledge public welfare training course (chain media course) was held in Beijing. At the opening ceremony held on the morning of the 19th, shuipi said that the Chinese government has been advocating the science and technology finance and digital technology, and the Chinese financial industry is also actively promoting it. For example, the digital currency launched by the central bank is basically ahead of the global central banks, and it is also based on trust in blockchain technology.
        It is understood that this training course was initiated by China economic media association, Huaxia times United Media blockchain industry think tank and other institutions. It was supported by Tsinghua X-lab digital rights economy laboratory, fire chain technology and other institutions. It was taught by domestic first-class experts in the blockchain field, financial field, communication field and Internet head companies. The purpose is to further promote the healthy and orderly development of the blockchain industry, Help the media correctly understand and disseminate blockchain news and knowledge, promote the deep integration and application of blockchain technology in the media industry, and lead the transformation of the technology paradigm in the media industry. The participants in the training course are mainly the directors, chief editors and deputy chief editors of mainstream media from all over the country, as well as the middle-level backbone of some media and influential new media founders.
        According to Tianyan, Hainan fire Chain Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2019 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huobi universal (HK) Limited. Yuan Yuming, CEO of Huobi China, serves as the legal representative and CEO. In addition, Tianfu finance and economics has noticed that on September 20, the theme lecture of "the big guy is coming! On the new era of Tao wealth" and the business launch meeting of Tianpu star world will be held soon. At that time, shuipi will parachute into Jinyi new area of Jinhua, Zhejiang, to discuss the general trend of "Dongcheng" in the new area and point out the maze for investors.
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