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It is suggested to be steady and upward, with low and high priority

Time : 17/06/2022 Author : zr1n82 Click : + -
        As of 10:30 on April 22, according to the big data of okex trading, the number of long and short positions in BTC contracts was 0.92, and the number of long positions in the market decreased; The quarterly contract basis and the perpetual contract fund rate are both negative, and the strength of the short side is still strong; The total contract positions have temporarily stabilized above 5 million, and market sentiment has rebounded; In terms of BTC contract elite positions, the long account ratio is 57%, and the long position ratio is 18.30%, which is slightly dominant. The elite account is dominated by many parties on the whole, and there may be counterattacks in the short term. Pay attention to the changes of large positions. According to the information of ambcrypto on April 22, on the first day of this week's opening, the trading volume of bakkt bitcoin futures was US $28.4 million.
        According to the data of skew, a data provider, the total revenue of US $28.4 million mainly comes from the contracts actually settled, accounting for us $19 million. The increase in bakkt's trading volume is due to the decrease in the number of traders who choose to receive BTC physical delivery on the platform. In fact, according to arcane's research, the number of expired BTC contracts held by bakkt decreased by 60% in April. Although the number of contracts actually settled has decreased, bakkt is still developing towards recovery. The open position contract (OI) on the platform reached a high value on February 14, with an amount of USD 19 million; However, due to the market turmoil, the number subsequently dropped significantly.
        At the time of writing, the interest of institutions in bakktbtc futures seems to be recovering, and the open positions (OI) gradually increased from US $3.5 million on March 19 to US $5.4 million on April 20. According to official news, oklink has reached a strategic cooperation with tokenpocket, a blockchain digital asset wallet. Users can directly use oklink blockchain browser of oklink to query the transfer progress when charging and withdrawing tokens from tokenpocket, or access the browser through the wallet dappstore. In the future, the two sides will carry out deeper market cooperation in ecological construction and promotion.
        Tokenpocket, known as the "app store" in the blockchain industry, is an important DAPP traffic portal in the industry. Users can experience the one-stop functional services of currency deposit, financial management, transaction, flash cash, OTC and DAPP on the platform. Oklink blockchain browser is an information service application created by blockchain big data listed companies. It aims to present fast, accurate and comprehensive data on the chain and provide users with professional and personalized data analysis services. According to tokeninsight data, the Ti index, which reflects the overall performance of the blockchain industry, was 544.42 points on August 22, Beijing time, up 0.61 points or 0.11% over the same period yesterday.
        In addition, among the top 10 industries closely monitored by tokeninsight, the lending industry had the highest increase in 24 hours, with an increase of 3.05%; Other business and leasing industries had the highest decline within 24 hours, with a decrease of 4.15%. According to the monitoring, the transaction volume of btc24h was $32.3 billion, the number of active addresses increased by 3.74% and the number of transfers decreased by 8.48% compared with the previous day. Jeffrey, an analyst at coinwall, believes that the activity on the BTC chain rebounded against the market and the market sentiment rose slightly. In the short term, it may consolidate and accumulate power. Note: the above contents are for reference only and do not constitute investment suggestions.
        Yang Tao, deputy director of the national finance and development laboratory and assistant director of the Institute of financial research of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that if the digital currency is really implemented in the future, the impact on the third-party payment institutions will not be great. There are four reasons. First, from the perspective of development, digital currency is one of the diversified options as a supplement to the retail payment system; Second, the issuing scale of digital currency is relatively limited; Third, the technology, efficiency and process of digital currency still need to be continuously optimized; Fourth, the application scenarios and user habits of digital currency also need to be gradually adapted. (21st century business report). Xiao SA, director of China Banking Law Research Association, said that the central bank's digital currency may have a profound impact on "the overall legal structure of the financial industry".
        At present, China's financial system is dominated by the indirect financing system dominated by banks. The emergence and popularity of the central bank's digital currency will profoundly change the legal relationship between depositors and banks, thus reconstructing financial practice. For example, after the popularity of digital currency, depositors no longer need deposit insurance, and the adjustment of deposit interest and payment and settlement will become very convenient. The transmission effect of the central bank's monetary policy will be easier to achieve. Xiao SA said that because the central bank's digital currency has time stamp and other functions, the legal relationship between the banking industry and depositors in the future, the evidence of private lending will be clearer, and the charges of money laundering will even be shelved. (21st century business report).
        According to the news of Securities Daily on April 22, pan Helin, executive director of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University of economics and law, said that the essence of DC / EP is the substitution of paper money and coins, but it only realizes the digitization of the form. With the rapid development of the third-party payment, China is gradually stepping into & lsquo; Cashless age & rsquo;, However, in this non cash payment method, the bank account needs to be bound, and the currency used is also the so-called & lsquo; Electronic money & rsquo;, The basis is still paper money and coins, but it is completed through the Internet and other means. Digital currency not only breaks the restriction of bank account, but also improves its security, confidentiality and stability with the support of technology.
        In addition, he said that digital currency based on blockchain technology has natural integration with finance. The use of digital currency will greatly improve the speed of cross-border settlement, and its security is much higher than that of traditional cross-border settlement. With the expansion of China's international influence and overseas capital, DC / EP will become an important driving force for RMB internationalization. (Securities Daily). Chen Xiaohua, director of the Institute of financial science and technology of National University Science Park of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications and chief blockchain economics expert, said that 5g and blockchain are the foundation of new infrastructure. 5g promotes the interconnection of everything, and blockchain builds mutual trust of everything. Blockchain is the means of production in the digital economy era.
        In the future, digital infrastructure will inevitably upgrade from the Internet stage to the value Internet stage. The blockchain is based on the trusted value Internet, which is an upgraded version of the Internet. The blockchain economy is also an important part of the digital economy. (Financial No.1 Institute). Zhang Zhijun, chief information security architect of the world bank, believes that legal digital currency cannot completely replace paper money, because it also takes into account the elderly people, so it is necessary to support the coexistence of two forms. (Beijing News). The "smart party building + agricultural blockchain" service platform in dingzhai Township, Shangyu District, Shaoxing was put into trial operation. The platform recorded the quality traceability and sales traceability of agricultural products throughout the whole process, thus realizing the whole process supervision of "from the field to the tip of the tongue".
        This is a new measure of dingzhai township to explore the use of technical means to promote honest management and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the fruit industry. Next, dingzhai township will integrate into the new mode of "party building + blockchain" to improve the intelligence of the existing agricultural science and technology demonstration base. Through the mode of "party flag guidance + agricultural science and technology guidance", the quality and benefits of four leading fruits such as strawberry, mulberry, honey peach and kiwifruit are constantly improved. (Shaoxing daily). Last night, after the unremitting efforts of the bulls, the price finally broke the 7000 key point, and the high point is at 7168. Back to the market, the current trend is a high-level consolidation, and the follow-up is expected to be further upward.
        On the daily chart, a huge positive column ended yesterday, and the closing price was at 7112, which directly returned the market to the upper and middle track region. The price also broke through many obstacles and successfully stood on the five-day average. Up to now, the situation has been maintained at a high level, and the Bulls still have the advantage. The market is eager to break the high point and rise again. I think that at present, the Bollinger belt has become the highest pressure area. Fortunately, the price has reached the 60 day average. Although there is resistance above, the upward trend has been basically stable. In addition, all indicators in the attached figure have started to rise, and it is expected that there will be a good upward trend in the future. From the perspective of small cycle, the price on the hourly chart has been kept in the upper rail area of the brin belt, the upper closing has been opened, and there is sufficient upward space. The situation is also in a new round of offensive, and the price increase has begun to increase with the naked eye.
        The overall trend began to slowly change from shock to upward, so it can be seen that it is recommended to give priority to multiple orders. Time is capital, not to mention the coin circle. The coin circle is also capital. Capital has human nature, people's timidity, fear, greed and arrogance. Students in the coin circle should not deceive themselves and others and think that the trend of the coin circle will rise sharply in a short time!.
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