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A new milestone in the game industry: the value of virtual property; a game trading platform driven by the blockchain

Time : 18/10/2021 Author : wm5ej0 Click : + -
        With the popularity of the game market, an e-commerce platform specialized in providing relevant transaction services for online games has emerged. The e-commerce platform provides comprehensive services including online game consignment transactions, guarantee transactions, point card transactions, agency transactions, official cooperation transactions and account transactions. These platforms are also related to the virtual property of all players. Due to the pain point of traditional trading platforms, although more than 2.3 billion people play games on different platforms and devices every day, only about 6% of the players can earn more than $4 billion in profits from the trading of game items, while the remaining 94% of the players do not participate in the global game trading.
        In the traditional game field, the game manufacturer has the ownership of the game, and the player will sign the relevant service agreement before participating in the game, which indicates that the ownership of the game data generated by the player user in the process of the game belongs to him. Therefore, there is a risk that the game manufacturer can increase, change and cancel the ownership of the player's game assets at will. Game assets without ownership are difficult to circulate across platforms. In addition, the props and characters in the games of different game developers cannot be circulated because the game platforms are not connected. In the whole payment industry, the capital loss of virtual assets reached 80%. In the income distribution of the industrial chain, the channel distributors obtain the largest part, followed by game developers, operators and channel media.
        Players participating in the game are always in a situation of being consumed and cannot enjoy the dividends brought by the industrial chain. This requires a third-party new game trading platform to solve the above problems. Then the blockchain trading platform should be shipped out. The blockchain game trading platform realizes tokenization of game asset data and logic through SDK / API, and then can be traded and circulated. The game assets in different games are separated into tokens and traded on the trading platform, thus breaking through the separation between traditional games. Through the distributed ledger technology in the blockchain, each asset transaction record can not be tampered with.
        Automatic execution of smart contracts, decentralized operation, cost saving, efficiency improvement, and smooth delivery of game assets. To realize the convenient conversion between game assets and tokens, the fluctuation income of tokens in the market belongs to the players. In addition, each trading platform has set up corresponding incentive mechanisms to enable users to receive certain rewards while participating in transactions, so that users can really get dividends and get their due returns in their own games. The new blockchain game trading platform can realize the determination and circulation of players' game asset ownership, mainly broadening the types of game assets that can be traded, connecting games and games, players and players, and providing diversified services and more highly playable game asset transactions.
        At the same time, it can also gather users and master core resources.
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