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Blockchain case,Focus on blockchain protection of intellectual property rights and micro copyright to provide full chain protection for original graphics and text

Time : 25/04/2022 Author : 6hxb1f Click : + -
        In Internet infringement disputes, blockchain can well solve the trust problems related to electronic evidence. With the successive introduction of policies and the focus of justice, the blockchain has gradually entered the "ordinary people's home", helping more users solve Internet intellectual property infringement and other related problems at low cost and efficiency. The rapid development of the Internet has accelerated the spread of digital works. However, due to the low cost of copying digital works, infringing events occur frequently, and because it is difficult for the original to track and locate the infringing information in the massive Internet data and obtain evidence, the original can do nothing in the face of infringement. Blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization, distributed storage, encryption and tamper proof, which lays a foundation for ensuring the authenticity of electronic evidence.
        It can be said that the emergence of blockchain has provided a solution to the problem of intellectual property related infringement. When encountering network infringement, the creators can collect evidence of infringement information through professional and reliable evidence collection methods, and encrypt and store the electronic evidence on the blockchain at the first time to retain the solid evidence, effectively ensuring the authenticity and integrity of the evidence stored on the blockchain. Even if the infringer does not admit the infringement, there is no denying it. During the national two sessions, the work report of the Supreme People's court proposed that: open the judicial blockchain platform, support online copyright owners to upload works, save evidence, and prevent and punish online plagiarism. At present, the application of blockchain in the field of intellectual property has been increasingly recognized by the judiciary.
        Since 2018, the supreme law has issued five relevant policies in succession, recognizing that blockchain technology can solve the problems of intellectual property preservation, fixation and evidence submission. The successive introduction of policies and the continuous recognition of the judiciary have enabled many enterprises and government units to strengthen their own intellectual property protection with the help of third-party blockchain technology, ensure that there are traces to follow from creation to rights protection, solve a series of problems such as evidence collection, reduce the cost of rights protection, and provide the efficiency of rights protection. Yibao's brand micro copyright innovates the "blockchain + justice + intellectual property protection" mode, and provides one-stop services such as copyright confirmation, infringement monitoring and analysis, network forensics, and verification and proof. It helps users to make good use of the blockchain as a sharp tool, so that "copycat" has no place to write.
        At present, it has been declared and accepted by the courts in many places across the country, included in the "typical case of intellectual property" by the Inner Mongolia high court and the Wuxi intermediate people's court, selected as the "typical case of blockchain electronic evidence platform" by the research group of the Supreme People's court, selected as the "typical case of blockchain platform" by the lecture hall of legal experts, and selected as the "investment map of China's blockchain enterprises in 2020" by the China business intelligence network. Its qualification and strength are recognized.
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