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Tencent's first blockchain game,The first blockchain game is here! The original QQ dance team will launch in July

Time : 23/02/2022 Author : duqmca Click : + -
        Driving China's news on June 1, 2018, the popularity of blockchain is moving forward at an incalculable speed. Some people say that the blockchain is experiencing the Internet foam in the early 2000s, while others say that Pan entertainment products may become an important entrance to promote the blockchain into the next era. No matter which conclusion is correct, it is an indisputable fact that the brutal growth of the blockchain industry is causing many companies to increase investment. According to Tencent science and technology, the core members of the original QQ dazzle dance team threw themselves into blockchain entrepreneurship and officially launched the intelligent entertainment platform playblock. The DAPP "little p tribe" of its community will be launched in early June, and the first maze adventure game "block maze" hatched by its developer community will also be launched in July.
        It is reported that the project has received tens of millions of investment from Yao Yong, the founding team of Yonghang technology of QQ dazzle dance R & D company. The members include he Xiaoxing, the product director of QQ dazzle dance, Han Wei, the technical director, Zhang Peng, the blockchain technology expert, and Zhang Zhiwei, the encryption algorithm expert. They have experience in blockchain and game technology research. Playblock claims that it has launched a developer community and entertainment content Incubation Platform Based on blockchain technology and distributed network engine, providing guarantees from four aspects: underlying technology, development tools, product capabilities and teams, so as to truly integrate blockchain with entertainment content and stimulate market potential. The official also said that the platform can provide developers with support for product design, technology development, performance optimization and other development links. In terms of product capabilities, for example, small P tribe can provide users with mining, football prediction, fun guessing and other services, which will be promoted during the world cup.
        It is generally believed in the industry that if blockchain wants to enter the next development stage, it must establish its own content ecology and form a moat. Games and social networking are often the entrance to every new era. In those years, Jinshan, which focused on the production of tool products, was later reborn in the field of games through deep cultivation of content, while Shanda became the overlord through games such as journey. Kaixin became popular through such popular entertainment products as stealing vegetables and robbing parking spaces, and became the representative of Pan entertainment and social networking. Such seemingly simple games as temple escape, fruit cutting and angry birds have also become killer applications for popular smartphones. Various successful cases are proving that entertainment is an important entrance to every new technology era.
        The same is true of blockchain products. They must find the right way out of blockchain entertainment to give blockchain products greater commercial value and even derive a longer industrial chain.
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