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The first authoritative standard of blockchain post capacity requirements in China was officially released, and expert think tanks were launched simultaneously

Time : 02/06/2022 Author : f1ewgh Click : + -
        On December 20, the second international summit of blockchain industry and entrepreneurs was held in Fuzhou with the theme of "integrated development of blockchain in the future". At the summit, the talent exchange center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, as a public institution directly under the Ministry of industry and information technology responsible for talent research, talent standards, talent training, talent evaluation, talent service and international cooperation, officially released the standard of "post capacity requirements of blockchain industry talents", which is the first authoritative standard of blockchain post capacity requirements in China. This standard proposes three types of talents, namely, blockchain core R & D posts, practical technology posts and industrial application posts, with a total of 21 specific posts. It aims to provide talent training norms that meet the current blockchain technology and industrial development, promote the deep integration of industry and education, and help the construction of blockchain industry ecology.
        At the same time, Zhang Xiaoyuan, founder of chainman international, Chen Yibin, President of Fujian blockchain Association, Si Xueming, director of the blockchain special committee of Chinese computer society, Zhong Hong, President of Tsinghua X-lab Ivy League Research Institute and other expert think tanks officially launched the "blockchain industry talent expert think tank". The think tank is a blockchain Industry Talent Research Institute initiated by the talent exchange center of the Ministry of industry and information technology in conjunction with chainman international. It is jointly prepared and launched by many vertical industry institutions such as Tsinghua X-lab, Fujian blockchain Association, Securities Daily, and huoxun finance. It gathers experts in various fields to build an open ecosystem of blockchain "government, industry, research and application".
        The introduction of talent standards and the creation of expert think tanks will certainly accelerate the training of talents in the blockchain industry, promote the construction of a talent training system in the blockchain industry, and promote the formation of a talent ecology of benign interaction among various subjects. (reporter Xing Meng).
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