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Rethinking Xiba blockchain

Time : 26/11/2021 Author : 9luae2 Click : + -
        Recently, I have been writing Shiba, and there are several memes on the line. To be honest, Shiba is no better than the mainstream mint, and there must be some underlying logic. I want to talk to you about things around me. First of all, disclaimer. The following are all my nonsense and do not represent any suggestions. If you think my writing is objective, please click like for me and strongly recommend forwarding. Thank you. I talked before and have a very good friend. He knows nothing about this circle. What is the account system, the public and private keys, the consensus mechanism, and the pow? I don't know. He just heard people say a shit coin. I think I know very well that this thing is an increase. From 10000 to 20000, it is 100%, and from one piece to two pieces, it is 100%.
        Is there any difference?. Then my friend still didn't follow my advice, so they took a little money. Bought a little shit. People who read my article should know that I didn't really like excrement money at first. I always think he is a local dog, which is meaningless. If we want to reflect, we must reflect on the market. What is the market? It is the people's hearts and the choices people make together. Human psychology is very important. It is irrational to ignore the psychological preference of most people and only judge according to the so-called rationality. for instance. Suppose your family makes beef noodles. Keep improving, the meat is cooked very fragrant, and the ingredients are put enough. Then you sell a bowl for 30 yuan.
        There is a diaosi beef noodle restaurant next door. The noodles are ordinary, the ingredients are few, and the soup taste is not as strong as yours. Basically, it's No. It's very diaosi, but I can see it's beef noodles. First, diaosi's mentality and the current situation of society. Many people think they are drinking coffee and eating fine meals. This is our life now, the young star in TV. Second, the entry time does not mean that you can issue a lot of coins and open many beef noodle shops. The key to success lies in the time of entry. When excrement coins enter, there is a big dog in front of them. The cost of excrement is lower. It is only an application on Ethereum. Now they are all leftovers. Naturally, there is no original cow.
        Back to the beef noodle problem, there are enough beef noodle shops in the back. With enough funds, it will complete the upgrade and the cost will be amortized lower. The market share is larger. Beef noodle upgrade. A large quantity of beef is cheaper, and you can also afford to hire a better chef. The work is a little more elaborate, but the price is not so high. This is the meaning of shibaswap. Since the projects are open source, the experience is not much worse than that of uni or pancake. I can also use this one. It's also very fun. It has established an ecological environment. There are many people and many transactions. Isn't it valuable?. If someone can make beef noodle 2.0, the taste will be more delicious. It is derived from the original beef noodle, and the cost will not increase much.
        It's faster up there. The disruptive progress is the breakthrough of beef noodle technology, and you will beat all existing diaosi beef noodle.
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