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Alibaba blockchain platform,Alibaba, Huawei and Tencent: who will be the new overlord in the blockchain

Time : 17/12/2021 Author : qal87e Click : + -
        Blockchain is a product of the new economic era. With people's understanding and application of blockchain, blockchain will be a new growth point of the next generation of Internet in the future. Compared with the traditional Internet, the blockchain has four elements: single point initiation, whole network broadcasting, cross verification, and common accounting, which are naturally different from the traditional Internet centralization. People who have not seriously understood the blockchain may not know what the blockchain is. Let's give an example first. For example, Zhang San, a villager in a village, borrowed 100 yuan from Li Si. He broadcast the information to all the villagers through the village radio station. After point-to-point verification, all the villagers recorded the information in their own account books. The chain recorded in chronological order is the blockchain.
        Because it can be traced, tampered with and trusted. Therefore, Zhang San wants to break his promise. Everyone in the village can be Li Si's witness, so as to reduce the previous arbitrary changes or opaque information. The application of blockchain will go deep into all walks of life. At present, bitcoin is a form of financial innovation, but bitcoin cannot represent the highest invention on the blockchain. China has made new innovations in the legal field, medical field, energy field and public welfare field. It is believed that under the framework of reasonable regulation, by taking advantage of the fundamental characteristics of the blockchain and combining it with the real economy, people's livelihood and social governance, the blockchain can become another sharp weapon for China's new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. On the platform of ant blockchain, a small and medium-sized enterprise at the end of the industrial chain received a financing of 20000 yuan in one second.
        ”Jiang Guofei said, for example, the application of blockchain to "supply chain finance" has solved the financing problem of the end suppliers of the manufacturing industry chain with a long accounting period, and enabled them to obtain more inclusive financial services. In addition, he disclosed that in the field of medical services, some hospitals in the Yangtze River Delta region have launched electronic bills and electronic prescriptions based on blockchain technology, which has greatly improved the collaborative efficiency of the hospital, drug administration, medical insurance and the company's multi reimbursement system; In the field of financial services, Hong Kong and the Philippines have realized end-to-end real-time cross-border remittance and transfer through blockchain technology, with costs far lower than traditional transfer methods; In the agricultural field, a number of high-quality agricultural products such as Dangshan pear are also relying on the blockchain technology to achieve full traceability, ensure the brand reputation of products, and promote production and marketing docking.
        "In the future, when the & lsquo; value Internet & rsquo; becomes a global infrastructure like the & lsquo; information Internet & rsquo;, the & lsquo; Trust & rsquo; will flow freely like the current & lsquo; Information & rsquo Jiang Guofei predicted that in the future, the application of blockchain will be industry wide. It will reshape the existing productivity, means of production and production relations in all walks of life, and form an efficient, transparent, peer-to-peer and collaborative future digital economy era. The person in charge of Huawei's blockchain believes that the future blockchain will integrate cloud, network and core. After a series of considerations, Huawei finally believes that the public cloud is the best carrier of the blockchain.
        Because of the openness, network performance and resource availability of the cloud, it conforms to the characteristics of the blockchain itself. It is predicted that cloud services based on blockchain will account for more than 60% of the revenue in the future. Blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm. It integrates with cloud computing technology for common development. The company is committed to building a reliable and reliable cloud communication platform, and rapidly and conveniently docking and deploying blockchain technology through cost-effective services. Tencent fintech issued the 10 millionth blockchain e-invoice with the underlying technical support in Shenzhen. The issuing enterprise said that after launching the blockchain e-invoice, it experienced a lot of convenience. For example, the blockchain e-invoice is used on demand, and it does not need to go back and forth to the tax bureau regularly to collect and purchase invoices, greatly reducing the work burden of the company's tax personnel and improving work efficiency; Free use of tickets also allows enterprises to reduce additional financial costs; In addition, when users shop on the platform, they can apply for invoicing by themselves, without manual intervention, which reduces the human investment of the enterprise.
        The underlying technology of blockchain electronic invoice & mdash& mdash; Tencent blockchain won the first prize. It made technological breakthroughs in the evaluation of platform functions, performance and stability, especially in performance, and achieved 50000 TPS for a single chain. Tencent fintech blockchain team hopes to help create a convenient, efficient, fair competition, stable and transparent business environment through blockchain R & D and technical advantages.
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