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Chizhou police cracked the case of using blockchain technology to illegally obtain computer system data, involving 50 million yuan

Time : 26/07/2021 Author : rat2cz Click : + -
        In order to solidly promote the "safeguard peace - sharpen sword action", the "full stop" of the case was drawn after the recovery of stolen goods and losses. On January 14, 2022, after freezing some of the assets involved in the case in the early stage, the Chizhou police froze the 6 million virtual assets suspected of virtual currency investment fraud according to law, and made every effort to recover the losses for the victims. Recently, the two-level network police departments of Chizhou Public Security Bureau and Guichi branch of the Bureau cooperated with each other. After careful investigation and several months of hard work, they cracked the case of using blockchain technology to illegally obtain virtual currency data of computer systems, involving a value of about 50 million yuan. They arrested 8 suspect including Li, Liu and song, and successfully destroyed a case of using the "back door" to extract other people's virtual currency, And use the blockchain virtual currency trading platform to sell stolen goods.
        The currency was transferred, leading to a major case. In June 2021, Wang found a new project on the home page of a digital wallet when he was surfing the Internet with his mobile phone. He thought it was profitable and invested in virtual currency worth about 590000 yuan. In the early morning of the next day, it was found that all the virtual currencies pledged by the project party had been transferred away. In addition, nearly 8 million US dollars of digital assets pledged by other investors had been taken away, and the website access was closed, and the website was lost. According to preliminary statistics, there are hundreds of investors (victims) involved in the project, with a value of about 50 million yuan. Multi police linkage, combined attack. The case involved a huge amount of money, involving a large number of people, and the people suffered heavy losses, which caused a great shock in the virtual currency investment circle.
        After receiving the report, the leaders of Chizhou Public Security Bureau and Guichi sub Bureau attached great importance to the case and required the network security detachment of the Municipal Bureau and the network police brigade of the sub bureau to immediately carry out investigation, face difficulties, and quickly detect and solve problems. In order to thoroughly investigate the facts of the crime and effectively punish the crime, during the investigation of the case, Guichi sub Bureau timely requested Guichi District People's Procuratorate to intervene in advance and provide evidence collection guidance from the perspective of arrest and prosecution. Take care of the cocoons and look for clues. After the investigation and analysis of the police of the special case team, it is found that this case is a typical case of illegally obtaining virtual currency by using the blockchain technology. The suspect carefully planned and clearly divided the work. After the project party obtained the audit report of the security company, the actual online code was inconsistent with the audit code. In fact, the contract code containing the "back door" was deployed.
        It is through this back door procedure that the project party can withdraw their pledged assets without the consent of the investors, and then cross the chain to the "anonymous pool" for currency laundering. Through the research and analysis of the chain funds, information flows and network flows by the internet police and online operations, the criminal gangs involving eight people, including Li in Guangdong, song in Sichuan and ye in Hunan, gradually emerged. They flew to three provinces and rounded up the nets. After careful investigation and comprehensive study, the conditions for arrest have been determined to be mature. Guichi sub Bureau organized 24 policemen to overcome the difficulties of catching people in different places during the epidemic period. They went to Dongguan, Guangdong, Chengdu, Sichuan, Hengyang, Hunan and other places to catch people. With the support of the local police, they successfully arrested all eight suspect, and seized and detained the assets involved in the case, such as villas worth tens of millions of dollars and luxury cars purchased by the suspects with the stolen money.
        After interrogation, the suspect confessed his involvement in the crime. On December 24, 2021, suspect Li, Liu, ye, song and Su were arrested by Guichi District People's Procuratorate on suspicion of illegally obtaining computer system data. On January 14, 2022, Guichi branch of Chizhou Public Security Bureau froze the virtual assets worth 6 million through the analysis and query of the funds on the chain.
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