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Wu Shengwen: the essence of blockchain games is value reconstruction. Ten people talk about blockchain

Time : 19/07/2022 Author : 0di736 Click : + -
        Lei Feng: if 2017 is a year of virtual currency, the blockchain in 2018 will be a year of ecology and application, followed by new ways of playing and new ways of making money. To this end, Lei Feng launched the "ten people talk on blockchain" (ten people, taking the meaning of knowing everyone's strong points, not real meaning), and combined with the rich experience of many interviewers in the Internet and science and technology circle and the latest practice in the blockchain era, discussed how to better integrate blockchain and Internet Ecology. This article is the third in a series of interviews with "ten people on blockchain". "The deep thinking triggered by the blockchain is that this thing will make people more advocate personal freedom and" master self "status.
        This not only brings new ways to play the game, but more importantly, at the game level, we should also consider the improvement of the supply side and production relations. " "Those enterprises that provide blockchain services, such as exchanges, wallets and blockchain media, have already made a lot of money. On the contrary, we, the companies that do blockchain applications, have not made money and have not seen phenomenal products.". In January, the "thousands of coins fell together" in the currency circle also gave birth to the exploration of the blockchain technology behind cryptocurrency by the vast number of Internet practitioners & mdash& mdash; During the Spring Festival, the "3 o'clock sleepless" blockchain group was born. In the end, this platform for Internet people to take the stage and people in the currency circle to sing, will talk more about the concept and belief of blockchain and how to put blockchain into practical application.
        In the past 2017, due to the popularity of cryptocurrency, most blockchain application scenarios also focused on cryptocurrency. Now, most blockchain teams are moving from cryptocurrency to applications in other fields, and most projects are still trying to solve technical problems, or at the stage of "talking on paper". In the most discussed areas, games are considered to be one of the industries with the most opportunities to land. Recently, Lei Feng's AI financial review had an exchange with Wu Shengwen, the leader of the "3 o'clock Mars financial game learning group". Wu Shengwen is now the senior investment manager of Zhicheng capital. Before joining Zhicheng capital, he had nearly 10 years of experience in the game industry. When talking about changing from the game industry to the investment industry, he joked that he had experienced the development of end-to-end games, page games and mobile games, but he always felt that he "got up early and caught up late". Although he had planned to transform to investors since 14, he did not really make up his mind until 17.
        Just because he saw a lot of projects after making investment and also had a deep understanding of the game industry, Wang Feng, the leader of the game circle, discussed with Wu Shengwen to set up a "3 o'clock Mars financial game learning group" to call and organize the game circle to learn about the blockchain. Talking about the content of "3 o'clock", Wu Shengwen said that at the beginning, he found that they were all talking about some theoretical, exploratory and higher-level philosophy and theology, but now "many people are quiet and are studying in combination with their own fields". In 2017, the asset wealth effect caused by cryptocurrency was highly sought after by everyone, and some people imagined that they could defeat bat in the future with the help of blockchain.
        However, Wu Shengwen believes that this is a blind understanding of the blockchain. Enterprise giants have long laid out the blockchain. Alibaba currently ranks among the top three in blockchain patents. Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Netease and other large companies have participated in blockchain projects. For example, Alibaba has blockchain cooperation projects such as blockchain patents and logistics, Tencent's blockchain trustsql platform and the PAI blockchain project involving the overseas investment company oben Baidu pet dog blockchain project, Netease's former Zhaocai cat, and now the planet project... In his opinion, the giant will become the leader of the future blockchain game platform. Just as mobile game development needs to spend a lot of energy to deal with screen adaptation, the future blockchain platform will also encounter various complex problems, "the bigger the ecology, the more difficult it will be.".
        As for how to better understand the blockchain, Wu Shengwen suggests that you can first understand the blockchain from two levels: first, what are its characteristics, and then you can further think about what can be solved by combining it with your current industry. The second is to understand what its essence is, value, spirit and thought... From this level, it can bring new cognition and value to your industry and even to your individual. As for the game industry, Wu Shengwen believes that the impact of blockchain on Games lies in that the development tools or application platform projects based on blockchain technology, or even individual specific applications, first amplify the lack of things or shortcomings of the Internet or traditional industries relative to blockchain, and then add the technical characteristics and new business logic of blockchain, To show that the blockchain can solve the shortcomings and pain points of the Internet or some traditional industries and dig out some new values.
        He felt that on the basis of passing the technical and team tests, such projects generally have to face the problem of users. How do users come? How to promote and operate their platform or specifically a DAPP application? Does the team of the blockchain project really have strong technical support, and how well do they understand the exploitable value of the blockchain?. In other words, the blockchain not only brings new ways to play games, but also considers the improvement of supply side and production relations at the game level. In the past, the relationship between game players and developers was antagonistic to a certain extent. Players were simply regarded as contributors to higher ARPU values. After the introduction of blockchain, solutions could be found for the virtual assets that players were concerned about, such as exchange of props, repurchase, consideration with other companies, and so on. This is precisely because the new game token economics has been expanded and achieved, So that the interests of the players and the interests of the players can be unified to a certain extent; It is also a test for producers who want to play blockchain Games: I think they must understand some economic theories and think about how the whole value system is reflected & mdash& mdash; Although there were also economic system designs of gold coins and gems in the previous games, this is completely different. The game is more an economic system of players and game playability. How can developers and operators motivate game players through tokens to make the economic mode of the whole community better.
        Wu Shengwen also shared several criteria for evaluating blockchain projects: blockchain technology is still very early and needs to be constantly innovated, lacking mature application. First, see whether it is combined with what you are doing now; Second, look at the team's understanding of blockchain, especially the founders. Is it a blockchain for the blockchain; Third, whether the business model is feasible and whether the concept is reasonable; Fourth, look at the application of token in the economic system and community ecology. Is there a strict incentive mechanism or rights and interests so that token has room for growth. In the long run, blockchain will become one of the value technologies and civilizations that improve the world, create value, and improve the relationship between people and people, and between people and materials.
        In the long run, the application of blockchain will increasingly reflect fairness, transparency and self-worth. A: It's still in the bottom technology. Similar buildings need to build a good base. I haven't done much research on technology. Such as the interaction of processing data. For example, I am infatuated with cats. Last year, due to the excessive trading volume, the Ethereum network was blocked and other AA cases occurred. Some people worry that the pet cat trade will be delayed. A: The existence of valuable data is suitable for uplink. Take infatuation with cats as an example. It mainly trains the roles and data of cats, and its value is what is suitable for the chain. Back to the traditional companies, they will issue limited props when releasing activities. Such props can be put on the chain because it involves fairness.
        In previous games, for example, a very powerful props Game Party said that only 5 props were released, and few people knew the real data. However, the blockchain can let you see transparently whether you really released so many, and can find out who owns these companies. It can be transparent, and it can check the release status on the chain, and even see who owns them. There are many similar scenarios, depending on what problems you want to solve. Infatuation with cats is actually not a game at all, so many people will feel trapped later and roast about it. However, it is not ruled out that many companies use it to make micro invasive new materials, and gradually change it into a more gaming blockchain game.
        To some extent, it will also contribute to the growth of the value of blockchain games. Therefore, if you want to virtualize and play something, the most basic thing is to have gameplay. Of course, the later infatuation with cats is still playful. It opens the API interface to users, allows UGC users and developers to make ideas for the design, gives cats a picture of glasses and hats, and can also come in to make money. The starting point of the goblin's wardrobe is not to play games, but to go to the intermediary, and there is no need to pay channel fees. For example, in the past, there were some designers who needed to enter the platform to sell their works in the design of clothing. Now they can also provide solutions on the platform through online virtual object design.
        The Internet is a suitable field for ecological development, and blockchain can better realize value interconnection at this time. Although it can not be said that these two are complete blockchain games & mdash& mdash; Because the so-called blockchain games are being discussed. For example, when playing the game, your character may need to wear clothes, and when talking with the designer, it is found that he has designed new clothes that I can buy. However, they do not buy them in legal currency, but they can trade with the designer in the concept of token. Thus, the designer can also develop some things in the game offline, such as fan meetings and surrounding areas.
        In this way, blockchain games are fun and participants also have income. In this way, it is more like a platform for value creation and exchange. In the future, there will be similar blockchain project platforms, which can set a price for both blockchain games and non blockchain games. Players can buy them themselves without giving them to intermediaries, thus realizing de intermediation. A: There is an economical design. Including how your token comes from and how your token is applied. This is defined in the game and how to use these things. The fourth category has made a lot of money. The most profitable one is the exchange. On the contrary, we haven't made any money in our applications and haven't seen any phenomenal products.
        A: I think we should not only focus on the integration of existing games, but also start from the definition of a new business model, such as the wardrobe of goblins, and move things with real scene needs into the virtual world. For example, many people like to share their views. Blockchain will enhance the value of this kind of UGC content. A: The combination is just the beginning. If some projects have realized all the functional things as planned, the next step is to face the problems of the introduction and promotion of developers, content producers and player users, and how to manage and operate the relationship between player users, developers and content producers in the platform ecology.
        After technology, a project will always face various uncertain factors such as operation and management. In the final analysis, it depends on whether the problems solved by the combination of game and blockchain or the new value mined are really required by the market, or whether they really create actual value for users?. A: The game circles in Shenzhen and Guangzhou are more pragmatic. They may not speak much in the group, but they just do something. Or they are still exploring, and it is not easy to express how these things can be better integrated with the blockchain. Maybe I came into contact with them earlier, and I think it is necessary to do a guide and try to send some things to them. I organized an offline party last week, about ten people.
        After doing so, they found that they had been discussing and had a lot to say. I found that many people have ideas and are still in the process of exploration, but there is a lack of people to organize and need guidance. A: This is the application of token. After the blockchain concept was introduced into the game circle, players found that the value status of the original participants could be very important. In the past, players had always been the role of recharging money, but now it is different. The value of participants is very important. In the past, they were the role of recharging money. Now developers need to consider the value and value preservation of players in the game. Let players feel greater value in the game and have more motivation to do other things in the game. Perhaps, many developers should think carefully about how to design something with more value sharing, and how to make players more valuable in the game and more impulsive to make more contributions to your game ecology.
        In this way, some of the essence of the blockchain can be realized, such as trust and co construction, equity justice, value creation, etc. Lei Feng AI Financial Review: one of the characteristics of blockchain projects is fast. Some games often take one or two years or even longer to develop. What impact will the fast-paced way of blockchain have on game development?. Later, the mobile Internet came and gave birth to hand-held games, including the blockchain games now derived. In fact, they can coexist. Whether it's end games, page games or mobile games, blockchain games won't bring them much impact, but it will be better to do blockchain games as a new game mode.
        The key depends on what problems you want to solve with blockchain? Do you want to solve the problem of fairness and give more benefits to players, or do you want to make more money? From this point of view, it would be better to think about it before doing it. At present, blockchain games are mostly in the form of PC page games, and there may be more forms and carriers in the future. Blockchain games and other end games are developed in parallel. You have your domain, and he has his domain. Previous games, such as "journey to the west", later had a mobile version. IP can be shared, and the blockchain can also play a similar effect. Now we say that you can make some valuable IP into blockchain games and activate the game performance of IP. You will find that through blockchain, the value that can be mined will be greater.
        For example, infatuated with cats, there was no IP at first, but now it has begun to be IP. They are preparing an art exhibition to materialize the image of cats and invite users to auction. This can also be done back to the existing IP. This also involves how to better let IP appreciate through the design of token. Lei Feng AI Financial Review: one role of blockchain is to eliminate the phenomenon of some oligarchs in some industries. But in the later stage, if it is monopolized by several major interest groups like mining, how can we solve the problem that the rules of the game will be formulated by them?. A: Even if there is a monopoly in the future, it is also a "decentralized monopoly mode". For developers, it is better to go to whichever one is better, because the most important thing in the blockchain is people. People will think that where it is easy to make money and where it is fun to play, I can go. This "monopoly" is different from the "monopoly" we see now, which is caused by different company strengths and resources.
        A: An idealized blockchain game may be a concept of "perpetual motion machine", like the "my world" of Netease agents, where players build their own houses. The game is highly free and players are autonomous. This is the spirit of blockchain. The so-called "Yongdong" means that you have no way to maintain the main body of bitcoin without using agents such as Netease. The tokens, transactions and distribution generated in the game are all through smart contracts. Such a game can be developed and placed there, and there is income... But this is an ideal state, and someone must maintain it, It is not ruled out that some people do bad things in order to benefit. However, many projects are now packaged with blockchain for benefit, rather than for the purpose of solving user experience and mining new prices with blockchain
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