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Plusfo super public chain: ∝ another blockchain "keyword" after Google team created bitcoin –

Time : 13/06/2022 Author : qok0un Click : + -
        In 2019, with the gradual sinking of the blockchain technology, the project landing has become a consensus of many parties, and the competition between different public chains has become increasingly fierce. Why is public chain competition so fierce? Because in the field of blockchain, a basic development logic is "underlying public chain & mdash; & mdash; Solution & mdash; & mdash; project application". The underlying public chain is the infrastructure of the blockchain world, and the solution is used to expand the performance of the underlying public chain or provide service support for business applications. Only on the basis of solid, stable and efficient operation of the underlying public chain can the commercial application of blockchain be developed and implemented. Whoever takes the lead in the public chain competition will control the entrance of the blockchain world.
        To take a vivid example, for a city, building a safe, efficient, convenient and low-carbon traffic environment through the planning and construction of the underlying roads and modern technology can greatly improve the travel efficiency of all traffic ecological participants, and thus accelerate the value circulation of the whole ecology. In the blockchain world, the public chain is an important underlying planning and construction link. However, looking at the public chain projects in the market, even the projects with high voice are still in the conceptual stage. Among them, the most advanced technology and the best security is the plusfo super public chain. As the representative of the next generation public chain after BTC, Eth and EOS, the founding team of plusfo is an international team. Plusfo is jointly built by the elite of Wall Street investment banks and the founder of cryptocurrency trading platform, the pioneer team of joint blockchain technology and well-known people in the financial and scientific fields.
        Its core members are from the product technology departments of well-known enterprises and institutions such as NASA, Microsoft, Google and Goldman Sachs. The core founding team of plusfo has a significant international financial background, most of which come from BNP Paribas, UBS, ice and Accenture blockchain project team, with more than 60 years of Wall Street financial experience. The top-level financial experience, top-level R & D technology and top-level industry understanding ensure the absolute safety and stability of the plusfo system. Different from the traditional mining mode, the biggest feature of the mining mode of plusfo public chain is the PUF force value mining. This mode greatly reduces the threshold and cost of users participating in mining, and enables more users to participate in mining and enjoy the fun of mining.
        The user only needs to complete the daily routine tasks in the system according to the regulations to obtain the force value PUF reward, use the force value to mine, and earn snowballs day by day. For example, you can get PUF for free by signing in, sharing and playing games every day. It can also be exchanged for PUF with major mainstream currencies. Currently, it supports the exchange of BTC, ETH, EOS, usdt and force value PUF. The PUF obtained can directly contribute to the fot of mining pool excavation and enjoy daily income. For example, if you contribute 10000puf, you can earn 165.41fot per day, which is about 49.64cny! Contribute 25000puf, and the daily income is 436.86fot, which is about 128.31cny!.
        At present, 1fot is approximately equal to 0.2cny, and it is continuously appreciating. Users can choose to continue holding fot and wait for appreciation. It can also be sold directly on plusfo and converted into BTC, ETH, EOS and usdt. In plusfo, the major mainstream digital currencies can also be quantified with one click (the mainstream currencies currently supporting quantification: usdt, BTC, EOS, ETH). For example, 50btc is quantified, the daily average interest rate is 0.71%, and the annual average interest rate is 260.78%! The more quantification, the more benefits. And become a more profitable bonus for VIP.
        In addition to the basic high yield, plusfo public chain also launched the exclusive price protection function for the general psychology and pain points of users at the critical moment of the big bear market in the currency circle. When the market is bad, many people often hold many digital currencies in their hands, and plusfo's quantitative model can maximize the use of these digital assets. Users can choose to quantify BTC, ETH, EOS and usdt four mainstream digital currencies. During the quantification, the price protection mode will be opened randomly. If the user loses money due to the decline of the currency price during this period, the platform will make up all the losses of the user. Fot is a platform currency issued by plusfo.
        At present, 1fot is approximately equal to 0.2cny, and it is continuously appreciating. Fot obtained by mining with PUF can continue to be held and wait for appreciation. It can also be sold directly on plusfo and converted into various mainstream digital currencies in seconds, with strong liquidity. As we all know, the more admission funds, the less coins, the higher the price of coins. Therefore, each platform will have various repurchase or destruction mechanisms. For example, plusfo injects 300 million repurchase funds. Plusfo officially promises to disclose all the fund injection, repurchase and destruction. At that time, we can pay attention to the fund pool. This is a disguised advanced version of lock up, which locks most of the profits due to the platform itself.
        This means that there will be less and less fot circulating in the market! And the speed of reduction is several times that of other platform coins! That is to say, the rising speed and multiple of fot will be several times that of other platform currencies!. Now, you can get zero force value mining by doing tasks every day. You can get force value rewards by registering, signing in, sharing, playing games and inviting friends. The more you invite, the more you get. Invited friends can also get mainstream currency cashback: friends can buy force value PUF, and the invitees can get mainstream currency cashback in real time. The first generation is 15%, the second generation is 5%, and the third generation is 1%; When friends participate in quantification, the invitee can not only get the real-time cash back of friends' quantified amount, but also get the cash back of friends' daily quantified income.
        The more friends you invite and the more friends you participate in, the more rewards you will get; When friends buy VIP, the invitee can get real-time cash back, up to 30%. The world's first super chain game based on the blockchain is another highlight of plusfo, and leisure entertainment and revenue are both correct. In terms of security, all plusfo data are linked, traceable and non modifiable, creating a fair, fair, safe and transparent platform for players. At present, there are many kinds of games. 10000 people online, match players at any time, enter the game immediately, support various mainstream currencies, and win all belongs to the player.
        Plusfo is a brand-new super ecological chain. The mining, quantification and game of plusfo are all application forms running on the plusfo public chain. With the continuous development of technology and the continuous replacement of models, there will be more different kinds of applications applied to the plusfo super chain in the future. Plusfo super chain is one of the few projects in the world that have truly realized landing applications. In this sense, plusfo public chain has greatly advanced the industry. The current chain and currency circles are like the Internet foam from 1995 to 2001. After the speculative tide, we will surely usher in the spring of development. Let's rise to the sun and welcome the promising 2019!!!.
        As the winner of today's Toutiao Qingyun plan and baijiahao + plan, the author of the year of Baidu digital in 2019, the most popular author in the field of baijiahao science and technology, the author of Sogou science and technology culture in 2019, and the influential creator of baijiahao in 2021, he has won the best industry media person of Sohu in 2013, the Beijing season runner up of China new media entrepreneurship competition in 2015, the 2015 light experience Award, the third runner up of the finals of China new media entrepreneurship competition in 2015 2018 Baidu dynamic annual strength red man and many other awards.
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