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Cocos and BCX reliable projects in the history of oligarchic games may bring changes

Time : 01/09/2021 Author : 4lnwik Click : + -
        The history of games is a history of oligarchs. Breaking the game requires blockchain and reliable players. Nowadays, the blockchain technology is becoming more and more mature. The reliable players in the blockchain game field include: Cocos BCX, Neo, dapppreview & hellip& hellip;。 Since the launch of Blizzard world of Warcraft in North America in 2004, by January 2014, the total number of accounts created by world of Warcraft in the world has exceeded 100 million (including trial version accounts), and the number of personas has reached 500 million. A total of 244 countries and regions are playing world of Warcraft. World of Warcraft has become a generation's memory and a 10-year oligarch.
        Fortunately, the game market in the Warcraft era has not been fully developed, such as giant and perfect can still break through and be successfully listed in 2007. However, when the League of heroes took over, Tencent Tianmei was supported by the glory of the king, and Tencent firmly occupied the leading position in the domestic game industry. Only Netease can compete with Tencent in China. Although Yin Yang Shi in 2016 no longer dominates the list, it also has numerous IP derivatives. Besides the surrounding areas, the ipmoba game Ping An Jing is also supporting the duopoly of "Tencent, Netease and others". Taking a look at the Games in recent years, although there are phenomenal products such as fishing master, it has failed to prevent the formation of such a situation.
        "Fishing master" became famous in the first World War. Within two years, its developer, touch technology, obtained venture capital from northern lights, Disneyland venture capital, Sequoia venture capital and GGV, with a total financing scale of 32 million US dollars. The consequence of this kind of duopoly situation is that in addition to coke, Pepsi, users do not have new tastes, and new enterprises can not rise. The same is true of the game market. Some game entrepreneurs once said that facing the capital and talent advantages of the giants, they either could not start a business or finally accepted the investment of the giants. As mentioned above, after several years of savage development, the overall growth of the game market has slowed down. In addition to policy tightening, the game industry is facing the problem of oligarchy as well as the problem of survival.
        Under such circumstances, the blockchain game market, which is still a blue ocean, and the unique mode brought by the blockchain: for example, it can obtain funds in advance, accept market prediction, and reduce risks; Return the ownership of the assets to the users and improve the user's sense of identity; The generation of new models, such as the extraction of transaction fees, is a new opportunity for the game industry and also a new way of revenue. However, the development of blockchain is still at an early stage, and blockchain games will also be affected. They face such problems as small user base, large difficulty in getting started, and lack of gameplay, which restrict the emergence of explosive funds. Players who have entered the game are actively exploring ways to solve these problems. For example, Star Cloud chain and Neo are holding blockchain game development competitions to stimulate the development of blockchain games with real gold and silver; Dapppreview is moving upstream of the industry, walking beside developers, and supporting developers to make high-quality DAPP products in all aspects.
        Cocos BCX also invested in the blockchain game team. Chen Haozhi, founder of Cocos BCX, believes that the phenomenon that developers may submit games on different public chain platforms to obtain platform recognition, resources and financial support is essentially similar to the model of tovc in the early days of the Internet. "In such an ecological environment, you can't ask everyone to act in unison. If you have expectations for the whole ecology, you should allow teams with different mindsets to exist. After time testing, the public chain platform must finally support those teams with potential.". At the Cocos national tour Salon - Shenzhen station, Kevin Yin, the chief technical expert of Cocos BCX, also shared the latest developments of the project: the latest progress of key characteristics such as the internal trusted random process and contract context maintenance in the chain, as well as important characteristics and supporting business models of non-homogeneous assets that meet the bcx-nhas-1808 standard, such as circulation, ownership, lease and mortgage.
        These designs can provide the game industry with more ways to play: for example, the concept of world outlook is introduced, so that game assets and props with the same world outlook can be interconnected. For example, the sword of vow victory can be circulated across the Games in the moon world and settled by the same gold coin. BCX also supports developers to declare their world view when creating, and will also support digital assets such as characters and props in the future, such as crossing through different world views in number one player and infinite terror. If small and medium-sized developers are unable to support the complete and huge world view of world of Warcraft, they can also create and operate the world view together with the support of Cocos BCX, and use it to form an alliance at the level of digital assets to jointly complete the goals.
        In terms of internal testing applications, the feature display benchmark games that Cocos BCX has access to: cocos shooter and Cairo game's game development country ol are being upgraded in the third stage. On the basis of cross game circulation of assets, important logical uplink features are added, including random factors, item nesting, built-in exchanges, etc. At present, two third-party non-homogeneous asset exchanges have joined the internal test, providing services such as asset trading, exchange SDK (an exchange embedded in the game), competitive trading and crowdfunding. The second batch of games participating in the internal test are mainly probability games and rules based games. Famegame's "happy fruit machine" has been developed and is undergoing data testing.
        Subsequently, such as "fishing talent" and "Texas Poker" are also being accessed. The inbound and outbound clearing gateway of the third party has started to access the internal test. Ecologically, Cocos BCX conducts technical cooperation, SDK integration and asset standard docking and promotion with Neo, ont, wave field, zilliqa and other public chain projects, bitpie and other mainstream wallets, 5173 and other game asset trading platforms. If the above problems can be solved, the game industry will usher in the Fourth Era & mdash& mdash; Chain travel era. The arrival of a new era usually begins with the birth of a burst of money or the entry of a heavyweight project.
        The crypto cat has been deified and become a node, but the new explosion has yet to be developed by the later. Now, after launching Netease planet, Netease has launched Fuxi Tongbao based on the blockchain in cold water, and Ubisoft has also launched the blockchain game hashcraft. The chain game industry is also moving forward in the bear market of the blockchain industry. The door of opportunities brought by blockchain for games has not been closed, but blockchain talents are generally lacking and their salaries are high. For enterprises that want to enter the market, it is better to choose projects such as Cocos BCX that provide solutions (support the development of blockchain games by providing game engines; visualization, scripting and data-driven development tools; and blockchain systems that support high-performance applications).
        Ecosystems such as Cocos BCX can provide a complete set of blockchain solutions for games and enterprises that do not touch the chain, and can also provide a more convenient and fast operating environment for developers who have entered the game, even reduce the difficulty of getting started with the chain game and attract more players. Based on the fact that many chain game developers are not even game developers, the mature operating environment is more friendly. There are games developed using the Cocos engine. In the traditional game industry, there are sword and home, yin and Yang master, Chu Liuxiang, etc. in the chain tour, there are also etheric legend, krypton planet, ark era, etc.
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